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Realistic Detailer 02-12-2014 05:33 PM

This stuff really happens everyday
I thought I would re post this comment to this forum. It is a interesting situation where a guy repaints his civic, and then some hack detailer absolutely ruins the paint job.Now, this guy has to get it fixed, so he pays another detailer to fix that damage with abrasive compound.

Really, if you want to screw your car up, or your buddies that is fine. Although, you cannot learn detailing from UTube videos. First, anybody with half a brain cell would know not to touch that paint for at least a month to cure. It is crazy to think anyone would consider using a grit compound on a new paint job for no reason.

You may notice that the hack detailer was in the same complex as the painter. The correction detailer takes a bunch of parts off the car to polish it WOW.

My point here is this: Hack detailers come from somewhere, and I am sure this person thought his work was worth paying for. Although, all it did was cause more expense to the owner who pays for his mistakes.

I find it strange people call me a troll when I post this info. Then I find out why later on when they start posting their first correction jobs they do.Being a legal business means what exactly? Car Dealerships are legal, but where are all the hacks working at.

Realistic Detailer 02-13-2014 08:41 AM

Re: This stuff really happens everyday
Here is just another sad story of the same thing. These two pictures tell the whole story:

Tesla Model S Jet Black Full Correction Opti-Coat Pro - Orinda Auto Detail - Autopia Forums - Auto Detailing & Car Care Discussion Forum

This detail took 30 man hours to do, but in defense to the detailer he did use Opti Coat, and this car looked like crap. Now let's do the math, 30 man hours times $125 an hour (Detailers work rate} equals $3,750.
Without all this damage inflicted by whoever the application of the Opti Coat could have been done in several hours.

Here is another write up on the same car with the same problem

Tesla Model S full correction and Opti Coat by Orinda Auto Detail | Forums | Tesla Motors

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