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Anewlevel0419 06-06-2014 05:58 AM

Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code

First off, this forum is extremely helpful, so thank you.

My issue:
I have a 2004 Jeep GC 4.7, and I recently cleared the solenoid issue by replacing the pack with a new one from electricaladvantage. The check engine light is off, and the car is functioning perfectly UNTIL it gets up to 60mph and tries to shift into the last overdrive gear. I replaced my TPS, cleared the computer by grounding the positive battery cable, cleaned the IAC and yet I'm still encountering the problem. This did not happen until the solenoid repair. My fluid level when in N at operating temperature covers the bottom hole of the "Hot" on the dipstick, so I believe my fluid is fine. The color is still a nice red and does not smell burnt. I am not popping a code either. My cruise control works, too, and the OD light works properly. Any insight into this annoying problem would be helpful.

Thank you,

Frango100 06-06-2014 06:47 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
Welcome to the garage.
So it shifts fine up until 4th gear, but will not go into 5th? Will it stay in 4th, or does it seem to be disconnected?
5th gear uses the OD clutch and the 2C clutch. The OD clutch is also used for 3rd and 4th gear, so should be ok. 2C clutch is also used in second gear and is also ok.Did you try a special scanner to read the TCM fault memory? Keydance or basic scanner only shows PCM faults, however there normally should be a P0700 code set in the PCM when the TCM detects a fault.
By the way, what was the solenoid issue you had before changing the solenoid pack?

Anewlevel0419 06-06-2014 07:59 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code

Thanks for the response. All my gears hold strong with nice smooth shifts. 4th gear accelerates as it should all the way up to 60mph and then right as the transmission goes to shift into 5th, it will hesitate and make my car "buck" as if I've slammed on the brakes for a second, making me fly forward in my seat, but continues to drive in 4th gear. RPMs shoot up, but do not shoot up too crazy when this happens, but there is definitely a miss shift that occurs. No check engine light appears when this happens, which I would assume it should when the car misses like this. The key dance only shows "done", no code. The only other issue I have is my car shows an idle of almost "0", but there is NO stalling and shuttering at idle. In fact, my car can sit at this idle forever with no problem. The idle problem happened before I changed the solenoid and the dealer claimed it was a "faulty instrument cluster issue" and should be replaced for $1045.00. The code I had before was P0750. My car had the classic driving in "limp mode" issue and a mechanic read this transmission code and told me solenoid. When changing my solenoid, I broke a bolt that mounts the valve body onto the chassis. Could this or torque settings on the bolts cause this problem? I purchased the 545RFE Solenoid Block Updated without the shifter plate, and checking my receipts, the part numbers verify the right part. Also, before I changed my solenoid, I replaced the two speed sensors and the governor pressure transducer. I have visually inspected the 23-way connector that plugs into the solenoid pack and all wires look fine. I see myself as a logical guy, but I can't figure this annoying issue out. Thank you for your time.

PS I also have a broken seal on my rear axle bearing, which is a separate issue, but maybe the leaked differential fluid is linked? I haven't checked but I can assume this fluid is low due to all the build up on my rims, calipers etc; it's on my list of repairs.

Frango100 06-06-2014 10:45 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
The fact that it feels as if you slammed on the brakes on the moment of shifting, makes me think that a clutch pack is not releasing. When going from 4th gear to 5th gear, it should actuate the 2C clutch and then release the 4C. The PCM will reduce the engine rpm to make it in the desired range for the 5th gear. For that reason it is strange that you see the rpm increase. Does it increase above the rpm it had for 4th gear, or does it return to the rpm for 4th gear, after it reduced the rpm for the shift to 5th gear?
You didnīt open the valve body when you changed the solenoid pack, did you? It almost seems like a missing checkball inside the valve body.
Also when you changed the solenoid block (i know you received a white connector block from electricaladvantage, since new black connector blocks are not made anymore), the transmission range selector plate should be changed as well. I donīt know what happens if you donīt change it though, but could have something to do with your problem.
The torque used on the valve body bolts is only 50 in.lbs. Tightening the bolts too much could cause deformation and malfunctions (sticking valves). But still strange that it doesnīt shift into 5th gear and doesnīt set a fault code.

Anewlevel0419 06-07-2014 08:03 AM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
The RPMs go back to what's normal for 4th gear. I didn't touch the valve body when replacing the solenoid pack, only the usual unscrewing the old pack and putting in a new one. From what I read, the shifter plate is only for the shifter (P, D, N, 1 & 2). The new plate was designed for older model jeeps to allow the peg to fit the new solenoid blocks. Seeing how my car goes into all the positions (P, D, N, 1 & 2) I don't see it having any effect on the transmission. I will put a bit more transmission fluid in, due to it being slightly low. The manual states that both "Hot" holes should be covered. Please let me know if you come up with anything else.


Frango100 06-07-2014 11:16 AM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
The solenoid block has several switches at the end (four i believe) which are actuated by tracks on the selecting plate. One of the switches is for example the Park/Neutral switch and the other the bac k up lights switch. The others i will have a look what they do, because it can be that the difference is with the switch tracks. When i bought my solenoid block from electrical advantage they told me that i needed to buy the new selector plate as well, which i did. At my understanding the new selector plate is needed when installing the white connector solenoid block in 99-04 WJ.

Frango100 06-07-2014 11:46 AM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
There are even 6 switches on the TRS. 4 switches are used in combination to show the TCM the shift lever position. Since the first 4 gears work normal, it seems that the TCM is seeing that it is in D. There are also 5 pressure switches in the TRS solenoid block, which monitor the pressure to the clutches. If one pressure switch doesn't work, then the TCM will select an other gear. I had that happening on my transmission after i rebuild the solenoid block. On mine it happened in first gear and while standing still for a traffic light it suddenly shifted to second gear and gave a thump to the jeep. I have to read back on this history, because im not sure if it gave a fault code. (In fact it should, otherwise the monitoring is worthless)

Anewlevel0419 06-09-2014 03:37 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
Thank you. How did you fix your problem? My assumption is an electrical problem. Either a lagging code that needs to be cleared or a sensor. Any more detail is helpful. Best,

Frango100 06-09-2014 03:47 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
I had to overhaul my transmission after a "specialist" ruined it. Aluminum went through whole the transmission and for that reason i also had to open the solenoid block. I only didn't pay too much attention to the position of the membranes of the pressure switches and i mounted them the other way around. Those membranes only have flexibility to one side, with as result that they didn't see the pressure and the TCM, after a short while, selected second gear. After repositioning the membrane it worked ok. I wonder if there is a problem alike in the new solenoid block or would at least expect a problem in the block or maybe even with the seal plate.

Anewlevel0419 06-12-2014 09:17 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
A quick update. My Jeep has on occasion shifted properly into 5th gear, which makes me think that the initial issue is either temperature based or speed output based. I believe my Jeep is confused on when it should change gears. Please let me know what electrical/mechanical components could be causing this issue. I changed both speed sensors already. The transmission shifted into 5th when I was cruising at 45-50mph at a real low rpm. Thanks. I called, and they assured me I did not need to install the detent (shifter) plate when I replaced my solenoid.

Frango100 06-13-2014 06:00 AM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code
The TCM uses inputs from the input and output speed sensors, TPS, line pressure sensor and when iīm not wrong also the crank sensor to calculate the shift points.
Did you already check the connector on the TCM for moisture or dirty pins?It is strange that this fault only appeared after installing the new solenoid block. Also strange that electricaladvantage now says that the selector plate is not necessary, because when i bought the solenoid it was told that for 99-04 jeeps the selector plate was necessary.

Anewlevel0419 06-16-2014 03:33 PM

Re: Strange Overdrive Issue for 2004 4.7 WJ, No code

There is a lot of conflicting information on whether 2004 4.8L WJs have a TCM. WJJeeps say that only the 45-rfe(s) have a TCM. Anyways, could you please direct me to where the TCM should be for our 5-45rfe models?

Thank you,

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