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jeepmonkey 03-30-2014 03:36 PM

Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
Hi all. I'm new to the forum.

I have never purchased a Jeep. I currently drive a 2003 Tundra 4x4 that is awesome, but I want something more refined that still will get me from point A to point B without worries (I work in the medical field and need to be able to get to hospitals when everyone else is told to stay home). I am reluctant to buy a Jeep given my worries over quality, durability, and performance. I don't want to get into a debate. Nor do I want to be hit with a barrage of haters/fanboys of one make or another. What I'm looking for is someone who went down the same decision tree as me...I'm looking at Jeep GC Overland/Summit with the 3 L diesel, Audi Q5 TDI, and BMW X diesel with an open mind. Might as well throw in the Cayenne diesel as well.

I can say, without a doubt, that for the $, the Jeep seems to be the winner, and I can pick up a super nice boat for what I'd save. It also seems to have a huge number of accolades. But, I am not overly impressed with Italian engineering (styling yes, engineering not so much), nor have I been impressed with the quality and durability of anything coming out of Detroit.

Is this new Jeep GC a true departure from the past? Have they significantly closed the quality gap with this iteration?

Jim_in_PA 03-30-2014 05:01 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
The only Italian engineering would be on the engine and that's been a proven diesel powerplant for many years now. It's only new to the US market in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. (And Dodge RAM) The current platform was actually developed during the Daimler days. Like any vehicle brand manufactured, there are always some that come off the line with issues; most fixable and a few, well...they go back. The nameplate doesn't matter. Further, you are more likely to hear about issues online than you are about kudos. Nature of the beast. The vast majority of JGCs are not problematic. Most will require software updates from time to time. It's the nature of the beast these days. The same is true for the other brands you are considering.

So my advise to you is to buy what you LIKE the best in all aspects...including what you get for the money.

SW03ES 03-30-2014 05:46 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
I've looked at all of these vehicles, not specifically the diesel versions but the vehicles themselves.

The Q5 is a great little SUV. BUT...its little. Significantly smaller than the Jeep. What about a Q7 TDI? Little long in the tooth, but more comparable in size to say the X5 D...

In terms of Jeep quality...I mean all you have to do is look around the forums to know people have had issues with their new JGCs. Most of the issues seem to be electrical, and what Jim above is saying is true...most JGCs are not problematic. BUT...there are problematic ones...and its more prevalent here than it is on other forums. None of the vehicles you're talking about are known for reliability, but the dealer experience is going to be way better than Jeep if/when you do have problems. If Jeep dealers were as nice as luxury car dealers, gave loaners, etc I'd be less frustrated with mine.

You do save a lot with the Jeep...product quality from a styling, build, interior, capability perspective is excellent for the money. Understand that its not a Toyota...people do have issues...and I would go into it expecting some glitches and gremlins you need to have worked out...but I think that may very well be the case with a, X5 or a Cayenne as well.

JohnC 03-30-2014 06:06 PM

Car and Driver did a diesel shoot out and out the jeep up against all of the Germans. They are a very German biased, especially BMW, magazine too. They have the jeep first place. But I thinks is was said best above. Buy what you like. If you don't, you'll always regret it.

SW03ES 03-30-2014 06:48 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
I really like the new X5, I just helped a friend lease one...but her gas 3.5 not even heavily optioned was like $63k. The fact that you still need to add leather seats to a $59,000 vehicle is part of the problem. When I option an X5 D up to what a Summit gets you...the sticker is $69,600. So, about $12,000 more than the Summit. Is the BMW worth the $12k more? You get better dealers, better service, included maintenance, more prestige. You get a third row (basically for kids only, but its there). Inside I think the BMW is a little better finished with a little bit better materials, I think mainly coming from the fact that the cheapest X5 is $53k, the basic dash and door materials in the Jeep are shared with the $29k Laredo. You get assumably better resale value...although the Jeep is pretty good, but a fully loaded $57k diesel Summit is going to lose a lot more value than say a $40k Limited or $48k Overland.

What do you lose? The Jeep is more capable off road. I'd go so far as to say it will be more capable in the snow, although it won't be a huge difference. The Jeep can tow more.

Marlon_JB2 03-30-2014 08:19 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
I do think that if Chrysler's dealers were better, dealing with the issues, if/when they happen wouldn't be so bad. This is something that I know they are working on in Auburn Hills.
Even I have been dissatisfied with the dealer that I have purchased/leased 5 vehicles from. But only in service. They always give me a great, unbeatable sales deal though, that is why I keep going back.

These other vehicles listed aren't really worth the price they ask for them. The extra cost vs. the Grand Cherokee is the dealership experience.

...however this is what happens when the same dealership sells a $54,000 JGC Summit right next to a $16,000 Dodge Dart. :(

adw_tdi 03-31-2014 02:42 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
I looked VERY hard at the X5d and the Q5/Q7 TDI's - not so much the cayenne because Porsche just didn't do enough to differentiate it from a Tuareg, and while we have been a VW TDI family for years, the Tuareg just didn't do it for me. Anywho, the Q7 was a big disappointment - Audi REALLY needs to get that refresh out, and the 3rd row was not at all useful. The wife and I remain big fans of the Q5, and the biggest reason we didn't make a move in that direction was the size - it isn't a lot smaller than the JGC, but noticeable enough when your other vehicle is a Jetta.

That left the X5. At that point, it boiled down to Features, availability, and cost. I liked the BMW heads-up display and their active seats, neither of which are available on the JGC. However, I wanted the Air Suspension and the Non-German servicing (VW's are the most affordable german cars, and replacing a sensor can be a a damn near $1000 ordeal) that came with the JGC. Throw in the price differential (HUGE!) and the ability to order exactly what I wanted from the factory (Yes, BMW can do that too, but only when the X5d is in production, which it was not for most of the 2nd half of 2013 to control inventory ahead of the 2014 MY launch) was more than enough to offset the loss of Heads-up display and a seat that tilted from time to time.

As everyone else is advising you, you MUST go drive them. Go in with an open mind, and listen to the inner child in you. How do you feel in each vehicle?

fun2drive 03-31-2014 09:38 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
Been down this road last year. I bought a 13 Outback and love it but I am a diesel guy at heart and I own I should say until last year owned 3 BMWs so I am very BMW biased. I have been following the JGC diesel thread since it came out but only occasionally as I was considering an X-3 diesel not the X-5. The X-3 was to be out soon but then again so was the JGC diesel. Both were delayed a lot. 14 Outback not in the cards as the 15 is a new design but again no diesel. The Tuareg diesel I think is a good candidate but didn't stack up for my requirements. I like Audi's but didn't see what I wanted. This is such a personal decision it is hard to do a totally objective evaluation.
For me I wanted AWD, FCS, ACC, blind spot (if poor rear vis which the JGC has as well as cross path detection) and of course the diesel engine with 8 spd ZF transmission.
Very impressed Jeep would select what are to be very reliable known components. My experience lately with BMW has not been good. They have let their subcontracts provide much less than reliable components and use the owners as their testing ground.
I would never purchased the JGC unless it was a diesel and would have more inclined to purchase something else like the Tuareg diesel or 15 Outback.
The suggestion to drive many the same day is a good one. I noticed a lot of differences in models with different transmissions and engines with the same make.
The JGC is very smooth on less than good roads and with air suspension it handles well and lastly the turn radius is very impressive. I am not a Jeep fanboi but have owned 3 before this all of them reliable. Under the guise of full disclosure I bought for $1950 an 8 year 120K miles service contract which covers virtually everything on the JGC all because of the heavy concentration of electronic modules and systems...

SW03ES 04-01-2014 04:39 PM

Re: Jeep GC Overland/Summit diesel vs. Audi TDI vs. BMW X diesel
As for the coworker just got a new X5, picked it up yesterday. We rode around in it all day today. Let me say...its pretty awesome. Great looking, quality is excellent, it rides *great*.

I gotta say...I can see why someone would buy one over the Jeep.


Originally Posted by adw_tdi (Post 1001285)
The wife and I remain big fans of the Q5, and the biggest reason we didn't make a move in that direction was the size - it isn't a lot smaller than the JGC, but noticeable enough when your other vehicle is a Jetta.

I also am a huge fan of the Q5, but I absolutely disagree that its not a lot smaller than the JGC. I found it considerably smaller, and the big difference is that two normal sized adults would not be comfortable in the back seat of a Q5, but they are in a GC.

Another big difference is cargo capacity. With the seats in place the GC has 8 more cu/ft of cargo room which is huge if 4 people are going somewhere.

The Q5 is similar in size to the new Cherokee vs the Grand Cherokee.

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