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jugganator 06-22-2014 08:41 AM

RHW and Retrofit lockpick issues?
i purchased a converted mygig rew to rhw and retro lockpick from oemautopartsco, but have the following issues.

pressing the repeat button on the mygig screen increases whatever is currently being played, but the voice is very faint and cannot be heard, even with the voice volume turned up to max. this seems to be intermittent..

when it does work the voice only comes out of the passenger side front speaker in the dash, (left front). this also seems to be an intermittent issue.

SAT NAV is not accurate, even with 7+ satellites being shown on nav setting menu.
the nav also speaks out of the front left passenger speaker.

screen sometimes slides open when the car is powered off and the key is removed.

nav unit is currently running app 2.184

finally, the unit is out of a dodge vehicle so when it powers up it has the dodge logo, is there anyway of changing this so the jeep logo is shown?

I have a 2006 WH Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with VES and the Boston Acoustics Premium speakers. it did have the REJ 6CD Nav, until the screen went black :mad:

jugganator 06-23-2014 06:34 AM

Re: RHW and Retrofit lockpick issues?
Anyone? I cant be the only one that is suffering from these problems?

dr.lee.baugh 06-24-2014 07:43 PM

RHW and Retrofit lockpick issues?
I can't speak to all your issues, but this is what I do know:

The voice only coming out of the front left and at a low volume is a known problem and has to do with how the factory ba amp works I believe. The fade,and voice levels were controlled via the canbus, and to maintain voice prompts (at least with an aftermarket PAC interface unit) the rear output of the HU had to be wired in and the front speaker outputs went unused.

The logo that displays is also determined via canbus. If I removed my navigation unit and reinstalled, the first startup it shows the dodge splash screen but on all subsequent starts it would update to the jeep logo...I didn't have to do anything to change this.

It sounds to me like your setup is not properly interfacing with the canbus, and no effective work around has been applied.

I'm not sure what is entailed in the conversion of head units you bought, but that could also be where things went wrong. I know people have had these converted units installed without the issues you describe.

jugganator 06-29-2014 04:53 PM

Re: RHW and Retrofit lockpick issues?
You could be right about the lockpick not operating properly. Oemautoparts are going to send me a new lockpick.

Logos not changed from dodge to jeep, Bluetooth audio not working and the guidance voice is all over the place front left / or right speakers, or no voice at all and just increases the volume of what's being played.

I hope the lockpick fixes the issue or I have to return it.

Also noticed the sound does not cut out when the parking sensors start to beep

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