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WeJGCnow 06-12-2014 06:03 PM

Calling All Colorado Jeepers- Window Tint Question!
Need some help from my fellow Jeepers that live in Colorado. I'm planning to move there in a few months and I'm picking up my 2014 JGC Overland next Wed. I understand that CO has vehicle inspections upon vehicle registration and as I am moving from a state that does not require inspections I am unfamiliar with that process.

I would like to tint the front two windows to match the rear and leave the rear windows alone. The issue arises in that the factory tint on the JGC rear windows is somewhere around 20%, which would make tinting the front two windows TO ANY PERCENT illegal (based on the CO tinting law, see below)

CO tinting law states: "You can tint all of the windows in the car except the windshield to a maximum of 27%. At no time, can your two front side windows be darker than 27%. It is also legal to darken the windows behind the driver's seat as dark as you want them IF the front windows, driver's side and passenger's side, along with the windshield are at least 70% (clear automobile glass with NO tint)."

So I ask if any CO Jeep owners have tinted front windows, at what %, and how does the inspection process work (how strict are they, any bypasses, horror stories, etc)?

robpp 06-12-2014 06:51 PM

Re: Calling All Colorado Jeepers- Window Tint Question!
I moved here in 98. My XJ has tints since 98.
No one cares.
Everyone is tinted.

Inspection is for Emmisions only.

No safety inspection or anything like that.


E test every 2 years.

If resident new vehicle gets 4 years exempt. Only new.

So depends on how its tagged.

They also do a Vin verification.

So at emmision test place someone comes out and confirms your Vin. This is one time when you move here. I even had to bring my Harley for Vin verify.

But tint away. I have 20% and 16 years without so much as a comment. My WK had 15% and my current wagon has 20% all over.

BigCat 06-12-2014 06:58 PM

Re: Calling All Colorado Jeepers- Window Tint Question!
No inspections here in Colorado Springs(El Paso County) but varies by county I believe. Mostly in/around the Denver Metro area. You can call 303-205-5603 for more info or goto

As far as tint that also varies with local law enforcement. All four of my vehicles have 20% tint on front windows and have never had an issue.

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