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TJXJWJ 03-13-2014 11:53 AM

Notta Dub-jay Transmission problem
I know I should be asking in the Liberty forum, but there's not enough traffic over there, and we have lots of "tranny" guys in here.

A friend has an 06 Libby KJ, auto trans. When it's cold, you pop it in drive and head along your merry way. When it's time for the trans to go into 2nd, it shifts very harshly and bucks badly. Does it 1 time, and that's it. You could drive it until the tank is empty and it won't do it again. He's had it serviced at a dealer with new fluid and filters. Even got a new pan in the process. Any ideas at all?

cheapjeep 03-13-2014 04:45 PM

Re: Notta Dub-jay Transmission problem
Well buddy,from my own experiences running "marginal" work cars for years I would suggest a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix. I have seen this stuff perform miracles for me personally and a lot of friends. I even put a bottle in everything i do a filter change in just for preventative maintenance. I had a Lumina that was so bad one time that it wouldn't stay in gear at idle. A bottle of Lucas and 50 mi later it was good as new and stayed that way till I sold it years later. Sounds like the KJ just might have something a little sticky in there and I'd be willing to bet this stuff will fix it . Next up for the treatment is our Exploder since it has developed an annoying trait of not going into gear when its cold out until it warms up. I'd lay money Lucas will fix it too. What the hell,give it a try,there's nothing to lose. Just give it about 50 mi. or so to work. You should make some room in there by sucking some atf out of the dipstick tube with a pump or something. Just make sure the bottle is the real stuff and not some off brand crap. I'ts somewhere around 10 bucks or so and ranks right up there with Sea Foam for me.

TJXJWJ 03-13-2014 08:01 PM

Re: Notta Dub-jay Transmission problem
I'll let him know to pick up a bottle. Maybe I'll grab one for myself too. Thanks dude!

Oh, and what's a "Lumina"? hahhahahha

cheapjeep 03-13-2014 09:20 PM

Re: Notta Dub-jay Transmission problem
Nah bro, it was more like what the hell am I doing in a Lumina:confused: Oh and since I had to finally retire the Bonnie this winter I just bought my new headache today. Ta Da ! A 95 Ford Taurus SHO work turd so I can get my poor Jeep back on track. Gonna pick it up on Sat. Got to say I thought my dub was pretty quick for what it is but after that SHO test drive if one pulls up beside me I'm just gonna pull over and pretend I have a flat.:lol:

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