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Stbentoak 02-25-2014 07:22 PM

Potential new owner...
I am thinking about ordering a 2014 J grand Cherokee Summit.
As you can imagine I have been reading many post and many threads on here about the JGC CRD it's good parts bad parts....
I have read about the highs and good parts of this vehicle like the 30+ miles per gallon,all the great features, and beautiful interior etc. etc.
I have also read about the lows, hundred and $50 oil changes, DEF problems,other problems, lack of dealer knowledge ,and the fact that it may have some potential cold-weather issues.
I own a 2004 Dodge 2500 turbodiesel RAM since new,so I am diesel knowledgeable and pretty much know what kind of beasts they are...

My ultimate question is based on your ownership opinions, is this vehicle a good daily driver for all four seasons? is it a good vehicle for short trips as well as long vacations ? I don't want to sink this kind of money in this vehicle and figure out I should've got either a gas version or just went to another SUV that is equal in price. My main interest in this vehicle is for the long-term longevity and the potential fuel mileage savings at 25 to 30 miles a gallon on a vehicle of this caliber ....would be great if all of the things are equal and it's easy to live with. I only drive 3 miles to work every day but I end up putting a few miles on every week as I do a lot of 20 and 40 mile trips to other places weekly.
My wife has to be able to drive it on occasions and basically I want her to be able to feel like she can drive it just like her car. (Nissan Murano)

So as owners what say you about the ownership of this vehicle on a daily basis and are you happy with the purchase and everything it has delivered to you?

Thank you for your time....

Steve in Indiana

Shannon 02-25-2014 08:27 PM

Re: Potential new owner...
Love mine, wouldn't trade it for the world. No problems with mine, and the diesel is awesome. Very fast, and a boat load of torque.

Skijackz 02-25-2014 08:41 PM

Re: Potential new owner...
I echo Shannon. I was the same as you. I've been looking for 8 months and finally pulled the trigger on an Overland Diesel. I came from a Ford Edge and it is night and day. The tranny alone is worth the upgrade for me. I never feel a shift. Just went back and forth to Copper Mtn for a ski day. 23mpg on the way up and 32 on the way back (gotta love coasting down I-70).

Everybody posts their problems here but there are many, many happy owners.

Treeguy 02-26-2014 07:30 AM

Re: Potential new owner...
I purchased my '14 Limited 4X4 Turbodiesel on Nov 8th and currently have 15,500 miles on it. Haven't had one single thing to complain about and have very much enjoyed owning and driving it. My driving conditions are probably ideal to achieve the best mileage this vehicle can produce. 100 mile commutes each day on a flat interstate with 500 mile trips relatively frequently and in a mild climate. I think I have hit another level of break-in over the last couple of thousand mile and am currently averaging 27-28 mpg.

I've had it in some moderately tough conditions using its 4X4 capabilities and the only limitations were the stock tires.

I did the first oil change myself, buying the Penzoil 5W30 Euro L off the internet, and with filter it cost $116. Don't see that changing till more of these engines are on the road. Changed oil the first time at 9,200 miles and will do the second one at 10k.

Have filled the DEF tank twice since purchasing the vehicle and I'm getting about 8k miles per fill up.

Based on what I've read from the owners up north I believe I would think twice about whether this is the vehicle for my situation if my commute was only 3 miles with several months in freezing weather. I believe the metrics would change dramatically.

Very good vehicle but maybe not for all situations.

Good luck.

PowerPlant226 02-26-2014 08:12 AM

Re: Potential new owner...
About 3k miles and absolutely no regrets. Was considering the 5.7 but this has plenty of torque to do what I need and keep me smiling. Got a good price and no quality issues so far.

fun2drive 02-26-2014 02:24 PM

Re: Potential new owner...
1800 miles averaging 27.4 mpg mixed driving. Don't see much of a challenge in Indy for the diesel if you are already using a Ram diesel for the same commute.
Mine had to be slightly aligned and everything else is perfect. Very fine machine and I came from a Super Duty 7.3 Diesel.
I purchased 24 qts of Pennzoil Euro ESP 5W30 from a company in Chi town for 192 bucks and 3 filters for around 100 bucks. That makes my oil changes cost around 97 bucks but I plan to change first at 7500 and do Blackstone oil analysis and if good do 10K and if good stay there. My SD had to be changed at 5K miles and it took 15 qts of oil and a huge spin on filter. Thus my JGC is actually cheaper to run per oil change than my SD.
I am very happy with the Jeep it handles well rides well and gets fantastic mileage.
Not cheap but I use the features of this Jeep such as the ACC all the time with NAV and voice commands...

crabman 02-26-2014 11:53 PM

Re: Potential new owner...
Its got its flaws but its a surprisingly satisfying vehicle to own. One interesting thing, I usually drive cars people will often automatically infer some trait(s) to... Like if I get out of the BMW I'm a selfish prick, get out of the Mercedes and I'm a rich snob, get out of the Corvette and I got a small wang. This one, nothing. Its like you are a blank slate. Kind of refreshing really, its hard living up to all the stereotypes... :)

Stbentoak 02-27-2014 05:41 AM

Re: Potential new owner...
That's probably why always secretly wanted a Corvette... now I understand it!

Yes I'm still on the edge about this vehicle.... the key to life for me is if it doesn't give me any problems... I can handle the expenses of the maintenance and the other small issues it may have being a diesel,but I cannot handle a vehicle that gets stuck in limp mode because it's too cold out, or decides to throw a code and shut down because the DEF is not working properly.
I need a vehicle tough enough to handle the Indiana winter weather condition, then be able to drive to Florida or wherever and deliver 30+ miles per gallon.... if this thing can do it's job in the winter for me,I know it will do the job as far as long drives and vacations for me.....

timk 02-27-2014 10:52 AM

Re: Potential new owner...
Just got mine a few weeks ago after trying to narrow vehicle options down. I was pretty torn between the Range Rover and X5. I wound up going with the Jeep for the features and price. Being a forum junkie, I lurked on here and the other sites to try and get a clear picture of the quality of each vehicle before making a decision.

It's been pretty cold here near Chicago and I have never had an issue with cold starting. I don't use additives, just fill up at a well-traveled service station to make sure I have winterized fuel. I'm sure that you are experiencing similar temps in Indiana.

The driving experience is simply effortless. I have owned numerous vehicles (10+) and this is definitely the quietest and easiest to drive out of all of them.

Last thing - plenty of people come to forums to ask for help with problems, but you typically don't see much from the non-squeaky wheels. Don't let the occasional issues posted (some valid, some not) deter you from purchasing what in all likelihood will be a trouble free vehicle.

crabman 02-27-2014 11:08 AM

Re: Potential new owner...
I drive this car in a fairly ordinary manner that would raise no eyebrows and I have not been able to attain a real 30 (math at the pump) and I don't think I ever will. You should expect to be in the ballpark of rated mileage or below on winter blend during short city driving, this is where owners are reporting the worst mileage. On the highway rated is possible for some owners in the winter depending on driving style and conditions and my guess would be most owners on summer fuel. Thats a guess based on reported numbers so far BTW, take it with a grain of salt. I do believe a real 30 is possible for owners who are willing to work for it (hyper-mile) but for those of us who just wanna push the loud pedal and go, not so much.

There are many owners who are operating this car in cold weather (Minnesota for instance) without problem. Based on your remarks I would be more worried about statistical reliability where Jeep and this vehicle are both on the bottom end of the spectrum. This doesn't mean you will have a problem but you are certainly more likely to have issues than you will with brands such as Lexus, Acura, etc which reside on the other end of the list. Your willingness to deal with situations that may arise is something you have to sort out for yourself but if reliability is of key importance you may want to consider another car.

Most folks and the reviews are reporting long drive comfort as very good in the Jeep. I've heard the seats described as a perch, that you sit on top of them rather than in them. An accurate description and its not something I'm accustomed to but there can be no denying that Jeep has made it work. I can go farther in this vehicle than any I've owned in recent memory.

As I said elsewhere, the diesel GC is quite satisfying to own. I cant think of a thing about it I would rave over but as a whole it all works better than expected. Being old I would say that you should probably try and remain as dispassionate as possible about this purchase and shop around carefully. It is hard to keep the emotion out of it but if your purchase was made objectively when things go wrong you don't have to add in kicking yourself for not thinking it through to the pain.

Stbentoak 02-27-2014 06:35 PM

Re: Potential new owner...
Well that is one reason why I have always owned 3 vehicles in my stable. if some thing goes wrong with one of them I always have a backup so we have 2 cars to drive. it doesn't happen often but when it does... it is a God send...and the 04 Ram 2500 doesn't cost much in insurance and plates any longer. it only has 47 K miles on it and looks and drives like new and pulls my 6500# boat like nothing is back there.

My only fear is then I will have 2 diesels in the stable and it will be -15 out and neither one of them will be happy. ( and we have had our share of -15 here in northern Indiana this year)..Supposed to be -12 here again tonight....:eek:
I'm sure I will end up buying it.. I've been stalking it too long...!! I just hope I'm one of the lucky ones who gets one who is relatively trouble free....

GunnySpook 02-27-2014 07:57 PM

Re: Potential new owner...

Originally Posted by crabman (Post 983162)
Its got its flaws but its a surprisingly satisfying vehicle to own. One interesting thing, I usually drive cars people will often automatically infer some trait(s) to... Like if I get out of the BMW I'm a selfish prick, get out of the Mercedes and I'm a rich snob, get out of the Corvette and I got a small wang. This one, nothing. Its like you are a blank slate. Kind of refreshing really, its hard living up to all the stereotypes... :)

That's really odd, crabman.

When I get out of my Corvette, I usually get, "That's a shame to waste that on an old man - he must really have a big wang...."

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