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99limited 03-06-2010 10:25 PM

Halo Projectors
hey guys. im gonna be ordering my headlights on monday and i was wondering if anyone has had an experience with this product or sell. Good or Bad i would like to know.

Chaoul1 03-06-2010 10:41 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
IMO I think those were the most disguisting Headlights for the Jeep. Go with the other one we told you about.

99limited 03-06-2010 10:52 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
whats the difference between the 2? these were the original ones i wanted to get.

Chuck 03-06-2010 11:02 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
Go with the 2nd link, those of the gen 3 projectors. The first ones you listed are the gen 2's and are in my opinion the ugliest. When you get the gen 3, just for safe measures apply some clear silicone at the seams just to prevent any leaks, actually do this regardless of whichever you go with.

99limited 03-06-2010 11:12 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
ok guys sounds good. i will be ordering them on monday:D

Chaoul1 03-06-2010 11:14 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
Get the second one you just posted up. The first one if you look closely is ugly and has the Gen 2 Projectors. You want to Gen 3 Projectors. So buy the second one you just posted up! :thumbsup:

JETLIFE 03-06-2010 11:17 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
You can't see the difference between them? The gen II's have a huge strip for LEDs across the top. Gen III's don't, they look more factory!

Go for the Gen III's

MALLOPPO 03-06-2010 11:25 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
Do these Head Lights still use the 9006/9005 bulbs?
I would like to get the gen3s, but I don't want to have too give up my HIDs.

Chuck 03-07-2010 07:49 AM

Re: Halo Projectors

Originally Posted by MALLOPPO (Post 164776)
Do these Head Lights still use the 9006/9005 bulbs?
I would like to get the gen3s, but I don't want to have too give up my HIDs.

Yes these headlights use all existing bulbs and will not require any change :thumbsup:. And believe me the HIDs will look even cleaner in the projectors.

Big Perm 03-08-2010 06:26 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
Just installed my gen 3's. Will post pics in a few!

99limited 03-08-2010 06:40 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
sweet rob!! is it just plug and play then? i just ordered mine. first mod on the jeep!!

Big Perm 03-08-2010 06:58 PM

Re: Halo Projectors
It's plug and play for the regular lights, for the halos and LEDs along the side to work just follow the directions in this video.

Even though these are different style lights its the same exact method for our lights. The "quick splice" connectors really make it pretty easy.

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