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WKFish 06-08-2014 09:38 AM

Bike rack
Hello I am looking for reviews on people with the WK that are mountain bikers! I recently picked up a new bike and plan on going on biking trips but the old carrier wont work. I am looking for something rear mounted with straps on the tailgate or possibly a hitch mount. Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

mfa81 06-08-2014 11:36 AM

Bike rack
get a hitch mount and best if it's the wheel tray type. if you have a full susp those parallel bars type you hang the bike by the frame can or cannot work depending on your frame geometry.

most of the good wheel tray racks are expensive but will last a long time, I use a kuat nv and I love it, paid around $380 with discount and cash back. it has a bike stand integrated that I do pretty good use of it, they also have a less expensive model, no bike stand, not sure about other differences I think it's called kuat core

thule and yakima also have similar ones, I just don't know exactly the model names.

Anon155 06-09-2014 01:57 PM

Re: Bike rack
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Hitch mount definitely works the best. Like said above, Kuat racks are easily the best on the market. But they do come at a price (usually above 500 dollars). You can find the Thule or Yakima racks usually for 20% off MSRP on Amazon or

I recently changed racks myself, I chose the Thule 916XTR T2. It came with a lot of nice features for the price, and usually sells for several hundred less than the Kuat racks. Don't know where mfa81 got the Kuat NV for $380, but that was a steal! I paid just under $350 for the Thule 916XTR. It comes with both a locking hitch pin and lock cables for your bikes (I use an extra chain lock for added security). It has tilt features to keep it out of the way when bikes aren't on the rack, as well as tilts down when bikes are on, so you can access the rear cargo area.

Here's a pic of the Thule on the Jeep:
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XKTrail 06-09-2014 02:48 PM

Bike rack
I concur with the recommendation in regards to KŁat Racks. By far the best bang for the buck - bear in mind that quality cost$.
I use a non-current Saris model, almost the same, but costs less - heavy though. Another option to consider is a company I came across this past weekend at the trailhead: Haven't done much research on them, but they're all aluminum, looked to be well built. Saw it on the back of new 2014 WK2 altitude.

I'm a IMBA-National Mountain Bike Patroler, have been riding for years.

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WKFish 06-09-2014 10:22 PM

Re: Bike rack
Well once again I get reminded why I have the Jeepgarage emblems in my windows! I love this forum thank you guys for the help I will check out Kuat racks and the others mentioned. I think it is a must to get a hitch mount because driving a lifted jeep it would be near impossible to access the bikes without a ladder! haha I cannot wait to have my bike come in from the warehouse, I got the Trek X-Caliber 9. I didn't think a full suspension was needed as there is not a lot of major hills in Michigan, also I didnt want to pay the ridiculous price for the FS.. Although they're bada** looking I just cannot see myself biting the bullet!! Once again thank you guys!!

mfa81 06-10-2014 01:15 AM

Bike rack other store competitive cyclist had a 21% coupon the other day that would bump the discount, they had the kuat nv for 4% down so no luck with bc 20% on full price items, but I got it using the 21% + a 12% cash back from active junky, really the best price I could hope for!

to the OP, right now has a 20% on thule stuff and active junky is giving 15% cash back! that's a pretty good deal! I'd go with thule no doubt the best deal around right now

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