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Sqall12001 07-27-2014 08:14 PM

1.5day sub install
Told on thursday at 5 pm I could compete for my store, built boxes, amp rack, wiring and sound processor. Done with install at 9:10 at store, Reg started at 9am. Tuned all day waiting for turn to have sweep for res freq. Then in line for actual run.

Hit 144.3 with 4 Fosgate P3D412's on a P1000-1BD wired at .5 ohms

Came in 3rd place, but If I actually had time to build a wall, I'm pretty sure I'd have 1st.

Win for the WJ's


Sqall12001 08-07-2014 09:20 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Lol, for the love of god, you guys are lookers, not posters. But I'm starting prob the most intensive build you guys have seen. It will be a Demo vehicle for my install bay, Competition SPL, SQ and I hope park and pound.

It will take a fair amount of time, Pictures to come as long as people are interested?

Let me know if there are any interested parties that want to see a build like this. If not, sorry it's not worth all the time to post.


rollindom 08-08-2014 03:37 AM

Re: 1.5day sub install
I would love to see what you do with it. I'm building a less elaborate system in my WK but appreciate the art of building systems. So at this point you have one follower.

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Sqall12001 08-09-2014 07:43 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Dear god, there are users on here, lol!!

Thx man, It'll be a slowish and ongoing process for a bit, but It'll be pretty sweet.


rollindom 08-09-2014 08:44 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
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Ha! Yeah there is at least one dude here. Out of curiosity what part of the country are you in? I am in the Northwest and you know you always hope people doing cool stuff are close to you so that's why I'm curious. I'm doing a less extravagant install in my WK here pretty soon. While shopping for cable I just saw a very clean install in a Cadillac hearse. Attachment 43826

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Sqall12001 08-10-2014 12:15 AM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Erie PA. Would love to help locals out in the install business. If you're ever looking for anything imparticular to have custom done, let me know!! I sometimes will do things for cost of materials just cause I can, and to get my name out there.


Sqall12001 12-29-2014 12:42 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Sorry for crazy delays.

There has been a long line of events dealing with my back, leading to a spinal surgery on 12/23/14

I haven't done much for my crazy install yet.
It will happen as soon as I can visualize what I want as an end product.

On a good note, My new TERMLAB Magnum should arrive within about a week so I can tune the finished system.

Right now I have the 4 Fosgate P3D412's, Kicker QS 6.75 components up front, (2) P1000-1BD, P400-4 and a 3sixty.2 Processor. Kenwood KIV-900BT as a source.
I have Kicker comp R/r 6.5 MidBass drivers waiting to go in and a Fosgate 200-2.

I may swap equipment or add too, I may fiberglass the amps in the C-Pillar windows, I may make a tv mount in the rear headliner bump that will fold down for tailgating and shows.

Lots of not sure right now. I'll start to figure more out when I can move around more freely.


rollindom 12-29-2014 02:40 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Well I have completed my Big 3 upgrade on my WK. I have installed my JL Audio 1000/1 with 2 12W3v2's using the REC navi head unit and the Audio Control LCM2 line converter. My dash has been updated with Kicker DSC354's but the doors are yet to be done because I also ended up in the hospital in Portland Oregon, and I'm still here.
I hope you're feeling better soon. I've kept an eye open to see when you updated the "crazy install" which it looks like you're on your way. Im curios how did those 6.75" Kickers fit into the front doors? That might be the speaker for me as well. Good luck going into the new year.

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Sqall12001 01-02-2015 05:54 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
I massaged the 6x9 metal out a little and build fiberglass enclosures for them.

Sadly I have a ton of equipment already, I just Need to pin down exactly which way I want to go with this vehicle. It is such a muti purpose vehicle I can't just build a wall that stays there, But one I can put in for a week to compete would work.

We'll see what I come up with, lol


Sqall12001 06-09-2015 12:58 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Ok guys,
Quick long needed update.

In process of changing jobs
System update.

Right now I have:
Kenwood KIV-BT900
Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3 (New)
Rockford Fosgate 50 Farad Capacitor
Rockford Fosgate P1000-1BD (X2)
Rockford Fosgate P400-4
Kicker QS 6.75 Components
Rockford Fosgate P3D412 (X4)
Current install pix to come.

New job is at a Fosgate Dealer, so I'll have some new fun stuff, and Actually doing a nice install.

All the amps (That I have now) will be for sale within a few months I think, as i'll be upgrading to the power series.

Also the subs and boxes too


Sqall12001 09-07-2015 10:57 AM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Slowest build ever!!! Ha

So updates....

Selling current equipment to update to new Rockford fosgate equipment.

Future plans.....

and some crazy sub enclosures ect

Either a T1000-4
(2) T400X4's

Some crazy front stage.

I have an idea of which way to go, but not gonna reveal until later!!!

Official for sale post will happen, but feel free to hit me up via PM also.


Sqall12001 11-11-2015 08:24 PM

Re: 1.5day sub install
Ok guys, Worlds longest Build thread continues!!

Got all my RF amps sold, yay! Just working on selling my 2 sets of subs and boxes, then save a few $$ and Then New RF order time!!!


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