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fireball 03-19-2014 09:41 AM

installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
the 2 products i am installing are:
-wk2 recovery point
-wk2 sump protection plate- heavy duty 5mm
Products | Chief Products

ok so chief rates the ease of installation for the bash plates as 1/10 and the recovery hooks at 3/10 but i beg to differ ! it might be that rating on a hoist with power tools and maybe extra manpower but doing it alone on the ground with the car set on OR2 height and crawling underneath i would rate the installation maybe 4/10 for the plates and 3/10 for the recovery point..
changing oil and oil filter in the jeep grand cherokee i would rate as a 1/10. ie way easier than this install.

i might not be a mechanic but i do some work on my own cars eg oil change, gearbox oil change, diff oil change, air filter, flush radiator, bleed brakes, change brake rotors and pads, change fuel filter, change fuel pumps, change radiators so at least i'm not a mechanical noob.

in retrospect if you are a mechanical noob, i would say just get the shop to do it for you. as there was blood drawn doing the install process :(

factor in an arvo to get both the bash plate and recovery point in. i'm sure i can do this much faster now that i've done it (i'm guessing 1.5hrs) but since it was the first attempt at it , i was taking my time and applying antiseize to all the bolts.

before i get to the install process i was a little disappointed as the bash plate does NOT work if you have the Mopar sump skid plate installed :(
as you cannot bolt the bash plate and skid plate together. so we need a new aftermarket sump plate now. no amount of wiggling could get the back bash plate holes to line up with the skid plate. even if it did the skid plate would hang down to catch objects under the car as it sticks out below the the end of the bash plate

tools used:
-10mm socket
-13mm socket
-sidechrome drive rotator ratchet
-socket extension bar
-13mm spanner
-cardboard to lie on the ground !

onto the install :
1. get rid of the air dam. not that easy without reading any manual or diy on it.took me about 45mins to figure out what was going on.
-get rid of factory front x3 m6 bolts for the oem belly pan (sorry no pic)
-get rid of the 7 round plastic fasteners (2 of them are in front of the wheel, see the pic below (ones on the very edge) they are hard to see and undo them by feel

this is what those round things are holding (circled). the 1 on the outer edge are in front of the wheel.

i started wiggling the bumper from the edge until the tabs loosened. you can see all the tabs in the above picture as well

you can see the tab locks

once that air dam is off, and oem belly pan is off, i decided to do the recovery point 1st

i got them lined up for the passenger side

where it should be bolted in

now bolted in

geez it was a work out lifting the recovery hook with the left arm whilst trying to line them up and bolt them in :eek:

little did i know the bash plate install for me was worse !

the bash plate is heavy and large and bulky. 18.7kg apparently.
carrying this thing underneath the car and lining it up to the holes was a bitch

i figured i would start by bolting the front 3 bolts of the bash plate to the car.
whilst manoeuvring the plate, shoulders/arms holding the front bit up , knees holding the back bit up, i bolted the front on. (bolt them loosely so plate can be wiggled to align the back 2 bolts)

however this is where i noticed that i had drawn blood !:eek:

where the nice looking chief product tag sits are f*cking sharp bits out of the rivet

and they just tore my knee up when i was trying to support it up to bolt the front 3 bolts in :( . and 1 of the 3 front bolts i must have overtightened and killed the thread, but i couldnt be assed unbolting it now to fix the thread.

now i was going to bolt the back bolts but ran into major trouble with the mopar sump skid plate installed. the bolt holes are close but cant line up and even if it did as you can see it would dangle below the bash plate to catch things. and yes that is a blood stain on the plate below the chief product tag !

after much frustration trying to line them up and not fitting , i came to the conclusion that it was either keep one or the other.
so i took the sump skid plate out

now it was easy to bolt the back to m8 bolts
do the 2 side bolts for the bash plate using the 13mm socket, ratchet, 13mm spanner. with the bolt protruding outwards. little bit trickier on the passenger side as there is a bottle in the way, so you have to reach around the back with the spanner.

-reinstall the air dam
-put round plastic fasteners in
could only fit back 5 out of the 7 as 2 of them couldnt pull the wheel arch liner back to fit in. not that it really matters as it is quite well attached on

air dam back on

close up of recovery point

but now exposes those 2 hoses to the elements as you drive as they are not behind the plastic panel any more

-good packaging-instructions however required downloading the pdf from the website and did not outline how to remove the air dam properly
-product looks great and looks unbreakable !

-not that easy to install for a noob (hopefully made easier now with this guide)
-sharp bits on rivets are a hazard !
-did not work with mopar sump skid plate
-now need some protection in that area ?? custom solution again
-objects heavy-better installed with an extra pair of hands to help

on another note:
whilst under the car i noticed that the stick exhaust was dented in . is it supposed to be like that from factory ??
and with the installation of the mopar skid plate set , i noticed that the factory oem liner for the transmission is no longer there covering it . is it supposed to be like that ??

fireball 03-19-2014 10:40 AM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
prior to the mopar skid plate set you can clearly see the oem liner covering the transmission here, which is why i never would have seen the dented exhaust .

Benn0 03-19-2014 04:10 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
Good write up. A bit surprising the sump skid plate doesn't line up. This how it looked in the test fitting

GMWK2 03-19-2014 04:21 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
Bill - Are you able to advise on the sump skid plate that fireball had problems with?

eibyer 03-19-2014 05:20 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
From the fitting pic, the chief bash plate goes over the mopar so it doesn't pick up road crap (on forward movement).

SNUKE 03-19-2014 05:55 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
Excellent job on the instructions.

A little disappointed you didn’t manage a picture of yourself under the car while balancing the plate and screwing it in. I think you should have been able to shoot a 3rd arm out you backside to work the camera, or at least set a timer. Really slack on that one, not sure what you were thinking.

Benn0 03-19-2014 06:09 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
That looks like the 5mm sump skid plate, perhaps there is an issue with the extra thickness, or maybe the existing holes on the car have moved slightly from the one that they did the test fit on....

fireball 03-19-2014 08:06 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
benno the test fit pic uses the stock oem liner over the sump not the mopar sump skid plate i have. if the bash plate is meant to go over that mopar sump plate to bolt up , then i've screwed up... but seriously i doubt that because the mopar plate is seriously curved where it bolts up meaning the bash plate back end would have to drop way down under the curve and try to bolt back up. doubt the bolt holes would line up that way

adamt 03-19-2014 08:15 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
If you study the original fit up picture, that is a Mopar sump skid.


fireball 03-19-2014 09:08 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
hmm if thats the case , no prizes for guessing what i'm going to be doing saturday :eek:

this time i'm wearing knee pads :p

studying that test pic i can also see the oem transmission liner in place.
thanks a lot frizelles southport for not putting it back. :rolleyes:

geez i hate paying people to do shit and end up fixing up what their mechanics/apprentice stuff up , and i'm still waiting for them for fix the scratch when they put in the rock sliders :(

ENFORCER 03-19-2014 09:58 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
A trolly jack may help you out as another pair of hands, to hold up the plate while fitting.

Benn0 03-19-2014 10:18 PM

Re: installing chief bash plate and recovery hook
I'm thinking of buying some ramps and a couple car stands...

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