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TALLA 04-02-2014 08:25 PM

looking for new wheels
i am looking for some new wheels for my 2011 jeep GC Overland 5.7 4x4

really like the new 2014 SRT wheels

would like to have them in 9/20 Et35 front 10/20 ET50 back or 9/22 ET35 front 10/22 ET50 back

in black chrome

any one know a nice place to get a set like that ?

one more thing is a lot of people say you cant have staggered wheels but so far as i know is you just have to make sure the tire difference is not of by much less then 3%
like a 265/50/20 is the same as a 295/45/20 Overall Diameter same
or you have 255/45/20 front 285/40/20 back there is only 1.5 mm different in Overall Diameter

just like to find a good vender and a good deal

TALLA 04-03-2014 09:51 PM

Re: looking for new wheels
anyone ?

Nycsrt2008 04-03-2014 09:54 PM

Re: looking for new wheels
I got 20x9 up front and 2x10s I'm the rear. But with the same size tires all around. 265 50 20s no problem with this set up

TALLA 04-03-2014 10:00 PM

Re: looking for new wheels
not a bad idea but I like to have a little bit bigger tire in the back but still looking for a good deal found one dealer how has the 9/22 and 10/22 but dont like the color like to get them in black chrome if i can get them in 22 if i cant get them then i go for the 20"

TALLA 04-08-2014 02:41 PM

Re: looking for new wheels
just dont understand it why every one is saying it is not working

it works for BMW ,VW and lots of others stagger wheels on cars SUV's

and another thing is try to spend some money and no one want's it. hmm all the wheel companies must have enuf all ready

so tell me my money not good enuf ??
or is every one loaded i am missing something ?

one more set up 275/40/20 295/35/20 same Overall Diameter BMW set up on some of the X6

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