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2014_SRT_Steel 02-25-2014 11:15 PM

"Evap System Small Leak" - P0456
Well, this is the 2nd time the MIL light has come on my 2014 SRT, with a tad under 1,800 miles on it. The dealer "advised" they couldn't find anything wrong ( tank-less gas cap helping eliminate that issue... ) -- They tried to smoke it but "advised" they couldn't find anything so it was just cleared.

Well, it's been about 4 weeks and its back! Nothing has changed and I've driven it maybe 200 miles since it was cleared and checked last at the reputable dealer.:confused:

Anyone have any ideas? Anywhere I can personally look for something?,
Needing the great people in this forums help and advice, please.

Any new TSB's out for our SRT's firmware,etc.?


jssrt 03-25-2014 02:16 PM

Re: "Evap System Small Leak" - P0456
Well, I hate to admit this is my first post, but it is. I have what appears to be the exact same issue. I have a 2014 GC SRT, and about 1800 miles on it. The MIL came on, P0456 is the error, and the dealership says they see nothing wrong. Cleared, and came back on 2 days later. I'm frustrated, and reading all of the posts to see if anything helps.

Sooner or later, someone will have to discover something, but as of right now, I don't see a simple solution to this annoying issue.

Artofnoize 03-25-2014 02:27 PM

I want to say there is a flash for this issue.

2014_SRT_Steel 03-25-2014 05:42 PM

Re: "Evap System Small Leak" - P0456

Originally Posted by Artofnoize (Post 997634)
I want to say there is a flash for this issue.

I will post my follow up since I've been dealing with this since January...

No Flash "aka" Software Update for this issue. All flash updates were done in August 2013 and weren't even for our SRT '14. The flash was for the 3.6L and 5.7L WK -- see ---> , so of course it had nothing to do with the SRT line of JGC '14 - kinda like how they finally came out with a Tranny update for the 5.7L now (after the 3.6L was updated a few months ago) ,,, "cough, cough" clear throat.... soooo' I'm always remembering and "advised" that our SRT has different tranny programming than ALL the others out there...... even though this was just released about a month ago ---> --- Still , WE OWN A "SRT" -- So it's Irrelevant at this point in time....

I've had mine "smoked" 2 times and nothing has been found leaking. This was performed at 2 awesome dealerships here locally and found a great "SRT" Viper Tech that also decided to join in on the "Fun".. "rolling my eyes"..

P0456 - Inspected for diagnostic codes found P0456 evaporative emissions small leak detected - checked for updates - none related - performed forced monitor test with wi-tech and pressure sensor reading was okay and ESIM changed states during test pressure tested system sealed at this time - checked environmental data attached to code and 4 good trips since set condition - non present at this time system functions normal

*So that's the 2nd breakdown - first time they ran the same tests, nothing came back and cleared the code.

Okay, get this now... --- My SRT '14 sat in the garage about 4 days (poor thing) , driving my other vehicle. So between the smoke test's I had about 200 miles on it tops and ensured I had less than 80% fuel and temperature was ambient before I scheduled the next "smoke test". The EXACT same day I scheduled to take it in, ( same information as above ) , the MIL light was OFF!!? lmao ----> I was like , "you got to be kidding me", LOL. Like going to the doctor to get checked out and of course when its time to go you're not sick. "FLASHBACKS"..

~ Good thing is,,,, -> it was still there (the code) in the computer bank - I ran the system check through the dash and it was retained. So at least when I took it to them that morning they didn't think I was "blowing smoke" up their A$$.

Viper Tech said whenever the system status changes to "LARGE LEAK" which is the next step or code (unless the next is "MEDIUM LEAK"),,, then to bring it back to them as then they can continue to investigate and have a better chance as to seeing where the system is supposedly leaking OR malfunctioning. So its still TBD -- March 6th was the day it "cleared itself" and has yet to flip the good ol' MIL light back on.... " so crossing my fingers ".. Maybe it fixed itself over the course of 4 days and constant cussing it as I got into another vehicle that the SRT decided to "auto-fix" so I would be nice to it again and drive it???...

I have done everything right on my part, " filling up the Jeep properly " not "OVER-FILLING" the tank, spilling gas all over the paint and wheels, dripping a few gallons here and there on the concrete. I know I am "properly driving it"?... lol ---- Point here: I've had many HIGH-END vehicles and have done nothing different than any other car I've ever owned.

And BTW, be sure and pick-up a PocketScan (by Actron) I bought model CP9125, so in an event that I get the small leak MIL lamp on again, you can just clear it and go on; as they told me to not come back until it gets worse. But fixing itself was a surprise???... It ran diagnostics and thought the system was sealed and fuel was burned off. ----- IMHO , it's probably something electrical related talking to a fuel sensor that's fixing to go bad "somewhere" (maybe ESIM having a fit). The vehicle has 2200 miles on it and all hoses are new and connections to everything look great so slowly ruling things out. Just got to wait till it has a MAJOR problem, then I can take it in! Woo-Hoo! :)


jssrt 03-31-2014 12:49 PM

Re: "Evap System Small Leak" - P0456
Actually, that was very helpful. Thanks for all of the input, and description.

I am looking for the best price on the PocketScan, and will use that.

FYI, the dealership here could not find any issues with any tubing, connections, or sensors. Everything showed to be functioning properly and the error could not be detected or re-created at the dealership. They basically said that if it repeats, run it by and they will check the diagnostics again, but until something actually is malfunctioning, they will most likely not be able to locate and repair, they will just be clearing the code again.

AT this point, I wish mine would self clear so the MIL light would go out; but then again but I'm hoping the PocketScan won't be a one time use, at least I think I am.

Again, thanks for the effort and reflections on your experiences.

ANTI- 07-28-2014 10:30 PM

Re: "Evap System Small Leak" - P0456
I have the exact same thing. 2014 SRT GC throwing P0456. Spent a day at the dealer and they say they need to replace the purge sensor/solenoid. Part is on order with eta 9/11.

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