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rayray 04-20-2010 09:00 AM

AC question
i have a silly ac question. our Wj has the dual climate/ auto HVAC the ac will blow cold but the light on the ac button doesn't light up is there a bulb i can replace or do i need to swap out the HVAC controls?

thanks ray

SRTILL8 04-20-2010 09:03 AM

Re: AC question
its the light, someone will chime in on the exact specs for you to do it your self. gl bro

206WJ 04-20-2010 10:10 AM

Re: AC question
It's a light. Here's the info. From

rayray 04-20-2010 11:53 AM

Re: AC question
Just so im clear its the AC button itself , the little light on the button does not light

206WJ 04-20-2010 12:11 PM

Re: AC question
From the point in the picture on the right...

...Pop off the button itself, and it's under there.

rayray 04-21-2010 01:40 PM

Re: AC question
Does anyone know the part # for the bulb so i can buy it before i rip everything apart?

Frango100 04-21-2010 08:10 PM

Re: AC question
On the site of they show the P/N 5013124AA.
If you don't know this site yet, have a look overthere, they give a lot of interresting info.:thumbsup:

rayray 04-21-2010 08:55 PM

Re: AC question
ok , looking at the WJJEEPS.COM site again i realize the bulbs are soldered to the CB.

so i guess im going to buy a replacement HVAC unit.

thanks for the help


Frango100 04-21-2010 10:07 PM

Re: AC question
Most probably this unit will not be that cheap (as all other stuff). If you can't solder it yourself, isn't it easier (and cheaper) to take it to someone who can do it for you?

rayray 04-21-2010 11:25 PM

Re: AC question
I think im just going to live with the burnt out bulb until i can buy a used HVAC
from someone parting out a jeep.its not critical,the ac works, just annoying

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