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antsjeep 05-27-2014 08:11 AM

Air Conditioning - Cold on driver side only, help!!
So yesterday i was driving with my fiance and had the A/C cranked up and noticed that her side was not blowing cold air from the vents (top or bottom) My side was working just fine and was very cool. I tried going from the re-circulate mode to normal a/c and nothing changed. I adjusted the speed of the fan, turned the entire system on/off and nothing changed.

Does anyone have an idea of what may be happening? Low coolant? im stumped :confused:

*edit* i have the standard climate control (single zone).


brentwoodkris 05-27-2014 01:10 PM

Re: Air Conditioning - Cold on driver side only, help!!
Sounds like a bad blend door actuator. But that might just be a place to start. Search for blend door problems on here and see if that helps you out. Good luck mate.

spdfrkaby 07-31-2014 06:28 PM

Re: Air Conditioning - Cold on driver side only, help!!
I had the same issue about a month back. From my research I thought it might of been the blend door issue. I ruled it out though when I didn't hear any clicking and air would change from heat to cool on the passenger side.

After giving up on my troubleshooting, I took it to an A/C shop and it turned out to be the evaporator that was bad. Not what I wanted to hear. Supposedly the coolant enters the evaporator from the driver side and makes its way through to the passenger side of the evaporator. If you have a very small leak the coolant doesn't make its way all through the evaporator and passenger side ends up blowing a little warmer until eventually both sides blow warm. A leak test was performed and the only place the dye was showing was underneath the vehicle where the drain tube is.

I just filled it up with some Arctic R134 until I have time to take the whole dash apart myself. It's a $1000 job for a shop to do it. If you use the R134 w/sealant, from what I've read don't use the stuff that seals where water/condensation is present. It might gum up the whole system. I believe the Arctic R134 uses the synthetic type that stays a lubricant to seal small leaks.

I used maybe 3/4 of can a month ago and both sides blow cold. Passenger and back vents blow a little cooler than driver side but blow cold enough for now.

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