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echo7tango 05-11-2014 02:50 PM

Airing down with low-profile tires, to go wheeling
My 2014 Grand Cherokee is barely 2 months old. It came with the 20x8 aluminum wheels, and 265/50R20 all-season street tires (like the ones in this picture). They normally run at 38 PSI.

Next weekend I'm signed up for a local club's 4x4 Safety Clinic where the club's guides will help me learn how to maneuver obstacles and explore a little about the GC's offroad capabilities.

With such low profile tires, I'm guessing that airing down will make the wheels more vulnerable to getting rock dings, which I definitely don't want.

My questions are:
- How low should I air down to, to go wheeling with these low-profile tires?
- What can I expect and what should I watch out for when wheeling with this setup?

I undestand low-profile tires are not ideal for wheeling. I'm thinking of eventually putting taller tires on the 20x8 rims after the original tires wear out. But that'll be about 40,000 miles from now.

The guides at that event will help also, but I want to be a little more prepared before I show up for the event.

Thanks in advance.

kennzz05 05-11-2014 03:21 PM

Re: Airing down with low-profile tires, to go wheeling
pretty sure you will have to just make that call when you see the course, i would say that if airing down is required, then you showed up to a gun battle with a knife.IE: if you NEED to air down you dont belong on that course,and should start looking for another set of rims 18" and tires. If thats the case i would just find someone to ride with. normally letting air out is done for very loose surfaces such as sand to increase the contact patch and minimize the potential for digging in

echo7tango 05-24-2014 11:12 PM

Re: Airing down with low-profile tires, to go wheeling
The 4x4 club members who spotted the obstacles and led the class suggested airing down to 20PSI, which I did. They said I could start at 20 and then see how it goes. I kept them at 20 the whole day, and it was fine. I came away pretty impressed with how well a stock JGC with 20" wheels can do.

I describe the event in a different thread, here:

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