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Impy5 04-22-2014 08:25 PM

Key fob not working
Hi all, my younger brother has an 02 Laredo with an after market remote start key fob (car was mine before hand, I had it installed) recently his remote unlock/ lock has stopped working as well as the remote start function ( it will turn over the stall). I tried searching for the fuses to see if they are bad but I can't find them in the cluster. Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks.

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Gus9890 04-26-2014 09:58 AM

Re: Key fob not working
If the fuses are good it may be something simple like the battery(s) in the fob.

Frango100 04-26-2014 10:31 AM

Re: Key fob not working
Not familiar with aftermarket remote start. Does the key fob still use the receiver in the passengers door module for locking/unlocking, or is there a separate unit now?
So the remote start let it turn over, but it will not start? Does it start normal using the ignition switch?
Because of its non factory remote start its difficult to give any good advise without knowing the basics of this remote start system. You donīt have a manual which came with the remote start unit (even better when you have some kind of wiring diagram of it)?

Impy5 05-03-2014 08:46 PM

Re: Key fob not working
Figured out the issue with the remote start, my brother had the windshield replaced and the sensor that was mounted to the old windshield was cut. I'm going to try to get some replacement parts and go from there. When I tried using the remote start it wouldn't work for me at all. He's fairly new to the Jeep world and cars in general so sometimes he gets confused as to what is going on. For now I replaced the batteries in the OEM remotes for him and they work. Thanks for the help guys.

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