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MBDiesel 07-08-2014 03:50 AM

Ecodiesel specific PID's?
Today I got my OBD adapter, loaded Torque and am getting lots of good data.

Has anyone discovered any diesel-specific PID's (or any other for that matter) that could be useful? I'm particularly interested in fuel rail pressure and oil pressure.

There's a thread on the Ram 1500 Diesel forum about PID's and it seems there isn't a whole lot out there yet. It also sounds like they get more information on their EVIC than we do.

Rumline 07-30-2014 03:00 PM

Re: Ecodiesel specific PID's?

robpp 07-30-2014 03:16 PM

Re: Ecodiesel specific PID's?
i had the aeroforce scan gauges in my wk. it was able to read the following:

1. INTAKE AIR- Intake Air Temperature taken at the throttle body inlet
2. AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE – air temperature at the air filter
3. COOLANT TEMP- Engine Coolant Temperature
4. RPM- engine Revolutions Per Minute
5. CALCULATED AIR FLOW RATE- Mass Air Flow (lbs/min) calculated by the
6. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE – ambient (outside) air pressure
7. BOOST - Manifold Absolute air Pressure in psi (reads like a boost/vacuum gauge)
8. MAP kPa – Manifold absolute pressure in kPa.
9. THROTTLE POS PCT- Throttle Position percentage (0-100%)
10. THRTL BLDE - Throttle blade position
11. TPS V 1 – Throttle position sensor voltage 1
12. TPS V 2 - Throttle position sensor voltage 2
13. MILES PER HOUR- Miles Per Hour
14. KNOCK RET 1 - Short Term (current) Knock Retard (degrees) using the 2005 Chrysler conversion
15. KNOCK RET 2 - Short Term (current) Knock Retard (degrees) using the 2006 Chrysler conversion
16. LT KNOCK RETARD – Long Term knock retard ignition advance reduction
17. KNOCK SENSOR RAW VOLTAGE 1 – voltage output of knock sensor 1
18. KNOCK SENSOR RAW VOLTAGE 1 Avg. – voltage output of knock sensor 1 averaged over time
19. KNOCK SENSOR RAW VOLTAGE 2 – voltage output of knock sensor 2
20. KNOCK SENSOR RAW VOLTAGE 2 Avg. – voltage output of knock sensor 2 averaged over time
21. WASTEGATE SOLENOID % DUTY CYCLE – programmed wastegate
Duty cycle, 0-100%
22. SHORT TRIM FUEL TRIM- short term fuel trim
23. LONG TRIM FUEL TRIM – long term fuel trim
24. CRNT CELL – Currently fuel trim look-up table cell
25. OXYGEN SENSOR - O2 bank 1 sensor in millivolts
26. FUEL LEVEL % – amount of fuel in the tank in percent.
27. FUEL CAP – Fuel tank capacity in gallons.
28. CAT CON TEMP - Catalytic converter exhaust temp bank 1 and 2 – calculated by the PCM
29. LINE PRS – Transmission line pressure
30. TR OIL TEMP 1- Transmission Temperature (auto transmission only)
31. TR OIL TEMP 2 -
32. TCC SLIP – Torque converter slip
33. CURRENT GEAR 1 – current transmission gear
34. CURRENT GEAR 2 – current transmission gear
35. SHIFT TIME – Time taken to execute last shift
36. LFW/LRW SPEED – non-driven wheel speed (left front or left rear)
37. STEERING ANGLE – Angle in degrees or steering wheel/shaft
38. YAW – output of yaw sensor of ESP system in degrees. Yaw is body roll.
39. BRAKE PSI – Brake boost pressure in psi.
40. LATERAL G – Lateral acceleration as measured by ESP system accelerometer
41. BOOSTER TRV – Brake booster travel
42. BOOSTER VEL – Brake booster actuator veleocity. Measurement of speed at which braking is
applied. The faster the brake is pushed, the higher this value. This parameter along with BRAKE PSI will
give detailed info on how you are applying the brakes.
43. TCC STATE – Indicates the status of the torque converter clutch (unlocked/locked).
44. TCC SLIP – Torque converter slip speed.
45. GEAR ACTUAL – current transmission gear
46. TRANS TEMP – transmission temp
47. TORQUE – calculated torque delivered to the transmssion
48. RUN TIME MINS- engine run time since last engine start. Can be used as a trip timer.
49. BATTERY VOLTAGE- Alternator/battery output voltage
50. BATT TEMP – battery temperature
51. INJ PW- injector pulse width in msec.
52. INJ DC – injector duty cycle
53. FUEL STATUS – Fueling status, open or closed loop
54. CMD A/F – PCM commanded air/fuel ratio
55. BASE SPARK TIMING – timing level commanded by the PCM before adjustments due to
temperature, knock, etc.
57. IGNITION ADVANCE- final ignition timing advance after adjustments
58. ENGINE LOAD-calculated Engine Load (0-100%)
60. MPG - Miles Per Gallon- instantaneous fuel economy
61. HP - Calculated net horsepower
62. MISFIRES- Total misfires of all cylinders.
63. P Ratio – Pressure ratio MAP/BAROMETER
64. TRANS TEMP V6/R08: For V6 vehicles only and the 2007/8 V8 Ram
65. TRANS SLIP V6/R08: Transmission Torque converter slip for V6 and 2007/8 V8 Ram.

MBDiesel 07-31-2014 10:03 PM

Re: Ecodiesel specific PID's?

Originally Posted by robpp (Post 1059281)
i had the aeroforce scan gauges in my wk. it was able to read the following:


Those look a lot like WK parameters. The WK2[v2.0] is a completely different animal; we have different transmissions and ECU's and a new network architecture.

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