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markw 05-15-2014 11:26 AM

Collision warning option
My new GC is equipped with the collision avoidance option. It is set on . I have configured to far and near, but have never even in heavy traffic seen any indication that it's working. Short of crashing is there anyway to know if the system actually works.

SLLJG 05-15-2014 03:02 PM

Re: Collision warning option
My 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, built in March 2013, has the first-generation Forward Collision Warning, which very rarely has alerted me to an impending collision and which, on the hand, has issued more false alerts than true alerts.

The only real-world test for FCW is to crash your Jeep or, better yet, aim your Jeep at a large object and, if all goes well, brake and stop the Jeep a few feet short of the object.

Clearly the first-generation Bosch FCW radar system used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is unreliable and untrustworthy. By the way, mine does have the latest firmware upgrades.

As with all Jeeps, caveat emptor. Buyer beware!

markw 05-15-2014 04:50 PM

Re: Collision warning option

Thanks,I contacted jeep cs to see if they could shed some light on this matter, but they could not.

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hobart 05-16-2014 12:11 PM

Re: Collision warning option

You're not going to necessarily get an alert in heavy traffic. You're only going to see an alert if the distance between you and the car in front of you decreases rapidly AND you don't have your foot on the brakes. As an alert driver, you may never see the warning message. I went 5000 miles before i saw my first one. I was closing in on a car rapidly and rather than brake, I swerved around them. Even drivers cutting you off won't generate an alert as long as the distance doesn't decrease rapidly.

At one point, I did have an issue with false alerts. It was detecting overhead signs and bridges. We found out Jeep forgot to put the cover on the radar during the build process.

I think it's a great feature.

lstowell 05-16-2014 01:02 PM

Re: Collision warning option
You MAY be able to trigger it on really crooked roads if there is a vehicle or even a bike ahead of you travelling more or less sideways to your direction of travel.

I've also had it trigger if some mushferbrains driver is straddling the left turn lane and my lane and I can see they are out of my lane enough for me to get by but the sensor isn't quite that forgiving.

markw 05-16-2014 04:16 PM

Re: Collision warning option
Thanks all very helpful

Cbones 05-29-2014 08:16 AM

Re: Collision warning option
Maybe it's just my NY driving style, but I find it falsely goes off at the wrong moments. When trying to maneuver around cars in traffic, if I try to accelerate close to the car in front of me and then change lanes at the last minute, it will slam on the brakes and give audible and visual warnings. It applies the brakes so strongly that it will kill my momentum when trying to execute the lane change. I have had it also go off when someone is stopped in front of me trying to make a turn. If you wait till last moment before swerving around the stopped car, it wll slam the brakes and scare the sh** out of your passengers. Ultimately, I have disabled the braking portion of the feature as it was driving me nuts. I wish it wasn't so proactive, but I am not sure they could tone it down and still have it be effective. I have tried both the near and far settings. I guess I will just have to live with the passive portion of the feature.

Desert Hiker 05-29-2014 10:28 AM

Re: Collision warning option
My FCW has triggered several times. Keep in mind that the system evaluates your vehicle's closing rate to an object (stationary or moving) versus your vehicle speed to determine if the driver is not sufficiently braking. My GUESS is that the FCW system doesn't judge the turn/turning of the steering wheels and certainly doesn't judge the driver's attentiveness and close quarters skill of the driver.

Three ways to test:
> (a) prepare yourself for the vehicle warning and braking. (b) execute a "city swing around" by coming up on someone making a right hand turn (either stopped or moving very slowly) and swerve around them at the last moment just missing their vehicle (c) change your shorts if necessary.:eek:
> Go to an empty parking lot. Use a concrete based light pole, stage a car, or set up a "bumper" of empty garbage cans. Execute the "city swing around". Change shorts if necessary.:eek:
> have a city driver test your FCW.:D

My close quarters skills were developed through years of NY City driving and I try to keep the skills current through regular practice. The FCW - even on the near setting - is annoying to an experienced city driver.

Be careful - I'm not responsible for your driving skill nor your reaction to the warning/braking!!!

Desert Hiker

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