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GENTPKT 02-22-2014 10:36 AM

2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo Key fob troubleshoot
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So I have had this 2011 GCL for about 6 months and granted it is now (MAX) 3.5 yrs old but I recently had one of the two key fobs start to malfunction. Initially, the display gave a message "Key Battery Low." I'm a certified shade tree mechanic so I changed the batteries in both fobs and expected to experience Problem/Problem Solved!

For a while, the suspect fob functioned correctly but eventually started acting up again. This time, the display gave an "Ignition Key Not Detected" or something to that effect along with intermittent "Key Battery Low" messages. Since the vehicle was scheduled for a free oil change, I mentioned the fob malfunction to the dealer and asked that they check it out for me.

When I picked up the vehicle, the dealer service manager told me the fob was bad and that he could replace it for something like $279. :lol:
I looked at I'm like he had three heads and he still didn't get that I wasn't born yesterday. After all, I'm a certified shade tree mechanic!

Anyway, I decided it would be worth taking a look inside the fob to see if the board was burned or wet, etc. but everything looked ship shape. On a lark I bent up the four battery contacts that looked like they were flattened by the flat coin style battery that these fobs take so that I was sure I was getting contact to the battery. EUREKA!!!! It worked!

I also learned that removing the push button cap on the ignition button reveals a keyhole to start the car manually.

This is the first of many stories I'll, share, I'm sure.

oshyto90 04-06-2014 11:55 AM

Wow!!!! I had the exact same problem and the dealer told me I had to replace the key luckily it was still under warranty so it didn't cost me anything

Traveler0980 11-07-2014 12:08 PM

Re: 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo Key fob troubleshoot
Had the same problem on my 2011 GC. Under warranty the dealer replaced, wireless module, key less module and the key fob before it started to work right again. Many trips to the service center, but all under warranty thank goodness.

Nower 04-25-2016 08:54 AM

Re: 2011 Grand Cherokee Laredo Key fob troubleshoot
So, it has now been a couple of years since you found this solution, did it continue to work? Or, did you have to continue bending up the contacts?

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