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maxst2 05-18-2010 12:51 AM

How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
Don't think there is one of these up for the 4.7L. Pics were taken with my blackberry sorry if they aren't the greatest.

Tools needed:
Channel Locks- for rad pipe clamps.
One flat head screwdriver
Socket set and 3 or 4 inch extension - 8mm socket needed.
Allen wrench - for top aeration port on water pump inlet side. Don't remember how big 1/4inch about.
Empty gallon milk jug - perfect way to collect coolant/mix coolant in.
Catch pan - to catch the coolant...
Gallon bag
1/4 inch hose- for petcock for radiator - this IS NEEDED.. you'll make a mess if you don't.
Car ramps - makes life easier if your a big guy or gal.
Lamp- its dark...
Gloves and safety glasses...coolant in the eyes is bad mmmkay
AND lastly our part.. the JET Part# 10177 180* tstat

First step: Drive it up onto the ramps and make sure you are centered on them and are all the way up...and are on good ground...don't want a 4k lb SUV falling on you... that would be a bad day. Set your ebrake too. Ideally... don't do this when the engine is hot...coolant isn't cool when the engine has been running for awhile ;)

Pop the hood and pop the top to your coolant reservoir:

Once you've done that put your tube on the petcock and center your catch pan/catch jug with the hose in it. Tube is clear in the pic... but its draining.
It is SLOW... be patient.
Once the reservoir goes down a bit find your rad cap and slowly open it... if its hot DO NOT OPEN THIS. The cooling system is pressurized when hot and coolant isn't cool remember!
Lefty loosy...righty tighty kids.. half turn will loosen cap, do it slow so if there is wont have coolant blow out. think bottle of soda shaken up...but with boiling hot coolant...not ideal. Then you might have to push down abit while you turn to get it off the rest of the way.
Once you do that take the allen wrench and pop that plug out... if the engine is hot... this will be really hot.

Once that drains... takes awhile...should get nearly 2 gallons from the petcock.

Now time to get dirty!

Due to the location of our tstat... it requires us to take the lower pipe off:
Compress the rad clamp next to the radiator...and move it up the pipe... with catch lifted close to the bottom of the pipe wiggle it off really slow since there is a good amount of coolant in it still.

After that drains a little bit... move to the top of the hose and there you have your tstat housing!

Place your catch pan under the hole in the skid plate under the oil drain. Then directly under the housing all across the floor/ground. When you pull the housing coolant if you don't get the gallon bag up right to catch what comes out... this will flow down the skid plate and go into catch pan...and splash/splatter onto you and then the toweled area- it sucks happened to me. lol

Socket wrench with 8mm socket on 4inch extension pull the bottom one first then the top one.

Once that is off...take a screwdriver to the tstat to pop it out.. gonna be some more coolant if its stuck to the block. Big gush.

Take the lower pipe and housing and wipe dry the mounting area and on the block as well. Take the jet tstat out and you will see a little nub on it... this matches with a notch on the tstat housing:

Take your stat and evenly press all around with the SPRING FACING OUT OF THE HOUSING, or the spring part going INTO the block. If you don't do this... it will not work!!!
all lined up:

I didn't get pics of me filling it up... oops.

But.. you can get the valvoine g05 stuff in 50/50 mix or 100%... or if coolant is fresh... 60k change outs. Reuse it if its clean.

With the reservoir open, the rad cap off,and the aeration port open... we are going to start filling it up! With a funnel or steady hand fill by the RAD CAP for now. Your going to fill it up until the coolant comes out of the aeration port... this takes awhile since it kinda self burps itself on initial filling. Once the level settles...again kinda takes abit... plug the aeration port then fill till its nearly to the top of the neck. Once that is done pour the coolant into the reservoir to the full line. DO NOT PUT THE RAD CAP ON!

Put catch pan under the rad cap area... next step will spill coolant.

Now start up your engine and crank the heater to full heat and fan speed. This will circulate the coolant and move any air to the rad cap area letting the air out...we don't want any air! Once you get the engine warmed up... again.. takes awhile. As it warms up to the point where the tstat opens up... its going to bubble...this is good! Once the stat opens up... the coolant level will drop fast...don't freak.. the reservoir will top if off..thats half its job :) Just watch the level in the tank and don't let it go under ADD line. Once it settles.. no more going down... turn the heater off and let it run for few more minutes. Kill the engine and let it sit for a moment...Put the cap on then give a quick drive to get the water pump moving...temp should look somewhat like this:
That is fully warmed up.

IF it is abit higher than that... pop the rad cap and fast idle it to force the air out, likely there is some air still in it.

If you are doing a coolant flush... please dispose of the coolant properly. If you do spill take out your hose or buckets of water and really dilute it out/spread kitty litter on and sweep it up... then water it down if it was a large amount. Id also advise that kids and pets be blocked off from the area... and lastly.. make sure you wash up before you touch anything if you get some on yourself- likely you will due to the lower hose part


SvenskaJeepGuy 05-18-2010 01:07 AM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
nice write up bro!

08Hemi 05-18-2010 01:44 AM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
great write up! +rep...I need to find one for the 5.7!

maxst2 05-18-2010 04:51 AM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L

Scottina06 05-18-2010 03:10 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L

maxst2 05-19-2010 12:35 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
Thanks :)

DJ BoNiOmArIo 05-19-2010 02:07 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
great write up and very detailed !!!

bullet700 05-28-2010 10:22 AM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
listen man, even though i dont plan to do this myself, this must be very useful for some people. so i'll thank you on their behalf aight! THANX MAN! good job!

maxst2 05-28-2010 01:26 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
haha thanks bullet. I try to document and be detailed on what I do to my jeep so others can learn from it :)

02 WJ 4.7 V8 06-17-2010 10:54 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
hey man i had a question even tho this might be a lil late but what did you do about the fan relay? because i know the fan turns on once the temp hits about 195 to 210 and then it cools it down so no matter what your engine will most likely still go up to about 210 until the fan turns on enless you change the fan relay to a diff temp.. im not hating im just curious and i love the write very detailed i would def follow this as a guide for me

maxst2 06-18-2010 12:30 PM

Re: How to install: 180* tstat for 4.7L
4.7 has a mechanical and electrical fan. I haven't done anything with the electrical bit of it. Usually the mechanical is doing all the air flow work - note the temp gauge is lower than hot stock tstat. I believe that superchips can change the fan temp... but I haven't gone and looked for it yet... been meaning too though. Since ideally we want it all to work right.

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