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Technical Tips/DIY/How-To

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  1. How To: Wash Your Engine Bay
  2. How to: Blinker/Warning Fix
  3. How to: Renew your rear step pad
  4. How-To: Change Front Brake Pads (WK)
  5. How-To: Rear Brake Pad Job for WK Jeeps
  6. HOW TO install HID fogs
  7. How To: Install a new EGR
  8. How To: WK Maintenance Videos
  9. How To: Install Painted Door Handles
  10. How To : Install A Ported TB
  11. How To : Install A JET 180 TStat
  12. How To: Swap out SRT8 Mesh w/Laredo Grill Trim
  13. How To: Build a False Cargo Floor in WK.
  14. How To: 6k HID's Lows/Fogs on an 08 WK
  15. Matt's DIY CAI (5.7l HEMI)
  16. How To: Half Shaft Replacement
  17. How To: Change Differential (Axle) Fluid
  18. Matt's HID Installation Thread
  19. How-To: Vinyl Wrap Pillars
  20. HOW TO-install an HID relay harness
  21. How To: Overland Bumper Insert & Lower Valance Mesh on 08 WK
  22. How to: Front Bumper cover removal
  23. How To: Take Apart Your HeadLights
  24. how to-change the WK's brakes
  25. How To: Install a mesh grill on a 08 WK
  26. Changing rear wiper blade
  27. How to change the differentail fluid on a 4.7 WK
  28. How to: Change your Serpentine Belt 4.7L
  29. How to change the spark plugs on a 4.7 V8 WK Grand Cherokee or Commander
  30. How to change the oil on a 4.7 V8 WK Jeep Grand Cherokee
  31. WK 4.7L Driver's Side Exhaust Manifold & Gasket Replacement Writeup W/ Pics
  32. Installed: Jet 180 T-Stat
  33. How To : Install A Cabin Air Filter...
  34. HOW TO: Install foglamps on a WK Grand Cherokee
  35. How To: Install An EE Catch Can
  36. DIY WK spring install-use for shocks and struts as well
  37. HOW TO: ADD a Jeep SRT8 exhaust to a non-SRT 8 Grand Cherokee
  38. How to remove roof rack/crossbars
  39. HOW TO:Install 2008 4.7 intake manifold on a 2006
  40. WK SeatBelt Chime Disable...
  41. How To: Exhaust, WK, CUSTOM true dual pics and description.
  42. How To: Install Interior LED Lights (a pictorial guide)
  43. How to add autodim and Uconnect
  44. How to-add Lighted Visors to your WK
  45. How to-2008 OEM Jeep Grand Cherokee HID headlights on an 05-07
  46. How To: Install VLEDs Dual Color Turn Signals