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dhillon09 03-09-2010 07:12 PM

Weird noises on acceleration and left turns only?
My WJ's got almost 90,000 miles on it, and its a 2001 GC limited with quadradrive awd. Here's my list of problems ... read em if you have time and help me with whatever you can! :)

I got a problem though, I have a noise that sounds like a clunk from the rear and a sort of whirring grinding noise when I accelerate hard. When I accelerate lightly at the lower speeds, there's no such noise. If I go WOT from 40MPH > 100 MPH no noise.

Second thing, on left turns (ie thru an intersection, if I'm turning left..) I get a clunky/grinding sound from my front driver's side wheel. The sound isn't always there, but it'll be there if I'm going over small bumps (the little ruts in intersections from cars always going 1 way) and accelerating during a left turn.

What do you guys think it could be? Been like this for awhile I've been ignoring it. What do you guys think? I know I gotta get my tranny serviced soon. A lot of the bushings in my suspension look sort of dry, is there a lube I can get to spray into all my bushing, or perhaps a bushing replacement kit for my wj?

I will be replacing my shocks/springs soon, I'm wondering if that would fix it? I've heard of springs clunking over bumps because they've become unseated at the top (ie someone in a shop put em on a lift) .. help anyone?

third thing is my steering wheel has a little play in it, and it gets incredibly hard to turn my wheel at a lower speed (say I'm making a 3 point u turn, the first turn will be fine, 2nd and third a PITA). I'm guessing a new steering stabilizer and some grease should fix the play, how much money does a new power steering pump cost for a wj? I kind of want to do a overhaul, where can I get all the supplementary engine compenents for my wj (starter/waterpump/steering wheel pump/coils/ignition/wires/sparkplugs any other thing thats relatively cheap and should be replaced while I do my overhaul).

My goal is to only take 2 classes for summer semester and work semi full time and make enough money to get the wj in tip top condition :) Thoughts anyone!?

citizinsoldier11B 03-10-2010 09:18 AM

Re: Weird noises on acceleration and left turns only?
I had a similar problem with turns. Mine turned out to be axles. I would get the noise mostly when switching from 4x4 to RWD. It also started during normal driving. I have a great mechanic so it wasn't too expensive. around $400 for both sides. Big improvement with ride.

Good luck with everything else.

mountian goat 03-10-2010 11:29 AM

Re: Weird noises on acceleration and left turns only?
it could be a # of things, i had a similar problem wiht mine turned out to be the front driver side hub, jack up the front, and try to wiggle it back and forth,make sure you put some muscle behide it. should not have any movement or play if it does then you hub is bad... when mine went bad i replaced it and a month later it was bad agian... crappy reman parts... as far as getting parts for it, get on ebay thats where i get most of my stuff, some people my tell you different but i have had good look finding good parts for a low price... good luck

josef15111 03-10-2010 01:32 PM

Re: Weird noises on acceleration and left turns only?
yep ebay is a great place to get parts really. just look fo rthe one with the best warranty. i just picked up two fron thubs for 109.98 shipped to my door with a LIFETIME warranty so if they do go bad they will replace free of charge. as for if its your axles they are cheap and not very hard at all to do way cheaper than 400 a side. the axles can be had for around 70 bucks and you can put them on in a day. i have a freaking crazy sqeal that is coming from my front end its hubs i beleave. so i ordered new hubs, axles, brakes, ball joints and some new sway bars. hope this fixes my problem. if your is making a noise turning more than likely changine your axles and hubs will do the trick. good luck bro hope you get it all fixed up...


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