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Gunswinger 04-22-2010 09:10 AM

Tire Question
I know that the WJ 2000 that I just bought is a full time 4X4. I saw a question asked about tire sizes front and rear. That being if there was a difference in diameter that it would cause drive train trouble. For example having old tires on rear and placing new tires on front. Same size and make of tires just difference between used and new. I know that the torque applied is based on the difference in rotation speed. However, if it is that sensitive I fail to see why. I have read that it causes a lot of damage to the clutch type unit. Is this true and if so why?

Chaoul1 04-22-2010 09:17 AM

Re: Tire Question
You should never buy different sized diamete tires. All you have to do to keep the tread on the tires last longer is to rotate the every 3000-6000 miles. I do it every Oil change.

5 speed 05-08-2010 10:13 PM

Re: Tire Question
It goes deeper than that with the Quadradrive system. You can never put different diameter tires on or it will lock up. Even one size different. But more so, you cant replace just two of the same type of tire, lets say. The diameter difference of a new tire and one that is half worn say, is enough to cause the transfer case to burn up. You must put 4 new tires of same size and type and rotate them every 2K to be on the safe side.

My WJ with 26K on the ODO had to have the transfer case replaced when I got it because the previous owner didnt rotate the tires and I think either bought only two or rotated the spare into the mix. Luckily I had bought an extended warranty. I have rotated my new set of tires and have had no issues.

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