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BrettSRT 03-27-2014 03:36 PM

Warped Rotors
Anybody else run into this issue I only have 29,000 km on it and the brakes pulsate bad. The dealer said all 4 rotors need to be replaced from warping, not covered by warranty its almost $1600 to change them from the dealer. I have just driven it as a daily driver no hard braking or track use. Any suggestions of cheaper/better alternatives? Also would calling SRT help in this case?

SRTBLK 03-27-2014 07:49 PM

Re: Warped Rotors
i have same model year, i have over 30,000 miles on mine and no warped rotors yet, also haven't had to change brake pads. just looked at the rotors today, starting to develop a lip around the edge so most likely i will need new ones soon maybe 5000 more miles or so but no pulsing felt, will change to brembo sport drilled or slotted rotors and either stoptech or hawk pads, dealership charges way to much to replace OEM when I looked at their prices compared to the items listed above.

Artofnoize 03-27-2014 08:48 PM

1600? Holy crap. Just do it yourself. You can save a ton of money if you have the ability to do so. Order the Brembo drilled rotors.

Donsteph 03-29-2014 06:52 PM

Re: Warped Rotors
I had the same problem but it was only the front ones. They were replaced under warranty because I am still under 20,000 km . I am also baffled why they did not last . I can be accused of hard acceleration but I never used the brakes very hard.

Overspin 08-26-2014 03:40 PM

Re: Warped Rotors
Warped rotors can be caused by the dealer or other service garage when they rotate the wheels for even tire wear. Many of them use impact wrenches. Some have torque set heads. They are not accurate, and are likely to result in unevenly torqued wheel lugs, some way over-tightened, and some less than spec. Even moderate braking, like stop and go traffic will heat the rotors enough to cause them to warp when this condition exists. If they're warped, nothing can be done but replace them, and then ALWAYS insist that anyone working on the wheels use ONLY a manual torque wrench set to the spec in your owners manual.

Rose City GC SRT8 08-27-2014 07:01 AM

Re: Warped Rotors
Your rotors may not be truly warped. Brake pedal pulsation can be caused by pad deposits on the rotors.

Do the following:

This has worked quite well for me on my other cars. Perform several 60-5 panic stops in a row on a deserted road. Make sure you let the brakes cool before applying the brakes at a stoplight. The prolonged contact with the pads against hot rotors at a stoplight will leave deposits on the rotors that cause pulsation. A good practice is to put it in park at a stoplight after heavy use or a descent down a steep grade.

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