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Ace111 02-18-2014 11:55 AM

Horn issues on 2011 JGC
Ace here. 6 months ago I purchased a 2011 JGC Limited w/10k miles and would like to know if there is a mod for the horn. Yes the freakin hornÖ on a Jeep no less. I canít believe Iím even asking. Anyway, I noticed the horn sounded muffled while trying to honk in an effort to warn a little ole lady from drifting in my lane. Long story short, I set dealer appointment to have it replaced. The tech brought my Jeep up on screen and noted the horn was inspected/replaced 3 times prior to me purchasing it. They replaced the horn but told me that unfortunately, when either going through a car wash or driving through water, the horn is subject to water getting in the horn. Really?? On a Jeep, a vehicle known for its awesome abilities, like fording water!
Thoughts? Suggestions? Aftermarket recommendations? Thanks, and standing by.
I still can't believe it lol :lol:

Ace111 03-24-2014 01:14 PM

Re: Horn issues on 2011 JGC
Called Jeep about the recurring problem with the horns on my 2011 JGC. Put on hold while customer service rep called my dealer to discuss recurring problem. Verified and okíd dealer to replace horn for 7th time. Horn replaced without issue at dealer. Decided to cancel membership with car-wash ($30.00 a month for unlimited use) and try another car wash. It worked. No more water in horns from PDQ Car-wash. Evidently, spray nozzles at PDQ car-wash and 2011 JGCs donít mix. Jeep rep says the horns were change in later year JGC models, so they donít have that problem, nor are they compatible with the 2011s. Lucky me! :( Anyway, problem solved for now. Will provide an update should horn problem resurface.
Lesson learned: R&D doesnít ĎRí enough and that finding an alternate solution in this case worked.

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