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NHWK05 04-15-2010 04:35 PM

Emergency brake help.
So in the process of fixing up my jeep after a caliper locked up i think i found another underlying problem.

I decided to do a full brake job on my 05 WK.

Drilled and slotted rotors all around and ceramic pads, paint calipers etc (should arrive 4/19)

I am also purging the brake fluid as it was really black in the calipers so i want to flush it all out with new fluid.

Today i installed new E brake shoes and hardware that i bought. After install everything just like the old stuff was installed i noticed that the levers that pull the e brake cable that expand the shoes were not completely closed in turn not allowing the shoes to sit properly. I pulled the levers and greased them but they work 100% fine and free of binding. I did notice that the cable would not move easily. (e brake lever down) I also could not get the rotors back on and the new adjusters would not go any smaller.

I have also had issues in the pas where i pull the E brake lever and seconds after pulling it it snaps back down quickly and loudly.

So i am thinking that either the E brake handle and mechanism needs to be replaced or possibly the e brake cables under the jeep. Tomorrow i am going to remove the center console and take a look at the handle mechanism before i buy anything else.

has anyone else had any of these issues?

Of course its been a beautiful week, a VERY stressful week because of other issues and now they are forecasting rain all weekend and i dont have a garage to work in.

John_R 04-15-2010 04:43 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
Most vehicles has some adjustment on the cable itself, outside but near the e-brake assembly. Check it out and perhaps since your pads are so much thicker is why the drum is so hard to get on. That and I would imagine the cable stretches over time (and hence the adjustment).

So, these use the same style as the ZJ's? Ugh, I hated those, lol. IIRC, I drilled a series of small weepholes perpendicular to and around the circumference of the drum, so that moisture could escape. I think there was some minor rust issues otherwise that could cause problems, esp. if you rarely use the e-brake (I always set mine though)

NHWK05 04-15-2010 04:45 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
There is no Y under the jeep as fa as i know its inside the jeep under the center console. Maybe there is an adjuster there.

The reason the rotors wont fit on is that the shoes are being pushed open because the cable wont release fully. I will have to wait until i tear the inside apart to tell but something tells my the e brake handle assembly might need replacement because of the way its been slipping off randomly.

John_R 04-15-2010 05:06 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
I see...Yeah, maybe the adjustment is at that "Y" then (been awhile). Was thinking it was an individual adjustment at each cable, for some reason though.

As for your cable, has it been moved at all? I know on bicycles, for instance, when you move the cable housing one way, it cause it to pull on the inner part, thus clamping the shoes down.

I've only had this Jeep ~1 month, so am not super familiar with it yet; perhaps somebody with an FSM (Factory Service Manual) can chime in on the adjustments, etc. [I need to get me one of those!]

robpp 04-15-2010 05:26 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
the manual is a bit vague:

The parking brakes operated by a automatic tensioner mechanism built into the hand lever and cable system. The front cable is connected to the hand lever and the equalizer. The rear cables attached to the equalizer and the parking brake shoe actuator.

A set of drum type brake shoes are used for parking brakes. The shoes are mounted to the rear disc brake adaptor. The parking brake drum is integrated into the rear disc brake rotor.

Parking brake cable adjustment is controlled by an automatic tensioner mechanism. The only adjustment if necessary is to the park brake shoes if the linings are worn.

NOTE: Parking brake adjustment is controlled by an automatic cable tensioner and does not require adjustment. The only adjustment that may be necessary would be to the park brake shoes if they are worn.

The parking brake switch is in circuit with the red warning lamp in the dash. The switch will cause the lamp to illuminate only when the parking brakes are applied. If the lamp remains on after parking brake release, the switch or wires are faulty.

If the red lamp comes on a fault has occurred in the front or rear brake hydraulic system.

If the red warning lamp and yellow warning lamp come on, the electronic brake distribution may be at fault.

In most cases, the actual cause of an improperly functioning parking brake (too loose/too tight/won't hold), can be traced to a parking brake component.

NOTE: The leading cause of improper parking brake operation, is excessive clearance between the parking brake shoes and the shoe braking surface. Excessive clearance is a result of lining and/or drum wear, drum surface machined oversize.

Excessive parking brake lever travel (sometimes described as a loose lever or too loose condition), is the result of worn brake shoes, improper brake shoe adjustment, or improperly assembled brake parts.

A too loose condition can also be caused by inoperative or improperly assembled parking brake shoe parts.

A condition where the parking brakes do not hold, will most probably be due to a wheel brake component.

Items to look for when diagnosing a parking brake problem, are:

Brake shoe wear
Drum surface (in rear rotor) machined oversize
Front cable not secured to lever
Rear cable not attached to actuator
Rear cable seized
Parking brake lever not seated
Parking brake lever bind

NHWK05 04-15-2010 08:16 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
Too bad it does not cover anything about E brake that is too tight.

I have a feeling that either the e brake cables are sticking in their housings or there is an issue with the lever. I will pull the center console out this weekend and see whats up. Maybe i can lub up the cables and see if that helps. This has become a very expensive repair so far.

Kevman 05-01-2013 11:02 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
little help please guys, Im having an issue with both rear brakes binding after replacement of the rear brake pads.
The previous pads were worn down to the metal, with metal on metal contact in one. the rears are hot as hell, i get a harminic squeaking noise which disapears when braking. no lights, or fault msg's on the EVIC.

could it be related to the E-brake? it needs to be pulled all the way up to hold, & isnt very firm at that.

apd21a 07-01-2013 09:33 AM

Re: Emergency brake help.
2007 Grand Cherokee
Does anyone have a diagram or photo of the connection of the front end of the parking brake cable to the handle and clock spring assembly?
I am replacing a broken cable and everything was loose when I opened up the console and cannot see how the spring is to re-connect to the gear/cable assembly.

ChrisWk 10-29-2014 09:45 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
I am having e brake problems I installed all new shoe got all back together but the brakes will not hold I adjusted the star still will not hold. I think the actuator did not hook onto the wire does anybody know how to get the actuator to catch.

twh731 11-01-2014 09:26 AM

Re: Emergency brake help.
I am having the same issue with a 2001 GC. I removed the axles to replace the seals and now I can't figure out how the parking brake actuator attaches to the cable end. I took everything apart because of all of the axle grease I needed to completely clean everything off. I think this is the new part on the Morris 4x4 and they call it a "lever at the drum"

MOPAR, Rear Parking Brake Lever At The Drum For Left Or Right Side
1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
Part Number:5011994AA
Our Price: $36.99
Customer Reviews:

No picture so I can't say for sure. I just can't figure out how it is supposed to attach to the cable. Tom

ChrisWk 11-04-2014 10:18 PM

Re: Emergency brake help.
I got in the shop been for a week to order the part, I hope to get my jeep back tomorrow
If the part comes in. I warn all do not mess with the parking brake it will kick your butt.

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