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  1. Day 1 of GC Ownership
  2. Strange Shudder at rear of my 3.6L
  3. Engine Oil Consumption
  4. SparkPlugs
  5. trans thump sound and feel
  6. Auto-dimming Side Mirrors
  7. Anyone else think the hemi is underpowered?
  8. Changing unlock/lock sound
  9. Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  10. WK2 Front Suspension: LOUD BANG
  11. Brake/throttle position
  12. Hill/brake Assist - Is this normal?
  13. Slight pull to the right?
  14. Defective Back-up Sensors?
  15. QuadraTrac II NV247 thigh turn shudder solved
  16. What comes with the jack/spare tire area?
  17. Leaking Antifreeze
  18. 430N (RHB) problems after engine shutdown
  19. flashing fan and AC lights
  20. Share your Dealership Mishaps or Stories
  21. long wait for parts
  22. Remote start issues
  23. Glovebox rattle
  24. Quadra Lift automatically moves to Off-Road 1
  25. Power tilt does not move "easy exit"
  26. Uncomfortable Downshift at 40-MPH
  27. Smell after I turn off A/C
  28. HVAC "Auto Mode" questions
  29. HVAC Fan Whine / Squeal
  30. Paint problems on white 2012 Overland?
  31. Oil Life % Indicator?
  32. Will Jeep TOTALLY DeBug Quadra Lift by 2014/2015?
  33. 2011 WK2 Summit: Hill Decent
  34. cup holder tabs
  35. Road Trip Over 3 Hours in Heat
  36. Increasing the wattage of the A/C plug to 180w plus?
  37. RHR not switching on - only some times?
  38. My push to start button no longer starts my JGC after picking it up from the sound sh
  39. factory air intake 2011 grand cherokee 3.6
  40. V6, Where is PCV?
  41. Problem with Quadra Lift
  42. 2012 JGC Tranny Issue
  43. Problem with automatic headlights
  44. Recirq mode shuts itself off
  45. Oil filter question
  46. Oops, Need to get something out of door. Help please.
  47. Not the happiest camper
  48. 2012 Laredo CRD
  49. Broken lug studs
  50. It just died
  51. Intermittent DRL?
  52. Is this normal - QL Question
  53. Should this look so corroded?
  54. Ac not cooling
  55. Normal or Quality Control Issue on Overland / Overland Summit???
  56. Rear wiper too low
  57. Hemi oil cosumption
  58. Remote Start Climate Control
  59. 'service 4wd' light, again!
  60. Rear bump feel when accelerating
  61. Trailer Tow Wire Harness
  62. Navigation problems
  63. Engine braking
  64. Interior Trim Issue
  65. Stuck in first gear
  66. AC temp thru vent
  67. 3.6 V6 Idling too fast
  68. air freshner acid damage
  69. What is this metal piece under the radio center stack that gets VERY hot? pic inside!
  70. FOB replacement time
  71. I need head!
  72. Quadralift Suspension Failure
  73. Slow trans kick down
  74. RRT 12-024 - What is it?
  75. help!!
  76. Extended Warranty
  77. P0298 trouble code
  78. EVIC MPG not accurate
  79. Very Hard downshift going uphill! Anyone help?
  80. Someone keyed my new jeep. Help!
  81. Recovering a WK2 without tow hooks?
  82. Bulb blown
  83. Starter cranks but engine won't catch
  84. Bolt found inside front differential
  85. Driver side Head light is light purple or pink in color
  86. any idea what this leak could be?
  87. Has the steering wheel thud returned?
  88. Help diagnose rattle near dash/front window!
  89. EVIC control buttons not working
  90. Vibration at idle (Pentastar)
  91. Check your boots!
  92. Stutter/Misfire Up Hills ('12 WK2 Overland Hemi)
  93. Anyone else's window trim loose/coming off??
  94. Does your WK2 make noises after power off?
  95. Took my new Jeep into Dealer...Now things don't work!
  96. Need information!!
  97. Loud knock and jerk when shifting the transmission Into park
  98. HELP! Ran through a puddle of paint!
  99. JEEP Engineers suck!
  100. Trouble Codes P0441: Low???
  101. Oil change indicator
  102. HELP black leather turned white-ish...need to fix asap!
  103. Head rest rattle fixed!
  104. GOt a message stating keyfob battery is low. Already??
  105. Weird automatic locking issue
  106. Polish Small Scratches out of Overland Wheels
  107. Jeep Liberty 2008 - Lights display parking assist are off
  108. first post: cabin lights stay on while driving
  109. Rear windows and wind buffeting...
  110. Freaky Enter n Go
  111. DLR's
  112. A/C Not really cold anymore?
  113. anybody Has a solution Turn off the full traction ESP !!
  114. 730N screen is stuck on Default
  115. Door Adjustment
  116. Buyback, replacement options
  117. Cylinder 6 Misfire
  118. Lowering the mesh net in sunroof
  119. Has Your Quadra-Lift Ever Acted Up?
  120. Can someone ID this plug for me? Thanks!
  121. Void Warranty by importing
  122. Where NOT to apply rain x(windshield)
  123. Warning light reset? Electrical problem? Please help!
  124. "Push to Start" message while parked overnight
  125. So I left my car running today for 4 hours.
  126. Remote start
  127. Washer fluid in antifreeze!
  128. Uconnect and road/wind noise heard by other caller
  129. Vibration and Moan when AC is on
  130. Humm in front end... Known problem but no solution according to Chrysler
  131. Vehicle shut down at 110km/h, any one else have similar experience?
  132. No AC
  133. Hummmm in front end... Known problem no fix
  134. Plant mode??
  135. Auto-lock finicky-ness
  136. Is this dealer BS
  137. Pentastar exhaust noise
  138. Door handle keyless entry help
  139. DRL's Not Working - Help
  140. Unlocking doors with disconnected battery
  141. Manually close rear hatch - does your glass "jump"?
  142. Brand New 2012 with Weird Noise...Help
  143. Brake controller
  144. Malfunction indicator light on- only 300 miles
  145. STUCK IN SAND with 4WD malfunction
  146. shift points
  147. Need some pics from helpful members
  148. Water leaks from Liftgate
  149. Water leaks from Liftgate
  150. Bug spatters
  151. trailer running lights not working
  152. Quadra-Lift height sensor link part numbers?
  153. 1st Oil Change Disaster
  154. Quadra Lift and Selec Terrain Malfunction?
  155. WK2 USB Transfers
  156. Big Waterleak in Garage after driving in the rain
  157. transmission shifting
  158. Major Condensation with A/C use
  159. Vibration in GC Overland with Hemi
  160. Has anybody removed their Headliner?
  161. A/C Question
  162. Hum sound when accelerating over 60 mph
  163. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) sets off Radar Detectors
  164. Roof Rack - wind noise
  165. Advice on TSBs
  166. Transmission Service
  167. Wrinkle in leather seat normal?
  168. Leaving Key fob in vehicle
  169. oil leak with less then 4000 miles
  170. Wheel Well material in winter and mud
  171. Rear Suspension Creaking Noise
  172. Is this the correct oil filter?
  173. Early Bulb Replacement
  174. Fluttering noise
  175. 2011 Hemi GC Blows grey and blue smoke! Need help.
  176. Already my First Service in Warranty
  177. Key FOB Issue?
  178. Power lift gate opens, then shuts
  179. Key not Detected
  180. Having Trouble...can't explain
  181. Engine stayed at 4500 rpms after car wash
  182. ESC light remains on
  183. Pentastar vibration at 2000 rpm/60 mph
  184. Defective shock
  185. How to put Jeep 4x4 in neutral for towing when key is not recognized
  186. Early shifting
  187. Tax On Extended Warranty
  188. 1st Service in Canada
  189. Towed in NYC
  190. Multiple Problems hoping dealer fixes on monday 4/16!!!16
  191. Drive shaft noise?
  192. Interesting Blind Spot Assist Problem
  193. Air suspension issue / Truck not level
  194. Who has actually gone through the Buy Back or Lemon Law process with their WK2?
  195. WK2 Jeep Start/Stop Issue
  196. Daytime running lights
  197. HELP! P2097 - Downstream Fuel Trim System 1 Rich
  198. Parking brake warning light stays on
  199. Hanging RPMs in Park?
  200. Paint problems need help!!
  201. 2011 Grand Cherokee Hum on freeway
  202. Black painted B-Pillar. Need a new one
  203. flipper glass unlatches itself for no reason
  204. Do I have the sunroof rattle?
  205. Passenger airbag cancel
  206. right side courtesy light stays on
  207. Driver side mirror vibration.
  208. Yellow engine warning on with no diagnostics
  209. Auto dimming mirror question
  210. shifter question
  211. daytime running lights
  212. Strut Issues
  213. Engine died while going 40mph
  214. 2012 GC Laredo V6 Engine Tick
  215. Third Brake Light 2012 Grand Cherokee
  216. 2011 GC Overland - Driveline Vibration
  217. Brakes
  218. Air Suspension Again
  219. Can dealer adjust crooked hatch?
  220. Oil life TOO short!?
  221. Engine Oil Life
  222. Transmission question
  223. Damaged Key Notice, No Convenience Keyless features will work, but...
  224. power liftgate stuck closed
  225. Low Fuel + Remote Start = Abort?
  226. How's reliability if without Air Suspension? (Just checked truedelta.com)
  227. Missing part???
  228. Is there no dome light in a limited?
  229. Picked up my wk2. Not a happy camper
  230. Rock kicked up on highway - this is what it did
  231. TPMS Light
  232. Slight knocking during idle?
  233. How to remove rear hatch interior?
  234. remote start and keyless enter and go
  235. Seat fan cooler is so loud!
  236. Lights on Dash all on! Help please...
  237. What do these codes mean? Should I be concerned?
  238. Best dealer for service
  239. Importing pictures from USB
  240. Start with partial electrical system and wipers on...
  241. Excessively long CD copies
  242. V6 engine light on while towing?
  243. extended warranty or not?
  244. Oil leak under vehicle
  245. Windshield Gasket
  246. Chrome Trim Loose!
  247. Power rear Hatch
  248. Door Alignment
  249. Snow/Ice prohibiting shift into park?
  250. Overland frontend has anyone had theirs fixed