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Realistic Detailer 02-06-2014 12:32 PM

What does this video tell you?
What this video tells me is that there is something wrong in the detailing business. Here is the description given by the detailer.

We corrected the finish on a few week old Aventador that had been inappropriately "detailed" by the dealers's "go to" detailer. We removed buffer trails, scratches, pig tails and dug lots of compound and polish from the trim and recessed areas. The owner of the car is ecstatic with the results. This video clip speaks for it's self.

It all starts with the auto dealerships by hiring cheap help, using inferior products, and not providing enough time to do the job the right way. Honestly, I cannot see one reason a polisher was even used on this car in the first place considering it is brand new. Why dealerships continue this shoddy work can only be explained by the bottom line.

Of course the owner was happy considering this brand new car most likely looked badly considering the work needed. Maybe this video shows the real motive for how he stays in business:

Some may view this type of work as job security, but not me. It gives the detailing profession a bad reputation. If you owned this two week old car, and someone inflicted that damage on your car. How would you feel if you had to pay for a dealer screw up?

For me, I viewed what I did in detailing as providing value by keeping the paint protected,and not by over polishing the clear coat constantly. Maybe one day this will sink into people's head that protection means preventing problems, and not fixing and covering them up.

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