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iced98lx 06-24-2014 10:28 AM

Bio Diesel
Wanted a thread to put together what we know of Jeep's support for Bio-diesel and the experiences of those running it.

So far the best I can find Jeep says we're good running B20 (20% Bio Diesel)

Appears based on studies that B20 shouldn't have much of an effect on MPG, though if it does most are reporting a slight uptick.

I have Soy based B20 available to me, I'm tempted to do some testing this summer, though BD gels at a significantly higher temp than traditional petrol based diesel.

Any experiences with BD so far?

ExcursionDiesel 06-24-2014 01:09 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
There are concerns about fuel lubricity and the Bosch high pressure fuel pump durability. When the pump dies, it sends shredded aluminum into the injectors and is catastrophic. I'd suggest an fuel additive to protect against a catastroohe.

Rumline 06-24-2014 02:33 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
I thought one of the benefits of bio diesel is it has greater lubricity than ultra-low-sulfur petro diesel?

philbytx 06-25-2014 12:15 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
You are best off using straight diesel from, say, Shell or other major oil companies.

Try to stay away from bio-diesel, especially B20. According to the manual, B5 is ok but B20 reduces mileage/time between oil changes.

Hammerhead 06-26-2014 10:32 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
I put 136,000 miles on our 2008 CRD running b99 in the summer, b50 in spring & fall, and lower blends in the colder winter months with no fuel-related issues. I never noticed any significant change in mileage.

My regular supplier stopped selling B50 and B99 on my side of town so I haven't tried anything higher than b20 yet in the ecodiesel. Their B20 is currently 40 cents per gallon cheaper than dino juice.

ExcursionDiesel 06-26-2014 10:43 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
OK. The reason blends higher than B5 are not recommended is because Bosch knows their CP4.2 pump is fragile and water will cause failure. Biodiesel inherently can carry more emulsified water in it. Google "CP4.2 failure" if you want to read about the $12k nightmares from pump failures in Fords, Chevys , and Dodges. They share our pump.

philbytx 06-27-2014 08:41 AM

Re: Bio Diesel
Several friends recommend using Power Services Diesel Kleen or Lucas diesel additive. One guy has over 180000 on his MB CRD and he says he just adds a few ounces per tankful :thumbsup:.

2012 Summit 06-27-2014 11:36 AM

Re: Bio Diesel
1 Attachment(s)
Diesel fuel additive test.

ExcursionDiesel 06-27-2014 11:52 AM

Re: Bio Diesel
The issue with biodiesel (and water in regular diesel) is specific to the CP4.2's aluminum pump construction and the fact that it is lubricated by fuel. The older pumps are steel and more durable. I would recommend an additive that is a water demulsifier and NOT an emulsifier. Diesel Kleen is a demulsifier.

philbytx 06-27-2014 01:44 PM

Re: Bio Diesel
FYI - That report is 7 years old!

I used PSD Diesel Kleen and Cetane booster in our 6.5 Chevy diesel with good success. I just bought a jug for our JGC and will add a few ounces per tankful.

In 2004, the EPA mandated a minimum standard of 40 Cetane for ULSD diesel and I cannot find any Cetane levels on any pumps these days. I located articles showing that premium diesel fuels do have better detergent and lubricity packages but, as of yet, none that shows the Cetane levels by supplier. However, here are the specs for "Premium Diesel"

Our 2011 Optima manual recommends the use of "Top Tier" gasoline due to the improved detergent package in Top Tier suppliers. You can use any old regular gas but they recommend you use Techron if you do so, which says a lot!

Given the Bosch pump issues, I am happy to continue to use "straight" diesel whenever I can and continue adding PSDK. Trying to find any stations with 'premium diesel' is another story :) !

I will only use bio-diesel if regular diesel is absolutely unavailable and will ensure I add PSDK to it!!!

2012 Summit 06-27-2014 05:29 PM

Re: Bio Diesel

Originally Posted by philbytx (Post 1043523)
FYI - That report is 7 years old!

Yes, this is true.

Perhaps PSDK has changed their formula in the past 7 years.

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