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gnasty1521 06-29-2014 02:53 PM

2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
I am going to try to one for one the 10 in the back. I happen to have one laying around so I could be 300 in and hope for a decent sound, but I have a few questions.

I have searched high and low, and I can't find that anyone has done this. If anyone has, what kind of mounting depth do I have to play with? Could someone measure theirs?

I know the stock box for the SRT AUDIO is 20 Liters (.7 ft^3), so it should be ok for a low-powered 10 inch subwoofer.

I plan on using sound-deadener in and out to strengthen and get rid of some of the rattles.

If anyone has any tips or pointers I am completely open to suggestions. I want this to become a thread where a replacement 10 doesn't cost $1000... I will update when I can as I am sure this could benefit many members.

Fire away!

gnasty1521 07-02-2014 01:33 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement

Since there are so many suggestions, and the fact that putting in an LOC without having the factory subwoofer attached causes the factory amp to cut that channel in and out, I will be starting off soft.

I don't know the impedance of the factory subwoofer, or if there is a product to trick the amp into thinking it is there so I will start slowly. Getting products over to Germany takes a bit, so don't expect anything crazy right away. Additionally, my tests will be purely subjective and not scientific.

I just ordered 1LB of polyfill and 12 square feet of 80mil FATMAT. That is where I will start, to see if I can do something that costs $50 to try and improve the sound. Cost vs Output will be my aim, once again.

Hoozyerdaddy 07-02-2014 07:54 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
I am interested in your results. I really like the upgraded HK sound system, but I have gotten quite a bit of clipping while playing music lately. This mostly happens in the front right door speaker, but if I decide to change anything out, I would like to upgrade the sub as well.

gnasty1521 07-18-2014 12:15 AM

2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
Stuff came in.

12 sq ft of FatMat
1 lb poly fill

I will take pictures and give my review soon. I am hoping to calm the huge rattle I have back there in the sub panel. I think it will make it sound better just doing that.

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gnasty1521 07-18-2014 06:02 PM

2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
6 Attachment(s)
So pictures first...

Attachment 42667 remove this step and pull the door surround loose.

Attachment 42668

Attachment 42669 The subwoofer in all of its glory... There are three 10mm nuts holding it on, a deep socket is needed here.

Attachment 42670 Torx T25 to take out the screws. You will have to pry a bit, as the sub is held in by double sided tape.

Attachment 42671 Lightly packed with poly fill (1/2 of the 1 lb bag in all crevices)

Attachment 42672 Wrap the whole box with dynamat or equivalent.

Sound is much more deep and punchy. I also put some deadener on the subwoofer grille panel. This is the first time I have heard bass come from behind me, actually out of the subwoofer. I also solved the rattle which was a rivet on the cover panel not melted down at all and was hitting the subwoofer surround.

I think this is worth while to do as it will hold me over for now. As a side note, there are some yellow clips, which may break but no worries. They don't hold the panel very much, and fatmat over the contact area works great no rattles.

Any questions just ask.

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maxy9 07-19-2014 04:50 AM

2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
Where did ya buy the dynamat from and nice mod WD

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gnasty1521 07-19-2014 06:24 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
I used a product called FatMat from amazon. It is still rubber based and not asphalt like roofing material. It was cheaper, and came with the roller, and worked really good.

After listening to the stereo for a while, it really sounds better. The rattles were doing the most bad, but the bass sounds so much cleaner and deeper than it did before. This is a great way for people to increase response without spending $1000 for good bass. Note that this will not outplay a stand-alone high-powered setup, but for the people who are almost happy with it, this is your ticket.

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maxy9 07-19-2014 06:29 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
So you just pulled of the paneling after the rear seat dropped down and you pulled the rubber door seal up a bit ? Or any hidden screws

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maxy9 07-19-2014 06:31 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
Oh and the rattle in the back I get that every now and then not all the time , I'm just wondering now if it is in this area you described hard to tell when your driving hehe

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gnasty1521 07-19-2014 06:45 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
2 Attachment(s)
Yea I know it. I thought the rattle was in the driver's door, guess not. There aren't any hidden screws, but there are a few panels on top of the subwoofer cover quarter panel trim.

You will have to pry up the farthest rear panel, the one that covers the latch for the rear hatch. It won't come off all the way, but being unclipped is enough to get the big panel out from under it.

Also if you have a spare tire, you will have to get your fingers way under and lift the outer spare tire "bucket" as it has some clips that go down through the subwoofer panel also.

After this it is all clips patience and confidence.

Attachment 42683
Attachment 42684

Hope those help describe what I am saying.

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maxy9 07-19-2014 06:48 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
Cheers mate a photo says a thousand words :-)

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Radknight 07-27-2014 08:50 AM

Re: 2012 SRT8 Factory Sub Replacement
Great write up. This is exactly what I planned on doing. Did you say you replaced the subwoofer or did you use the existing? I was actually thinking of replacing the 10 with a proper 8" but want to see what some FatMat, Polyfil and maybe bracing will do first.

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