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Tuzmaster 04-06-2014 05:33 PM

1995 Jeep T-case and oil
So I have been having issues with the 4lo in my Jeep. It won't engage. It goes past neutral and everything but wont engage when i pull it all the way down. Also Service 4wd switch comes on. Sometimes multiple times in a minute, sometimes once a day. Could those 2 be tied together? I have been told to hammer the lever on the t-case but i hesitate to do that. Any suggetions?

Also, she is burning some oil....kinda a lot actually. She has 243k miles. I change oil about every 3 months and get about 2-2.5 quarts out, but i put in 5. A few times I had to add a quart because the oil pressure got too low. Anyone know of any suggestions? I also wanna rebuild the engine at some point anyone have done a rebuild with pictures and instructions?

Speaking of which, the oil pressure is kind of high. On a cold day it starts out at 70. once warms up it goes down to 40 on idle but slightly above 60 when driving. I am using Castrol GTX High mileage 5w-30 now. Should i use another type or there is no fix on this part?

sanjuro77 04-07-2014 05:41 PM

I can make two recommendations on your T case, the first being to change the fluid in it if it hasn't been done lately. I recently did mine with Royal Purple and the improvement in t case shifting was amazing.
Second, are you moving at around 4 mph when trying to engage 4lo? It won't want to go in when you're stopped.
A third thing that could happen is the t case linkage might need adjusted. I had the same issue as you not too long ago and doing that fixed it. I kinda had to do it twice because you need to be in 4lo to adjust it, so I adjusted it until I got enough play in the lever to get into 4lo, then adjusted it again from there.

Are you burning oil or leaking oil? Mine used to leak a bit until I did my valve cover gasket.
Also personally I use 10w-30 (non synthetic), 5w is a bit too thin in my opinion unless it's reallllllllly cold out, like into the negatives. So if it's thin maybe that's why you're leaking so much?

Tuzmaster 04-07-2014 05:46 PM

Re: 1995 Jeep T-case and oil
I will try that on the T-case. I know she is burning oil. I had rear main seal leak before but i fixed that. I know she is not leaking oil. There are no spots on the ground. Also, I have been told that my smoke is blue. I believe it was during driving and me and my dad think its my rings (for that many miles its not surprising).

sanjuro77 04-07-2014 05:49 PM

Oh hey, if you end up changing the t case fluid (it's easy), make sure to take out the FILL bolt before the DRAIN bolt.
This way you won't be stuck with an empty t case if the fill bolt is seized up!


Tuzmaster 04-07-2014 05:55 PM

Re: 1995 Jeep T-case and oil
Cool, thanks man

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