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Driveamerican 02-15-2014 06:57 PM

probably another beat-up thread
I apologize if I'm starting a thread that's been answered over and over before but I see a different advice everywhere so, to save myself some time and given the fact that over the years this forum has provided me with way more useful information than any dealer I have a couple of questions to ask. Please keep in mind that I'm a noob and that I've never tried to modify my Jeep before.

I've loved the rugged American Jeep ever since I could remember (I'm originally from Russia), therefore, I bought a 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited the first chance I had, I chose to go with a Hemi instead of the Luxury II group ( especially when my friend showed me his sunroof leaking and the HID lights not leveling themselves) added a Nav and a sunroof with 20" wheels.

My questions are:
1) did I make a mistake getting the 20" wheels, I am planning to do some light offloading down in PA and I thought that 20's would increase my ground clearance, just wanted to know that I'm ok. My tires are stock, so is the rest of my car. Should I change the tires or the stock Fortera will be ok for some dirt, snow and ice, pushed by the lower gear on the Quadra Track II.

2) after trying the V6 (290hp) I was left with a feeling that it wasn't enough to make the Jeep speedy enough, I knew that there would be a hefty gas penalty but didn't think I'd get 8mpg average, is there anything I can do (buy, install, etc.) in order to make the car eat less gas or, at least, be more powerful "on the cheap"? Not looking for much, don't want to redo exhaust, etc.

3) the only reason I got the Limited and not the Laredo with leather is because I got a very crazy deal, the car with a 47k msrp I ended up getting for a bit under 38k including tax, in my mind it's good, however I don't have an air suspension or premium LED lights, is there a way to add them?

4)i need the running boards for the truck, it's white in color, has anyone gotten running boards for a low price that were good in quality and fitted the '14 truck?

5)how important are skid plates? I am not planning to do anything hardcore but an occasional ice chunk, can it damage the undercarriage and if it can is it possible to add the adventure group 1 after the point of sale? I was already told that quadra lift is impossible to add after.

6) does anyone here know if there are spots in or around Brooklyn NY where I can see what the car is capable of? So far any challenge I threw at it such as unplowed road, snow or otherwise didn't even slow it down, never even had to shift it into the lower gear and I want to have some fun with the car. Please keep in mind that the car isn't trail rated and has no protective skid plates or quadra lift.

7)last question how can I unlock the nav input by passenger without paying $300 and messing with a bunch of wires? It's stupid that I have to pull over every time sine the voice input works very shitty.

I will appreciate any input, thank you in advance and drive American!


SNUKE 02-15-2014 09:34 PM

Re: probably another beat-up thread
1) 18"s are preferable to 20s for off roading, more meat to protect the rim, more tires on offer, cheaper to replace tires...

4) If you are doing off road work that requires point 5 - Skid Plates, then you really should get the Rock Rails as anything else is really a liability waiting to be torn off by rocks etc..

5) Skid Plates are easy to add, and give you good safety coverage. If in doubt, put them on.

Driveamerican 02-16-2014 06:49 PM

Thank you very much! I liked the 18" wheels but the car that I was offered the deal on came with 20" wheels as stock. I guess I can probably trade them for band new 18" wheels. As far as the skid plate goes and the rails, do you think it's possible to put them on on your own without going to a dealer or its something that requires a professional installation?

SNUKE 02-16-2014 07:52 PM

Re: probably another beat-up thread
Both can be done by yourself. From all reports the rock rails are an absolute nightmare to install due to some minor moderation required at the front guard.
It took me about 2hrs to do my ones, that are the standard type that would be a massive liability off road.

Mc85 02-22-2014 04:54 PM

U should try and sell ur 20's with tires on and take the money earned to buy or pay back ur self on the purchase of a look/style that u like

zhenya 02-22-2014 05:49 PM

Re: probably another beat-up thread
I really love the style of 20's so I went with them.

I ordered skid plates separately and will have my father-in-law install them (he's a mechanic). They come with instructions. They do cost as much as the whole ORA I package does, but I couldn't find a car in stock that had the package.

I bought them here - Jeep Grand Cherokee Skid Plates - Item # 82211994AB, # 82211995 and # 82211999

They do have a 5% discount. I found them cheeper on another website ( but they refused to ship them from GA.

I'm in Brooklyn also, picking up my Jeep on Thursday. Maybe we can get a few more local guys and organize a meet

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