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XKTrail 07-18-2014 12:15 AM

Purchase from Murchison Products and ship to the states?
Anybody in the states ever purchase anything from Murchison Products in Australia and have it shipped to the United States? What was the outcome? How long did it take? My only reason for asking, as I ordered an ARB compressor bracket for my WK2 - the initial order I placed during the first week of May 2014, and after not hearing anything by the second week of June, I sent an email down asking for clarification as to shipping status. I got a reply back about a week later, stating that although they had indication that it shipped, Australia Post had no record of it ever being shipped. So during the fourth week of June they assured me they would send out a second one, and that within five days it should arrive to my hands here in Wisconsin. It's 18 July 2014 and nothing has shown up yet. I realize that things take time to get from the other side of the globe to here, but how long should I wait before becoming concerned? As it is I'm only out $88 AUD(which at today's exchange rate, is about $82 American), but I am still out the money. I actually really want the product, but I'm starting to feel discouraged. Looking for suggestions about how to proceed? I have emailed them yet a third time, and attempted to contact them on their Facebook page, which is yielded zero results thus far.

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Benn0 07-18-2014 01:24 AM

Re: Purchase from Murchison Products and ship to the states?
Yeah, I'm a local and found they can be a bit slack with responding to emails, etc.

You could try giving them a call and see if that helps, just work out the time difference.

+617 3205 5011

They are normally pretty willing to help their customers, so I wouldn't give up on them.

XKTrail 07-18-2014 12:53 PM

Re: Purchase from Murchison Products and ship to the states?
Much to my surprise, a package arrived on my doorstep at noon today from the land down under! I guess I should've waited a day, as fortune smiled upon me today. The box they used to ship it to me originally contained parts from AEV conversions, but the ironic part is that the box was manufactured here in Wisconsin. This box has more miles on it then some people see in a lifetime!

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