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ashenmorality 04-08-2014 09:44 PM

Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!

I have posted a few things on here, and now I am begging for some help. I have been through the worst experiences, albeit, similar to others on here with my 2014 Overland V6. Plus, it's not just the vehicle, its the customer service, which is non-existent from the corporate level down to most if not all the Denver, CO area dealerships. I have taken it to various dealerships and have either had damage (interior scratches, stereo being blasted) done or nothing done to my vehicle. I have tried to plead with the GM of the dealership who sold me the lemon, and all he gave was excuses. I have let the case manager know and all they give is excuses. I have talked to the area manager and all he gave was excuses.

This past week I let the "new" service manager of Centennial Chrysler Jeep drive my vehicle to duplicate the issues, and surprise surprise, nothing was duplicated. They supposedly "flashed" my transmission, but I have absolutely no confidence it will work. I sent in the lemon law letter, which rather than being handled by some arbitration department or group, was handled by the area manager. He did nothing other than offer an extended warranty which does nothing since they deny anything is wrong. He excused the issues away saying "they tried." But at the same time admitted that the issues I am experiencing will occur without throwing a fault code. I have video proof of all the issues I experience daily, and they don't care. I never once was offered to show them the issues myself, or the videos. The conversation ended with him essentially saying he did his "job" by calling me and telling me nothing and that somehow satisfied my lemon law claim. All the problems significantly affect the marketability of my vehicle (I can't sell it with all the problems), something he admitted was a reason for lemon law. Yet, they won't admit to the issues. I NEED HELP! I cannot stand this pathetic piece of crap any longer! Does anyone know a way out of this either through a recommended lawyer or another department to contact? Please, it is causing so many problems between my wife and I as well, and we just can't take the stress anymore. Here is the most recent list of all the problems we have had/continuing to have (excerpted from the letter sent to Corporate Chrysler for lemon law response):

Uconnect/EVIC issues:
1) Camera shuttering/juttering/jerkiness upon reverse or when we move such as turning the steering wheel or actual movement. Also, it occurs when other objects in the image are moving as well.
2) The Uconnect restarts when driving (goes to black screen), then to start up screen as if vehicle had just been turned on. *Of note, when people have had their whole dash and 8.4 screen replaced, it did not solve the problem as most of them found out, the replacement was a refurbished unit. *Of note, we also have the most recent Uconnect update.
3) Uconnect freezes/doesn't respond to voice cues (video documentation).
4) Inaccurate responses or just doesn't understand simple words for Uconnect prompts (e.g. when saying call Matt, it will say “calling Stephen and Rachel”). Additionally, the GPS routes us in an incredibly inefficient and ridiculous manner.
5) Doesn't always recognize the USB flash drive for music. Usually have to usually unplug it and turn off the vehicle (video proof). Additionally, with the flash drive, the music was completely jumbled and/or duplicated, and I re-formatted thinking this was the issue. I then reloaded the songs and it still has jumbled and duplicated our music (the same songs repeated on an album multiple times. Or missing albums except for one song added to a completely different album) (Picture/Video Proof).
6) Text messages are rarely recognized in vehicle system with phone, and my cell is one of the primary compatible phones: HTC ONE.
7) First, my wife tried to use the touchscreen to type in an address for the navigation. However, the touchscreen was completely unresponsive for the choices in the navigation (such as street, city, state). Next, knowing that this was likely a bigger issue than just that (which is big enough alone), I tried using the voice prompt to find the nearest point of interest (DSW). The system locked up as it has before. I tried multiple times and in between times, it said "navigation data is missing" twice as I tried to utilize the voice prompt, and then it said navigation activating. Finally, it did actually get to the "select the nearest DSW." Yet, it was not fixed. The selections were off and not even the closest ones to our location. Thus, my wife manually typed in the location, which allowed her to this time. Yet, again, it was not functioning properly. It was not routing/rerouting correctly (something I mentioned previously). Also, our icon on the screen was going backwards, and it was not keeping up with our location. It was at least one street or two streets behind our location. Of this incident we have an extensive video documentation, and not once (with the video showing) did it throw an error message (as we looked in the "message center").

Then later in the day, the volume button from the steering wheel would not work for about 20-30 seconds until we changed to multiple screens and then it recognized my phone and the volume then started working.
8) Dead pixel in dash (picture documentation). Appears at least 75% of the time. More common when vehicle is not in park.
Exterior or Interior Build Problems:
1) Driver seat leather prematurely cracking in comparison to other Jeep vehicles (with even double the mileage). In conjunction, the interior and exterior is poorly put together. There are gaps/misalignments in the interior panels. The exterior chrome is poorly faceted and misaligned. The liftgate handle is bowed (an issue that has been recognized but not yet fixed as it has to be taken to a different dealership completely across town).
Mechanical/Electrical Problems:
1) Rough transmission still: 1-2-3 and 4-3-2-1: jerky (or others describe as fishbite problem). Although rare, when accelerating onto highway, felt what seemed like a transmission slip and then jerk to kick in. The rough transmission is easily felt on a cold start but still recognizable when warm, to the point of physically moving our bodies.
2) Doesn't seem like 4WD is working. Even the slightest bit of snow causes slippage and no responses from the vehicle (no audio/visual cues that something is working)?
3) The HVAC system not working properly. Even when set to low temperatures, it’s extremely hot of over 160 degrees. No variation in temperature (video and picture documentation of temperature). In addition, when one side is set to a lower temperature such as 67/68 and the other side to 73 or 74, both sides are hot.
4) We have also noticed on interior circulation, we smell other vehicles exhaust and other pungent smells--an issue we never had with any other vehicle.
5) Liftgate requires 4 clicks once the vehicle has been sitting such as when going to grocery store. Chrysler indicates this is not an issue despite in the manual stating it should require only two clicks. No other vehicle brand with liftgate button requires the vehicle to be unlocked first.
6) When barely push the vehicle maybe 4 1/2 rpm to 5 (such as accelerating on ramp) produces a very bad burning smell coming through HVAC even when it is on interior circulation.
7) We feel, despite it being checked, that the steering wheel upon going highway speeds still allows too much vibration and shimmying. (A TSB was put out for problems with alignment/balance).
Other issues we have experienced that have now been "addressed" that still leave us with concern.
1) The air suspension message of "cooling down please wait” of which we experienced from the first week of taking possession of the vehicle. Apparently, Autonation Broadway did find fault code once but did not document it and deleted it. An update caused the message to stop appearing, but we feel we cannot trust that it fixed the issue. As many owners indicated that this message was the beginning of the total air suspension system failure.
2) The continuous raising message upon going from entry/exit mode to normal height has been "addressed." Again, we have the same concern as we do with the air suspension message that this issue could be indicative of a bigger problem.

Those two issues we experienced were the only two problems that could be considered a "fix."

Every time that we have brought the vehicle in for repair, we mentioned the transmission and Uconnect problems, even if it was not documented as I indicated with Autonation Jeep Broadway or with the “see previous history” with Centennial Chrysler.


Dan JGC 04-08-2014 10:17 PM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
I think you need legal advice with a lawyer regarding the lemon laws or other repair warranties in your state. I don't know if a forum member can help really as you're not really asking for guidance from your post on anything in particular.

Best wishes to get your issues resolved.

ashenmorality 04-08-2014 10:25 PM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone please help!
Well actually, I was asking for help. Hence the misspelled title of "Help help help" and the pleas to help in any possible way.

To be honest I was hoping for someone in the Denver area who might be able to refer a lawyer, or anyone on the forum who might know the right department to call such as arbitration etc. Because at this point, I am being strongwalled by the dealership and the "area manager over service" who I don't feel is the normal person to handle a lemon law claim. If that wasn't spelled out properly, I apologize. I am just a little frazzled at this point.


GoPlzGo 04-08-2014 11:05 PM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
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It appears you are in the middle of a process that must be followed further before you can file an actual lawsuit. This is directly from the Colorado Attorney General's website:

Complaint filing process for Lemon Law

To initiate the Lemon Law process, consumers must first notify the manufacturer by certified mail of the problem after their car has met the criteria outlined in the previous paragraph. (Consult your owner's manual to find out where to write).

Consumers then participate in an informal dispute settlement procedure if the manufacturer offers it.

If the settlement offered through the dispute settlement procedure is unsatisfactory to the consumer, he/she can file suit. The suit must be filed within six months following the expiration date of any warranty term or within one year following the date of the original delivery of a motor vehicle to a consumer, whichever is the earlier date.

If a manufacturer has established or participates in an informal dispute resolution procedure (for example, through the Better Business Bureau), you must pursue that remedy before you can sue. For information about the BBB’s Auto Line, call 1-800-955-5100. Also see information on automobile arbitration offered through the Better Business Bureau’s Auto Line, which can be accessed at United States State Lemon Laws.

It says earlier on this page of the website, "Chrysler has its own arbitration services set in place".

I found the Chrysler "informal dispute resolution procedure" that you must apparently participate in next.

Chrysler uses the National Center for Dispute Settlement (“NCDS”). I have attached their brochure which gives you the complete procedure and contact info.

Please keep us informed as to how this process goes since it applies to many folks here (well, hopefully not but you know what I mean).

Good luck!

ashenmorality 04-09-2014 12:17 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
Thank you 14Summit! That was exactly what I was looking for.

So maybe you can help me work out the process.

I sent in the lemon law notice. Rather than receive a call from some corporate office, the area service manager called and acted as if the response to the lemon law notice was done.

Thus, would you suppose that since Chrysler uses an arbitration and that the initial offer (nothing offered) was not satisfactory, I can now contact the arbitration company?

It is funny that the area service manager tried to tell me that Chrysler doesn't have an arbitration company, despite me telling him that I signed a contract stating otherwise.

Thank you again for your help because honestly, we weren't sure where the next step was going.

GoPlzGo 04-09-2014 12:32 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
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You are welcome. I suspect once you initiate with NCDS and they contact someone in your prior parade of people you have dealt with that something will shake loose as a result. Maybe not, but this gives you a zero cost, 3rd party to help settle this. If this does not produce acceptable results you would then have the normal legal process available to you but that is time and money, AND MORE STRESS.

My only suggestion is to anchor yourself and them in hard cold facts to drive this toward resolution.

Again, good luck and let us know how it goes in case others wish to engage NCDS.

Dabitz 04-09-2014 10:33 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
I was wondering if you could go to another brand dealership and trade it in for a vehicle that will make you happy. Yes you will take a negative equity loss but that probably will be equal or less than lawyer's fees, etc. I'm so glad I stuck to my '11.

Best of luck to you and the family.

DKRD12 04-09-2014 08:40 PM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
I would recommend you do a google search in your area for Lemon Law Attorneys. They would be best suited to help you with your situation. There are several members on this site that have had success with the Lemon Law in their state. It seems in most cases that the Lemon Law favors the vehicle owner. Hope this helps and good luck getting this resolved. Keep us informed.

jgc4ever 04-10-2014 12:22 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!

Originally Posted by Dabitz (Post 1005511)
I was wondering if you could go to another brand dealership and trade it in for a vehicle that will make you happy. Yes you will take a negative equity loss but that probably will be equal or less than lawyer's fees, etc. I'm so glad I stuck to my '11.

Best of luck to you and the family.

Why should he take a financial loss when Chrysler LLC is liable for not honoring the laws of the state? Not a good plan. Need to hold Chrysler LLC / Fiat responsible for the mess they created.

StaticFX 04-10-2014 08:09 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
I think in order for you to pursue the lemon law, you have to have had your jeep in the service dept for a minimum number of days and have it have problems that make it impossible to drive. Meaning, that your radio not working right doesnt count.

1) almost all of the radio problems you are having can be fixed simply by having it replaced. THe jittery issue was gone, but came back in the newer sw versions. The other issues are a bad unit (I had mine replaced and its 1000x better)
2) the transmission problem (hard shifting) is a flash update. Mine was flashed and that shifts are so much better now (a rare hard shift happens when cold)
3) the steering wheel vibration - as you said - has a tsb. if it still does it, they didnt fix it.
4) HVAC... yeah.. we all hate it lol - but its being fixed


If, within 1 year, every valiant effort has been made to fix the defect (and it has to be the same defect) the buyer may be able to apply the Lemon Law. Colorado statute defines "a reasonable number of attempts" as 4 attempts or a total of 30 days (not consecutive) in a shop within 1 year.
30 days in the shop.. or at least 4 attempts to fix the same problem.. My advice would be to drop it at the dealer, with the list you provided and say "DO NOT CALL ME until these are fixed" . and when they call... get the jeep... make see if its fixed, if not, go right back and drop it off again. You need to have more ammo for it to work.

I know its frustrating.. believe me... i loved my 2011 and will NEVER get another Jeep after this one. But, its not breaking down and stranding me.. its mostly just annoying , poorly designed, problems. Counting down till I can trade it in!

Good luck!

ragoodsp 04-10-2014 09:13 AM

Re: Help help help!! Anyone pleae help!
Lemon law and involving and attorney is not the way I would go, you need to work with Jeep to reach a solution. I would try another dealer since it appears you are getting nowhere where you are. While you are having issues I do not see any that could not be fixed if the right service department was found and worked on the vehicle, it sure appears to me to be all software driven. I had a 2014 GC that was purchsed back by Jeep and while the process took a couple of months I found Jeep to be very fair and my dealership was extremely helpful and I have a new vehicle that is superb. While it is easy to lose your cool with the process do not for if you keep moving forward you will get what you want! Again, do not secure and attorney!

GoPlzGo 04-10-2014 10:16 AM

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Folks, the ONLY available path for this family to pursue resolution per Colorado statue, Lemon Law and Chrysler resolution process is as I posted earlier. It is ultra clear in all of that info that they must engage NCDS which I believe they are doing. Any legal remedy MUST come after that, if at all.

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