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WK2GC 01-31-2014 04:08 AM

2014 GC Limited Diesel Max Steel "On-road" build
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Hello from Melbourne, Australia. Last week picked up my Max Steel GC Limited CRD.

This is the first Jeep and the first 4WD I have owned.
I have come from a totally different kind of car - a Nissan Skyline GTR.
The one thing that is common to both is my itch to modify. No wonder I got drawn to Japanese imports and 4WDs I guess.

My plan is to keep it basically as an onroad luggage/family hauler for a couple of years, then maybe go offroad later when I have more free time and more offroad products are available at a cheaper price. I also don't want to compromise my onroad driving with offroad mods. As such, my modding itch can only be scratched by mild and "cosmetic" mods at the moment.

WK2GC 01-31-2014 04:11 AM

Re: 2014 GC Limited Diesel Max Steel "On-road" build
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The front passenger door (left) is not aligned that well. You can see it protrudes out unlike the driver's (right) door.
Same with the boot.

Apparently quite a common problem with GCs? Not very confidence inspiring for a new owner :(

Bringing it back to dealer to get it aligned as well as fit a genuine MOPAR towbar.

WK2GC 01-31-2014 04:12 AM

Re: 2014 GC Limited Diesel Max Steel "On-road" build
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Boot misalignment

SNUKE 01-31-2014 07:06 AM

Re: 2014 GC Limited Diesel Max Steel "On-road" build
I like the Max Steel, it was a consideration for us.

It looks like someone has had a go at your car with an oversize white out marker. Better get that fixed or the police will pull you over for not having visible number plates.

While you are getting picky about your car, I see you have the same tail light alignment issue I have.

WK2GC 01-31-2014 01:25 PM

Hey, good eye snuke. I wonder how that happened. Surely the lights and panels are all standard size. There doesn't seem to be room on the other side of the light to shift it. What did you do with yours? Can it be fixed?

SNUKE 01-31-2014 07:25 PM

Re: 2014 GC Limited Diesel Max Steel "On-road" build
I've done nothing, will mention it at first service, not too worried about it.

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