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2014JGCOverland 02-08-2014 04:28 PM

Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I purchased a new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland on January 9, 2014 and put at most 300 miles on it. The cruise control will not resume after setting it and applying the brakes and then resuming the set speed. It does not matter whether it is in the ACC (adaptive cruise control), FCW (forward crash warning), or normal fixed speed cruise control mode. I get a message in the EVIC (electronic vehicle information center) that says "ACC/FCW Unavailable Service Required" or "Cruise/FCW Unavailable Service Required". I brought it back to the Jeep authorized dealership service department where I purchased it, on January 27th at 10 am. They still have it today, 12 days later (9 business days later). They have not been able to figure out how to fix it, even though this identical issue is addressed in several different areas in the Owners Manual. One example is on page 219 of the manual that says, "If the system turns off, and the EVIC displays: *ACC/FCW Unavailable Service Required *Cruise/FCW Unavailable Service Required. This indicates there is an internal system fault. Although the vehicle is still drivable under normal conditions, have the system checked by an authorized dealer. I can only throw my arms up in total frustration!!! Does anybody out there know what the fix for this issue is?

jp6544 02-17-2014 01:15 PM

Mine is doing this too. did they get your problem resolved? What was the fix?

Bostondan77 02-17-2014 01:28 PM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I believe there is a tsb for this

jp6544 02-17-2014 01:31 PM

I sure hope so. At first I thought red didn't work with the acc. Then I found it didn't work with reg cruise.

TurboRush 02-17-2014 01:33 PM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Call Jeep's customer support and get a case open. By doing so you'll essentially get Jeep's engineers/technical support involved supporting the dealer to address - this assumes that the dealer is not already working "closely" with Jeep to diagnose.

2014JGCOverland 02-17-2014 04:09 PM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
The fix was to replace the steering wheel with a new steering wheel along with a new SCCM. I do not know what an SCCM is, but the resume feature functions normally again.

jp6544 02-17-2014 04:13 PM

Glad to hear a fix but I hate the thought of my 1 week old jeep going in for such a swap. Again glad they have a fix! Thanks for the feedback.

ronnyc 06-15-2014 07:46 AM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I'm having the same problem as well on my 2014 GC overland.. I have made a booking at the dealer to get this looked at. Once this message disappears, I get another message saying "Service Air Suspension System"

swbtl 06-19-2014 04:13 PM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
I have a Summit that now is almost one year old and have been getting a slew of error messages including the one you describe for the past week. It has been to the dealer two times in the past week and is there again today. There is another forum that describes the fix as a replacement of the ORC module which interfaces with almost everything....
Hopefully I will be able to report this as a fix for my issues....but suggest that to the dealer...

swbtl 07-11-2014 08:22 PM

Re: Service ACC/FCW Warning on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Finally had the ORC module replaced in mine today.....and so more error messages.....the service manager said that it was a "known issue" and he had replaced a number of ORC modules to correct these error messages....

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