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Jaster386 04-05-2010 10:49 PM

02 Overland
Having an issue with my tire pressure sensors. I have retrained them a couple of times now and whenever i turn the car on it says that i need to do maintenance on them. All the tire pressures are reading in normal levels. Does this just mean that one of the batteries is bad or that one of the sensors is out? Any help would be appreciated. I did get new tires a couple of weeks ago, but i have been having this problem before the new tires.

mrjaydeeone 04-06-2010 12:28 AM

Re: 02 Overland
I have an 04 WJ and have been receiving this message for the last month or so when I start up "TIRE SENSOR BAD / MISSING"
I am trying to figure out what to do also. Wish I had some insight for you. I tracked it I thought to the right rear sensor as that psi wasn't fluctuating like the rest. And then a few days ago that one began to fluctuate. I tried to retrain them and no luck. I checked with a regular gauge and each tire is right on with the info on the display. I was ready to buy another set as the life of the sensor battery is between 5 and 7 years, and they can't be changed, the sensor needs to be replaced. I was ready to order a new set of sensors, but don't want to find out that's not what the problem is, since the one began to fluctuate again and the message is still up each time I start. I have been told to try a dealer and they can determine the issue with a scanner they have, I am going to see if my mechanic has that scanner.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 04-06-2010 08:59 AM

Re: 02 Overland
a lot of mechanics have that scanner to see which sensor is bad ... it's usually a sensor gone bad the lifetime in those things is about 4-6 years and then they die out ... find out which one is gone bad and replace it for the time being try the following

remove negative terminal cable from batter wait for 10 minutes press brake and honk horn should clear system then re-connect see if that helps eliminate the problem for now

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