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madSRT 03-12-2014 12:13 PM

Quick question that I can't seem to dig up on my own. The various "modes" serve a similar function as a really really really watered down aftermarket tune, correct? I had a 2010 with a Diablo and the before/after was night and day. With my 2012 it seemingly does a similar adjustment, just not as aggressive. Just trying to sanity check that theory.

Also, if (OK, when) I get an aftermarket tune, what does that do to the existing auto/sport/track modes? Just kick them up a notch or two?

Thanks all and sorry if this has been discussed a zillion times, can't find it via an app search.

Scottina06 03-12-2014 02:00 PM

Re: Auto/Sport/Track
a response from Mr GCSRT8 in another discussion---

I’m going to try to take you through a basic understanding of the function of the Shifter and the Select Track knob in an attempt to answer your questions.
Let's start with the Shifter: The D/S on the shifter solely controls the Transmission Shift schedule. When in Auto on the Select Track knob, pulling the shifter back will change the transmission calibration to a more aggressive shift schedule. This shift schedule will be very close to the Select Track Sport mode shift schedule. When the Select Track knob is in Sport or Track the cluster will indicate that the transmission is in Sport "S" shifting, although the cluster indication is the same in Sport and Track mode the Transmission calibration is different. Pulling the shifter back in Sport or Track will put the transmission in standard drive "D” this is the Auto mode drive shift calibration.

Now let's review the Select Track Knob. Each mode has a unique calibration for the following functions:
ESC - Electronic Stability Control/Traction Control
ADS - Active Damping Suspension
Gear Start - only modified in ECO or Snow Mode
Transmission/Overdrive Shift
Transfer Case
Electronic Limited Slip Differential
PCM -Throttle Control
MDS - Cylinder deactivation
Cluster messages

AUTO: All systems set to standard (suspension adaptive)

ESC set to sport (allows more yaw then Auto)/TC ON
ADS Standard Compression/Firm Rebound (adaptive)
Sport Transmission Shift Schedule
T/Case torque split - 65R/35F
ELSD - sport calibration
PCM - Sport
MDS - Off

ESC set to Track (Allows more yaw then Sport)/TC off
Note: ESC and TC can be disabled in track
ADS full Firm Compression and Rebound (Not Adaptive)
Track Transmission Shift Schedule
T/Case torque split 70R/30F
ELSD - track calibration
PCM - Track
MDS - Off

ESC - Most Aggressive setting
ADS - Same as auto (Adaptive)
Transmission - 2nd gears starts
T/Case 50/50 torque split
ELSD - Snow Calibration
PCM - Snow
MDS - Active

ESC - Tow Calibration
ADS - Standard compression/Full firm Rebound (Active to reduce vehicle vertical motion)
Transmission - Unique Tow calibration
T/case 50/50 torque split
ELSD - tow calibration
PCM - Tow calibration
MDS - Active

Launch Mode adjust everything in the vehicle from nose to tail for maximum acceleration. This is an engineered launch that has had extensive testing. It is designed to give the best acceleration and most consistent performance.

Scottina06 03-12-2014 02:01 PM

Re: Auto/Sport/Track
all the aftermarket tunes at the moment do nothing to each mode or the tranny

5.7summit 03-12-2014 02:52 PM

Re: Auto/Sport/Track
Wow Scott that is one of the most well written and informative posts I've read on here in a while!

madSRT 03-12-2014 02:55 PM

Great information and a perfect summary of what I was looking for. Thanks!

madSRT 03-12-2014 08:10 PM

Any harm done if modes are switched while driving?

jbjones85 03-12-2014 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by madSRT (Post 990595)
Any harm done if modes are switched while driving?

Nope. Do it all the time.

simplewon 03-20-2014 09:13 PM

Re: Auto/Sport/Track
There appears to be one more mode per the manual.
This does not state it adjusts the valving in the shocks.

This mode alters the transmission’s automatic shift schedule for sportier driving. Upshift speeds are in- creased to make full use of available engine power. To switch between DRIVE and SPORT modes, tap the shift lever rearward. SPORT mode is only accessible from DRIVE.

Using the selector knob to access Sport looks different per the manual.

Selec-TracŪ consists of the following positions:
• Sport – Dry weather, on-road calibration. Performance based tuning that provides a rear wheel drive feel but with improved handling and acceleration over a two- wheel drive vehicle. The customer has the option of going to partial ESC. The active suspension system will be in Semi Firm mode, and a green flag will light up in the instrument cluster. The transmission will provide a more aggressive shifting pattern (Refer to “Paddle Shift Mode” in “Starting And Operating” for further information). This feature will reset to AUTO on an ignition cycle.

Scottina06 03-20-2014 10:50 PM

Yes....This is sport that is selected by dropping the shifter one more click past drive. Only sport on the dial alters the suspension.

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