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AB Jeepster 03-30-2010 10:20 PM

Warning lights...
Well, this weekend, because of the threads dealing with the Racor and what it is supposed to prevent, of course I took my inlet tube off, and took my air box apart to get at the turbo inlet. Well, I put everything back together, put a new filter in the air box and drove around town a bit doing errands. This afternoon, the Check Engine light illuminates. It stays on except when the engine is turned off. The Jeep was running fine. I shut it off after coming home a couple of hours later. After about 30 -40 minutes, I had to go out for some more errands, and I tried starting the engine and it sounded like it was running on two cylinders. I shut it off and restarted it. Got all 6 this time, except I noted the Electronic Throttle Control light was flashing. SO I drove to the in laws place downtown. The light extinguished, but now the remote start will start the engine and it runs for about 17 seconds and shuts off. Tried it 2x in case there was a gremlin fooling around in there somewhere. Did it again. Never before had that happen. Guess the Jeep is going to the dealer tomorrow. :(

CRD Dawg 03-31-2010 06:52 AM

Re: Warning lights...
Sorry to hear this. Never read about anything like this that I can remember. Interested to hear what you learn. I'm just kind of learning about these Jeeps as I go. Not a tech by trade. And a pretty novice wrench turner also. I hope it's not a big issue.

AB Jeepster 03-31-2010 05:17 PM

Re: Warning lights...
so there I was.... OTW to the dealer... when lo and behold the Check Engine light went out. the Electronic Throttle Control warning light had stopped flashing earlier... so WTF? I don't know... everything seems fine now... Even remotely starts and stays running.

BLKCRD 03-31-2010 10:32 PM

Re: Warning lights...
A few weeks ago, we had the 'Throttle Control' light flash a few times as well. The manual actually suggest taking it to the dealer for service. They had to replace the unit and now it seems fine. Your dealer can just hook up the scanner and it will know the lights have flashed. They will replace it no charge under warranty.

AB Jeepster 04-01-2010 09:02 AM

Re: Warning lights...
K thnx... it will hafta go in for its 40,000km check up soon anyway.

B & P 11-18-2011 09:40 PM

Re: Warning lights...

TJcust 11-19-2011 02:49 PM

Re: Warning lights...
When removing your air box and turbo inlet did you have the neg battery term disconected? Or did you start the jeep briefly?

Could have picked up that some sensors were disconected and started throwing codes afterwards. These will go away after a 15 or so key turns.

Get them to scan it and see stored codes. It will just suck if they don't find anything and charge you inspection.

lollipop 12-07-2011 12:57 PM

Re: Warning lights...
Hi, don't know if anyone will read this a year after all the other postings, but anyway. I have a 2005, 5.7l Grand Cherokee and the ESP and ETC lights came on. Took it to the garage and, hey, no fault codes. I had no throttle at all. It has happened 3 times on start up. Bit of a bummer. I also have a 3.7l Cherokee that I absolutely love. My husband convinced mt to get it converted to LPG. What a mistake. Don't ever get it done!! Just enjoy the Jeeps as is.

TJcust 12-07-2011 03:48 PM

Re: Warning lights...
Wrong fourm, you'll get more help in the Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion section.

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