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BlackLaredo 04-19-2014 06:13 PM

Laredo Seat Swap Help
Hello, I am new to the forums. I apologize if this has been covered. I searched and could not find a definite answer. I have grown tired of only having cloth interior seats and also thought it would be nice to have heated seats. I jumped the gun when I saw a nice set from a Limited from the same year for a good price. I assumed it would be a simple swap out as on a good deal of vehicles it is easy to swap out seats from a higher trim level while still being able to make use of extra functions. I purchased the set and already received them and now am stuck.

How can I get the passenger power seats to work? I can live without the heated seats but I do not want a passenger seat that cannot be moved. Also, if it's possible I'd like the heated seats to work. I am willing to have some custom electrical wiring done if that's what it takes. It seems hard to believe that it would not be possible to get my Laredo to at least power the passenger seat if not the heated seats too.

I contacted my local Jeep dealership just in hopes of getting lucky. They had no clue if it's possible and what parts would be required. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Chicago_Style 04-19-2014 06:29 PM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
Maybe you could get a harness for the power seats hookup and tap off the drivers side for power? As far as heated seats go.. They do sell mopar aftermarket heating elements you can add.. I suppose if you found how those are set up.. You could mimic the same type of connection/switch. Check just for jeeps or and a lot of times the have the PDF install guides on there. I have thought about doing the same mod down the road.. But I would most likely go katzkin route.

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BlackLaredo 04-20-2014 10:25 AM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
Anyone else have any suggestions? Or maybe know where I could get a wiring diagram of the Laredo ?

I have all the plugs for the seats and even the switch panel for the dash was included. However the wires were just chopped under the seat so I don't got the whole harness, just plugs with enough to splice.

Does anyone know if I were to find where run the wires, would my computer recognize it since I only have a Laredo trim level? I know with some auto manufacturers it isn't too complicated to swap heated power seats into models without them but it appears this may not be the case with the Jeep.

I don't really want to pull power from driver side seat but assuming I did, would I have to upgrade my fuse? Is this my only option? I'm not opposed to running a new set of wires to accommodate the passenger power seat assuming its only that missing from the equation but some make it sound like that is out of the question.

It seems like it would be something rather simple to go from manual passenger to power passenger but who knows maybe Jeep really is that driven on getting you to buy a higher trim level. Really wishing I would have now if that is the case, I always assumed I could swap parts from other trim levels. Well interior parts anyway.

My plans had been to go the Katskinz route as well but thought I had a good shot at getting leather with heated seats and power for less than the Katskinz kit alone. I'm not given up yet though I just need someone who knows the electrical of the Jeep inside and out to chime in. Anyone know who that might be on this forum?

Thanks again for the help. It's greatly appreciated. I don't want these seats to be a wasted purchase.

Chicago_Style 04-20-2014 11:18 AM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
What year is your Laredo? I'm sure if you got the diagram you could get the new harness and run it to the power connection

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BlackLaredo 04-21-2014 09:17 AM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
I guess that would help huh. Just realized I didn't list the year I clicked the WK forum not even thinking about the differences among the years. It is a 2006 and the set was from the same year, just a Limited.

That is what I'm hoping for but it's been insinuated by some that even if I get the harness that I will not be able to get my pcm to recognize it? I'm not sure which harness I need either, I''ve been trying to do some research in my spare time.

I''ll worry about the heated seats issue later since its not a necessity and winters over. For power passenger seat it seems I got two options. Splice into driver side as you suggested. I'm not sure if this will work properly or is safe. Seems possible but I could see some issues arising. Would like some feedback from someone with more electrical knowledge. Or I could try to get a harness from a Limited but I need to find out if the pcm on my Laredo will work with it.

Chicago_Style 04-21-2014 10:01 AM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
LoL yea I have a 13 WK2 so my expertise isn't that good but there is a ton of WK peeps on here.. Good luck!

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Madjets28 03-22-2016 10:31 PM

Re: Laredo Seat Swap Help
Hey jumping in here for any advice...might seem silly, but I have a 14 WK w/ tan leather power heated seats & want to swap them out for the exact same seats just in black. Does anyone know how to do it & if it's an easy project? Or am I just getting myself into something not worth it at all? I have a phenomenal deal on a set of black ones & don't want to pass it up if it's an easy process.

Thanks for the help & sorry to take away from the 06 WK guy.

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