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jbjones85 03-30-2014 01:42 PM

looking for a little honest advice...
I will start this be saying I LOVE my '14 SRT. Best vehicle I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot). The short sad truth is that my financial situation is probably going to be changing in next few months (July/August timeframe) and continuing to own such a nice/expensive vehicle may put a stretch in my budget a little more than I am comfortable with unless I shift financial priorities which I feel is not a smart decision long term to keep a vehicle....

I do not know how this will pan out 100% so at this point I am just weighing my options assuming that I do need to get into something cheaper. I put a pretty big down payment on it so I am not worried about being upside down or anything like that, just trying to get a feel for what I could sell it for/trade it in for.


2014 --- factory ordered, HK sound, black chrome wheels, 11K miles currently but will probably be closer to 17-18k by the time I try to sell it (I commute about 80 miles/day 90% highway). Can sell stock or with mods (billet tech under hood jewelry, weather tech mats, painted grill rings (have stock ones too), bwoody intake, black ops diffuser painted. She is in mint condition with NO issues or defects. I had full front XPEL installed about a week after I picked it up so no chips and I am an OCD detailer so no marks or swirls, ext. tinted windows (NC legal).

Honestly I hope that everything works out and I do not need to go through with this but I am just preparing myself for the worst.

comments/feedback is welcome.

Thank you.

Schleprock 03-30-2014 05:38 PM

Re: looking for a little honest advice...
Gonna be straight up and real here. This comes from someone who has been around cars for nearly his whole life with family in both sides of the biz (GM plant foreman, GM dealer manager)....only one time have I ever been unsuccessful in selling/trading a car and getting the new one I want at my price (2011 CTS-V Sedan, they wouldn't give me the polished wheels so I walked), and I've bought a lot of cars

All of the things in your details paragraph mean nothing. Nothing is a big modification and furthermore, no one really cares about mods adding value. In regards to the mint/no scratches, etc. Good, that's what people are looking for to give you true market value. Any other way and your hurting your best $$ value. Personally, and what I tell friends, is to focus most on your INTERIOR. That's where you can hold more value. Not many people want funky, stinky interiors, plus they cost more to fix. Seats and carpet are big $$ and nasty stench doesn't go away even with perfumes and crap. Exteriors can be waxed/polished/buffed/paintless dent. Focus on promoting that on a sale/trade rather than the exterior cleanliness.

OK, off my tangent there. Real talk, 4-5 months from now with 17-18k miles. Be happy if you can get $53k trade in. Be happy if you can get $55k private party value. These trucks are not WK1 SRTs. They aren't going to hold value like the originals. Remember, dealers are going to mark your trade up $4-6k when they sell it, that's where they make their cash while still having wiggle room. They don't make much on new. So they are going to price yours at $57-59k and be willing to accept $56k after a while if it doesn't sell to still make a $3k profit. Private party value is usually between trade in and dealer retail. I think those numbers are what you should be focusing on. Watch the market over time, and don't be surprised if they go lower. If they remain high, celebrate. Good luck.

jbjones85 03-30-2014 06:19 PM

Re: looking for a little honest advice...
Thank you. interior is also mint.

SRTgeek 03-31-2014 12:44 AM

Re: looking for a little honest advice...
I traded my first 2014 (black) in and regretted it every day after that. You'll never get what you want, and after the deal is done, no matter what you drive unless you're stepping up major, you're going to regret your decision.

Obviously if it's beyond your control, it's beyond your control. Sorry these times may be coming your way, that sucks.

I ended up trading mine in, and then saying screw it and getting another four months later. Did it end up costing me more in the long run? Hell yes, I bought/paid for two 14' SRT's and the trade in value wasn't anywhere near what I paid new of course.

Dealers don't care about mods.

I'd say if you have to sell it, autotrader asap while it has more value before 15's are announced etc. (a few months off)

hope to see you back here!

jbjones85 03-31-2014 07:56 AM

Re: looking for a little honest advice...
Thanks, i'm hoping it all works out and I don't have to go through with it because I know I will regret it, just trying to be honest with myself. haha. sometimes doing the "smart thing" sucks.

SRTWIL 03-31-2014 01:22 PM

Damn bro that sucks.. I've been there about 4 years ago.. Made the stupid choice to keep the car I had and put myself n family in a 2year finacial hole .. Learn from others mistakes if its gotta go its gotta go.. When things get back better u will bounce back up... I hope it all works out for u..

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