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Jpmunozz 03-28-2014 12:09 PM

2014 JEEP SRT major malfunction

I'm new to the forum and have found help on a few issues i've had coming from Japanese car ownership (for ten years 3 different Acuras). I'm hoping that someone will read this and give me a path to take.

Yesterday morning i got an alert on my dash that my battery voltage as low. After the initial warning, my navigation screen and sound was rebooting continuously as i drove. In the afternoon i took a ride back home to get ready for an evening meeting. on my way home, i got the same alert and the same constant rebooting of nav screen and music. I called my nearest service department and made an appointment.

On my way back to my office from home, the nav was not rebooting but i was getting alerts for brakes, acs, and all sorts of other system warnings. All of a sudden windshield (front/read) wipers went off windows were opened slightly. I was able to shut off the wipers by putting them on to full blast (strange), and was driving my car straight to the nearest service (which is 2 miles form my office). As i was taking the exit form the highway, my car completely craps out; cluster, nav, shift knob, steering wheel locked (as if car was off), brakes locked up (as if car was off), but the engine was on, and it was in gear. As everything shut down the car jumped down in gear and the engine was reeving much higher. Thankfully jumping down in gear before shutting down slowed me down. I repeatedly pressed the on/off button but it was not shutting down the engine. I was able to forcibly move the steering wheel and get on grass where the car eventually lost momentum.

After freaking out (mainly because the engine was on and it was in gear), i called for a tow truck. I had to put the ebrake on because as soon as it got off the grass it wanted to go (since the engine was on and it was in gear). They had to drag it with the ebrake engaged on and off the tow truck.

My concern is with the force i put into the steering wheel when it was locked to get it onto the grass, and pulling it while ebrake is engaged; what type of prolonged damage did i create?

The more important thing is, i'm kind of scared to get back into the car. I don't trust it. This morning after having got my thoughts straight, i spoke to the file manager at SRT and explained my concerns. They didn't offer anything, not an extended warranty, not advice, nothing.

Is there anyone that can tell me what recourse i have? do i have any prolonged damage to worry about? can i demand an extended warranty? can i make a case and get a new car because i'm afraid of this one?

I called the NYS attorney general, and they told me i need to give them two shots at fixing the same problem. My concern is if it happens again, and i'm not on a straight away with no traffic i may not make it out alive.

any input is greatly appreciated.

JohnS 03-29-2014 08:37 AM

Re: 2014 JEEP SRT major malfunction
Sorry I can't help you, other than to say I feel your pain. I had to have my previous '11 Jeep GC towed twice with 2 fatal problems. I suggest you find a reputable dealer, where you will have confidence that your Jeep will be repaired right. You may end up like me, losing all confidence in the vehicle and trading it in early. It's a costly alternative, but at least I have a little more confidence in my current Jeep.

radbushi 04-01-2014 04:12 PM

Re: 2014 JEEP SRT major malfunction
Wow what a drag.

bill_de 04-01-2014 04:29 PM

Re: 2014 JEEP SRT major malfunction
First step should be to get it to a dealer to see about getting it fixed. That should be more important at this point than asking for an extended warranty. It could be something as simple as a bad module.

If it happens again (double check this) I think in a situation like that, with the car still moving, you are supposed to hold the start button in until it shuts off.


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