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Jdevito85 01-30-2014 06:09 PM

Remote start with 13.48.3 new software
Prior to upgrading to 13.48.3 I would remote start the Jeep and the heated steering wheel, and driver seat would turn on as well as the heater in the previous setting. It would shut itself down when I opened the drivers door and then when I hit the start button the climate control would resume. After upgrading the heated seat and wheel still operate the same but the front defrost comes on at full speed at 72 degrees. When I open the door, noting changes but when I hit the start button the climate control shuts itself off and I have to manually turn the fan back on. Anyone have this happen with the new software? Trying to see if this is supposed to happen like this or if I'm just special.

Supertech30 01-30-2014 08:10 PM

I feel sorry for you. I have been fighting this very problem for over three months. My jeep has been in the shop for the last three weeks and I have started to case with Chrysler. At this point Chrysler will not let the dealer touch the car without engineering approval. As of yesterday they have replaced the whole center stack and they are saying it is fixed but they haven't given me the car back because they are also trying and failing to fix my air suspension throwing codes when it gets cold out. I will let you know if they fix it.

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SnoFire 01-31-2014 07:26 AM

Re: Remote start with 13.48.3 new software
Nope, haven't had the issue. You could try to reflash it again and see if that fixes it, this has been known to work.

GCLimited 01-31-2014 08:05 AM

Re: Remote start with 13.48.3 new software
I don't believe the radio update v13.48 does anything for the HVAC (climate) system...that is a separate TSB (view some of my past posts to get the number).

The radio update DID affect my rear window/mirrors defroster turning on automatically when I would remote it doesn't.


Long story short...

I was having a host of radio issues running v13.19, and my climate system would turn completly off when I would open the driver's door after a remote start.

After a trip to the dealership, two separate TSBs were to fix the climate system shutting off completly after a remote start (the front window defrost fan still shuts off from "Full" like it did before when I would open the driver's door, but now I don't have to turn the climate system back on manually), and another to upgrade the radio to 13.48 (which seemed to fix all my radio issues).

My only complaint is the rear window/mirrors defroster no longer comes on automatically after a remote start with the radio upgrade to v13.48.

Peter_K 01-31-2014 08:12 AM

I've intermittently experienced the fan turning off after opening the door following remote start and not coming back on unless I manually dial it in again. What I found though is that it WILL come back just sometimes takes it longer to do so (sometimes a minute or so). I'm surmising the software is "busy" when this happens as even manually turning the fan up is a bit delayed or sluggish.

Supertech30 01-31-2014 10:32 AM

Do your temp settings stay at 72 or do they change back to your last setting.?

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Jdevito85 01-31-2014 04:02 PM

Re: Remote start with 13.48.3 new software
It seems after a few normal start/stops that the remote start function is operating at is should per the TSB Notice. My Jeep was built 12/13 so it is a fairly new build not subject to the TSB. It resets to what I had it set to once I open the drivers door. Only thing is rear defrost doesn't turn on...apparently it's not a normal feature per my research. Everything seems to be working properly now.

Supertech30 01-31-2014 04:26 PM

Try this remote start the car and wait like 14 minutes then go get in mine will fail every time doing this.

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