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harascho 05-06-2010 12:27 PM

Max tire size on OEM wheels after OME 2" lift
Hi there,
I recently fitted my OME lift. It transfered the GC a lot. The drawbacks of a lifted GC are 100% reduced thanks to the incredible work of the OME shocks and springs. The OME lift is worth every cent

Now I am asking myself what tire size I could fit on the OEM 7,5x17 wheels.
Currently I run 245/65R17. I am looking at 255/75R17.
Do we have any experiences if they will clear the front upper A-Arm? Maybe I have to use spacers to clear the A-Arms bolt?
I want to stick to the OEM wheels and climb some tire sizes to the max size that will fit without trouble.


gr8dane 05-06-2010 06:29 PM

Re: Max tire size on OEM wheels after OME 2" lift
i wanted the same thing, to stick with stock rims but i decided to go with a set of used moab's from 2007 JK, 1/8 wheel spacer. i have no rubbing and clear the bolt without having to cut.

USN_BlackWK 05-06-2010 08:34 PM

Re: Max tire size on OEM wheels after OME 2" lift
With the OME 2" you should have gained around 3" in total lift. It is possible to use a larger tire than what can normally be used with 2" of lift from a budget boost which is 267/70/17 (31.9"). There is at least one WK running 275/70/17 (32.4") and another running 285/70/17 (33") with the OME. However, I would suggest a 265/70/17. With that size you will avoid many of the rubbing problems associated with the larger tires. The owner of the WK with 285's stated there was lots of rubbing on anything but level ground, and he decided to upgrade to the Superlift 4" lift.

As far as running the stock wheels. with the 275's and 285's you will pretty much have to run spacers. However with just the 265's you can get away with just cutting the bolt. Though that depends on what tires you go with. There is no straight answer when it comes to which tires will require you to do so. I would suggest just buying a set of tires and being prepared to cut the bolt if need be. The 255/75's you mention will most likely clear the bolt without a spacer, however once again there is no guarantee as some have had to cut it.

Keep in mind you can run a 1/4" spacer which will solve the bolt problem.

Dunecrawler 05-07-2010 01:50 PM

Re: Max tire size on OEM wheels after OME 2" lift
I have a WK with 2" lift. I am running Revo 275/65/17 on stock wheels. Needed a 1.25" spacer, but not further trimming or rubbing. I decided to rather go wider instead of higher profile as I mostly use it for highway and dune driving.
BTW, it looks great withe the 275/65's. Really fits nicely

harascho 05-13-2010 04:26 AM

Re: Max tire size on OEM wheels after OME 2" lift
After reading a lot I came upon the Goodyear Wrangler silent armor in 245/75R17 or 255/70R17. The reason for those (small) sizes is the german TÜV, a tight technical inspection, it allows me to choose from tire sizes withing a 5% margin of the original 245/65R17.
After searching the major tire brands The goodyear Wrangler SA seems to be a good allrounder with snow capabilities and at least a speed rating T ( 190km/h)

Drawback is, those sizes are listed on the US goodyear site but not on the german site... could be bad luck for me.
Are there other reasonable AT tires in that sizes with a speed index high enough?


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