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2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel 3.0

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  1. Shifts still stuttering after tranny update
  2. Just had the car serviced
  3. Night and day!
  4. Possible buy-back, or other recourse? What can I reasonably expect from Jeep?
  5. Will Cooper A/TW 265/70/18's fit?
  6. First Diesel Winter Questions
  7. Curt Front Hitch
  8. Factory 5W30 Platinum Pennzoil $4.52 QT
  9. How long would the Eco Diesel last?
  10. Going in for an early First Service, 7500 Km's
  11. Transmission Fluid Replacement at 50k.
  12. List of Engine Oils in spec
  13. Anyone heard of the FS-2500
  14. Oil Drain Plug Washer
  15. Costco diesel fuel nozzles
  16. Mahle Oil Filter
  17. Cabin Air Filter
  18. Winter operation
  19. Short video of my Brembo diesel with terra grapplers
  20. Summit hidden block heater plug
  21. Mopar oil filter for EcoDiesel is made in China?
  22. Anybody use Champion SynGold 5w30? Great price and MS-11106 spec.
  23. wifi ODBII EGT gaguge for Iphone app?
  24. My DIY EcoDiesel maintenance list and tips
  25. Can't fill tank
  26. higher speed cruising effect on diesel
  27. When will K&N CAI be CARB certified
  28. Factory service manual CD
  29. Diesel Smell After Cat Replacement
  30. Diesel fueling
  31. 2015 Overland Trip Report
  32. Aftermarket drop-in filter vs CAI
  33. Chrysler lifetime warranty worth it
  34. Seafoam yay or nay?
  35. Driver heater in seat and steering wheel after software updates
  36. Chips/Programmers..Does the computer remember?
  37. EcoDiesel Exhaust Cam durability issues?
  38. So what drivetrain upgrades?
  39. so what drivetrain upgrades?
  40. Leather Seats Peeling
  41. P20EE one mans gain is another's pain
  42. Add on towing mirrors
  43. Low DEF warning vs DEF Level Gauge
  44. Non-book maintenance for the EcoDiesel
  45. Engine block heater
  46. Winter Blend in So. California (anti-gel)
  47. 2014 Eco Diesel Tranny Overheat
  48. Maximum tongue weight
  49. Did you Trade In Jeep Grand Cherokee for Diesel ?
  50. AFE Mach Force, Magnaflow or Banks Catback on '15 Summit EcoDiesel
  51. Pennzoil Euro 5W-30/Amazon Coupons
  52. Squeak During Engine Startup
  53. First Tow TR
  54. Help me see the "savings" of diesel?
  55. Obd ii scanner
  56. Dash back button
  57. Who regrets buy the diesel?
  58. Rough idle by nature?
  59. Non Collapsible Hose Recommendations?
  60. Def 700 mile warning with Hot Tune
  61. 2014 EcoDiesel for sale in SLC.
  62. 3.0 engine oil filter
  63. What the heck just happened
  64. NOCO Genius External Plug
  65. Qwiktherm Washer Fluid Heater Install
  66. Followup to Jeep Diesel In shop Less than 24 Hours!!
  67. Jeep Diesel vs Mt Washington Auto Road
  68. 2015 Jeep grand cherokee Limited Diesel in shop after less than 24 hr owned
  69. New CAT without any codes
  70. Summit Magnaflow Exhaust
  71. Amsoil for EcoDiesel.
  72. Diesel Tech in Denver
  73. Attention K&N Filter Haters
  74. Hood open remote start disabled
  75. ECO diesel engine block heater
  76. Catch Can Treasure
  77. What mods have you done share photos and what's next!!!
  78. WK2 DEF Injector/Full Harness Protection Shield all in one by Shield Productions for
  79. Advanced Technology Group
  80. New flash on the market
  81. 2014 Overland EcoDiesel Compund Twin Turbo Install!
  82. Studder/Skipping?
  83. 2015 Grand Cherokee Service Manual Download
  84. Oil Drain Plug and Skid Plates...
  85. 2014 EcoDiesel White Smoke Under Hood
  86. Is your JEEP fixed?
  87. Interior lights, need help.
  88. Differential Fluid Change Interval
  89. K&N Intake with Intercooler Pipe
  90. Dealer says Contaminated DEF
  91. Vehicle Stolen- need some fast advice
  92. Vibration from front right tire. Any thoughts?
  93. Cleaning Intake Manifold
  94. SRT sway bar upgrade????
  95. Driver Side Dash Noise/Rattle
  96. EGR at its finest?
  97. Upgrades worth getting?
  98. EGR Blanking Plate, DPF Delete Kit and Intercooler with Piping Available
  99. Chrysler rep contact?
  100. Warranty Related to P20EE Fault
  101. K&N Cold Air Intake (CAI) 63-1570
  102. catalyst change TSB
  103. New Jeep owner and I have some questions
  104. Sirius XM reception after software update
  105. DEF and P20EE
  106. Grand Cherokee WK2 drawers and fridge slide for sale
  107. Penzoil Question
  108. P20EE etc....FCA's new RRT
  109. Catch can???
  110. Failure of EGR valve?
  111. Lemon Lawsuit?
  112. Transmission update(flash)
  113. Oil for Winter
  114. 2014 eco diesel oil filter
  115. G.C. with Mercedes diesel VS Italian Eco-diesel
  116. Just to be sure...wading the diesel
  117. PCM update released Sept. 29 for 2015s
  118. Engine hours?
  119. Jump Starting Diesel GC
  120. P0087 low fuel rail pressure
  121. Smashed Fog LIght
  122. Curt Tow hitch
  123. My GC is at the body shop
  124. New Overland 4x4 picked up last week
  125. What temperature are you warming your oil to?
  126. Harsh 1-2 shift in sport mode
  127. 40,000+ miles and this pops up on dash
  128. VW admits to EPA that diesel equipped cars will only meet emissions when tested
  129. Fuel Filter Change
  130. 2014 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk (Reality)
  131. Could somebody tell me how the plastic engine cover comes off? Does it just pop off o
  132. Transmission hasitation before full stop
  133. Grand Cherokee Hitch Receiver - US and Export different part numbers ???
  134. CEL - Over-torqued in neutral
  135. Edge CTS
  136. Towing with Grand Cherokee Diesel
  137. 3.0L Diesel AFE Mach Force Exhaust?
  138. Strong Vibration at Idle Below Rear Seat
  139. Engine ecu (tune) question
  140. DPF soot level
  141. Over Heating
  142. Tuner for Speedometer??
  143. 2014 Overland Ecodiesel with chip + cold air intake
  144. Emission problems and warranties....
  145. CEL on then off, would you keep your appt?
  146. Bluetooth Telephone Issue
  147. How to ID service codes?
  148. New to Forum and a New 2015 High Altitude EcoDiesel
  149. 100 mile MPG challenge
  150. Ineptitude at its highest degree
  151. Oil change when towing an RV
  152. clicking seat
  153. 50psi?? New LT265/60R18 BFG TA KO2
  154. Pennzoil Ultra Euro No More!
  155. Hypermiling the Diesel JGC: Max Range, 700, 800, 900 Miles?
  156. Edge Insight CTS2 (84130) - HELP
  157. Canadian Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel - Overland or Summit?
  158. Rear sway bar
  159. Deleting SCR/DPF/DEF/ETC vs. just EGR
  160. Considering Trading my 14' Overland V8 for 15' Limited ED
  161. P2002 Diesel Particulate Filter Efficiency Below Threshold bank 1
  162. Water on my feet
  163. ARB on-board air NA Diesel
  164. Can I safely tow a longer trailer?
  165. Truck Trend's Long-Term Test, 2014 EcoDiesel Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
  166. Switched to a Ram EcoDiesel
  167. The renewable biofuel that replaces ULSD
  168. AFE Intake Brake Boosting Video
  169. CEL - Code P0420, 1.3k miles, 2015 EcoDiesel built in January
  170. P-1297 what should I do
  171. buyback info
  172. Fuel Log Book: 20,000 Miles, 22.314 MPG Overall (Hand Calculated)
  173. Can a motor cost more than a car?
  174. Any changes to 2016 EcoDiesel
  175. Why? DEF only filled to 75% on Dealer Servicings @10K & 20K
  176. For those of you who still believe dealer oil changes are superior to DIY...
  177. How can I tell if my GC needs a REGENERATION
  178. 2014 GC Diesel with P20EE Code
  179. WIX has our Fuel Filters
  180. Pennzoil Ultra Euro L on sale
  181. New TSB 009-006-15
  182. UConnect firmware vulnerabiltiy
  183. High RPM = more particulate?
  184. ecogard oil filters
  185. Jeep CRD grand Cherokee performance data
  186. Reliability of the 2015 Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel
  187. P20EE possible on brand new vehicle?
  188. questions DEF gauge & regen
  189. Bosch CP4.2 HPFP and lubricity...
  190. Tow Package + Air Suspension
  191. 2 tips from Ford on improving performance of EGR on diesels
  192. P-1297 code
  193. EGR is lovely, ain't it?
  194. New Vehicle Delivery Question
  195. Couple TSBs out for the 2015's
  196. SRT rear sway bar
  197. Eco Overland Tow Hooks
  198. Fuel Filter Replacement Guide
  199. Water in Fuel
  200. After re-flashing of our diesel GC
  201. DEF Refractometer
  202. Installing a hitch
  203. Truckstop DEF? SuperS DEF is ISO 22241 approved
  204. Great price on EcoDiesel ACEA C3 approved oil...
  205. Motor silk
  206. Amazing Range
  207. Should I even bother with 2014 Diesel GC?
  208. AFE Pro Guard D2 44-LF035 Oil Filter for JGC EcoDiesel?
  209. Jeep Grand Cherokee by B&B Automobiltechnik
  210. Sun Visor Stickers
  211. Lean misfire MIL code
  212. Fuel additive and P20ee code...
  213. Mil p0546
  214. RIPP Heavy Duty Intercooler FOR 3.0 TDI Grand Cherokee
  215. New Oil Drips on my Driveway
  216. Not available? Mopar Rock Rails for 2015 JGC Diesel
  217. looking for exterior right mirror glass
  218. 2015 Ecodiesel First Trip Impressions
  219. green diesel engineering tune
  220. What do you tell the dealer
  221. Highest mileage 2014 that has never had a P20EE/SCR cat issue?
  222. Korean Oil Filter Photos, Q&A
  223. Any aftermarket oil filters yet?
  224. DEF question
  225. Service Air Suspension System
  226. P20EE: SCR NOx Trouble Code
  227. Time to full operating temp for transmission?
  228. GC Diesel actual payload stickers
  229. First MIL P2BA9
  230. p204f code
  231. *Too Lean* code, they can't figure out why. Any experience with this issue?
  232. To Overland Expo Pulling Trailer
  233. Ecodiesel 4x4 OEM Tires - What did you get?
  234. Wrong DEF messeage on my2014 Limited Grand Cherokee
  235. Why Plastic Skid Plate for Transmission?
  236. Eco Diesel Servicing
  237. Help me pick an all-terrain tire
  238. Glad I am still under warranty
  239. 2015 Overland Eco Diesel - comments / observations
  240. Possible causes for oil leak down front of engine?
  241. Banks Tuner Released!
  242. Ecodiesel Lifetime Oil Change Contract $1200. Deal Or No Deal?
  243. Coolant Level
  244. blackstone oil sample results
  245. potential new Buyer
  246. Leaking transmission thoughts..
  247. Weight Distributing Hitch descrepency 2014 & 15
  248. Oil Choices
  249. Pressure leak down pill placed in coolant ex factory
  250. "Other forum" EcoDiesel engine failure