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2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel 3.0

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  1. New Jeep EcoDiesel Owner!
  2. Diesel Particulate Sensor Fix/Replacement
  3. Brake upgrade
  4. Anybody know what our temperature gauge means?
  5. 2014 WK2 EGR Delete
  6. Poor MPG
  7. Here's the real answer about the lawsuits
  8. Fuel consumption
  9. Diesel gate
  10. VW Researchers Say Fiat Diesels Spew More Pollution Than Allowed To
  11. Suit Against FCA Moves to California
  12. New Owner impressions & First Towing Experience
  13. Want clean oil in your Eco?
  14. Fuel Mileage Decrease
  15. Dealer wants to by back my 14 GC overland ecodiesel?
  16. Dealer Coupons: Diesel Oil Change $97
  17. EGR Leak?? Coolant sludge, a code, and pictures...
  18. Buying Advice Ecodiesel ro not
  19. FCA may be dropping the "EcoDiesel" badge...
  20. keep or sell
  21. Transmission, Transfer Case, Axle Service
  22. Code P1D30 and oil interval
  23. 2014 Ecodiesel Front End Noise
  24. Dom's Ecodiesel DEF Plate burning DEF tubing
  25. Found a new Overland EcoDiesel....
  26. Now Duramax
  27. Frequent Regen message
  28. Decreasing fuel mileage
  29. Is this dealer guessing?
  30. Turbo Lag
  31. Need help with proper coolant confirmation
  32. Candian Jeep and Ram EcoDiesel owners Class Action Lawsuit against FCA
  33. Why we should drive diesels
  34. ED Update: FCA prepares to certify diesel trucks, SUVs with fix
  35. U.S. preparing to sue Fiat Chrysler over excess diesel emissions
  36. Jeep diesel spills coolant all over new garage floor and my dealer experience
  37. So tell me about the GDE tune
  38. Where the heck are you folks?
  39. Another black eye for diesel
  40. FCA developing a new diesel for RAM and Jeep
  41. Mercedes fives up on diesel
  42. Hello, First time Jeep owner with some basic questions
  43. Engine Failure Not Covered Under Warranty
  44. GDE "Update" Tune Worth It?
  45. where to hook the winch leads up to
  46. Jeep broke down on trip now stranded at dealer
  47. Looking to buy (used) and need advice
  48. Anyone received their OTA radio update yet?
  49. Lag and Shifting
  50. AFE Power Sprint Booster
  51. FCA Wants Texas MDL For Dodge, Jeep Diesel Suits
  52. Why new oil turns black right away
  53. New WK2 Lower Radiator Shield from Shield Productions
  54. Wheel/Tire combo and MPG's
  55. 40k mild service?
  56. 2014 EcoDiesel JGC, dirty engine coolant
  57. EcoDiesel, Fiat and Emmissions Update?
  58. MAP SENSOR matainence
  59. Filthy EGR
  60. No 2017 ED
  61. Water in Fuel Light
  62. Service DEF System CEL - Jeep wont start now
  63. Steering fluid?
  64. New lawsuit says FCA used defeat s/w to beat emissions....
  65. Engine block heater
  66. DPF Removal
  67. What is the correct oil drain plug p/n?
  68. low engine oil pressure 2015 GC ecodiesel
  69. Diesel no longer an option.
  70. Replaced tires..
  71. Regen Every 3-4 Days
  72. Has anyone replaced their battery yet?
  73. Warranty options - Geico or Maxcare
  74. so are you truly happy with your 2014 JGC Ecodeisel
  75. Oil change notice after 6k miles
  76. Air intake - Poor design heads up
  77. Build thread
  78. Build thread
  79. Oil Change package worth it?
  80. 2015 GCL Diesel Limited - transmission "hesitation" when cold.
  81. WeatherTech Floor Mats
  82. CARB wants to test our WK2 Diesels!
  83. EGR inspection?
  84. Towing Question
  85. ESP on/off affect mileage?
  86. What is the consensus on oil and filters now
  87. Am I Crazy?
  88. Rapid Drop in DEF Fluid Level?
  89. Why are diesels sales dropping so much year over year
  90. Turbo Boost Gauge - WK2 diesel
  91. DEF Tank Drain Plug
  92. What should be our max boost?
  93. Lease Ending While in EPA Purgatory
  94. Ecodiesel Replacement - I-6 CDI?
  95. Diesel smell in my garage
  96. Coolant odor, but...
  97. Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5w40: meets new CK-4 rating
  98. What gauge are people using to monitor egts
  99. Skip 2017?
  100. how to see regen process in EVIC
  101. PPEI delete tune and now check engine code
  102. Propel HPR diesel amazing results so far
  103. 8 New 2015 CRDS on Lot
  104. Diesel ordering blocked?
  105. DEF at a truck stop = fun!
  106. What software updates are there and did you notice any difference?
  107. EGR valve after GDE Hot Tune?
  108. Injector pump failure.....common?
  109. 5 star dealers
  110. I'm almost positive my engine is blown - help!
  111. So like when...
  112. Oil Spec change-Possible Reasons
  113. Ecodiesel 3.0 Throttle Body - Does it exist?
  114. Any member affected in today's Tornadoes?
  115. best additive to use for fuel etc..
  116. Emissions recall, what is the smart play?
  117. Regeneration cycles for city driving
  118. Towing Question
  119. Burning Smell under the Hood
  120. Diesel #2 HPR? What is that? It's OK, apparently.
  121. Ck-4 oil spec info
  122. Hemi vs Diesel
  123. New Eco Owner quick question
  124. 14' eco diesel tuning and oil question
  125. P1289 error code
  126. GDE regen message?
  127. Buying used EcoDiesel with prior engine failure.
  128. Serviced Bulletin new Oil 5w40 for 2016 Models!!
  129. AFE RAM Ecodiesel Engine Oil Pan will it Fit Grand Cherokee
  130. Lost original window sticker.......
  131. Largest tires for EcoDiesel Summit
  132. Air Cabin Filters WK2
  133. Regen...How long has it been?
  134. *Those with 2017 JGC Diesel on order - what's next for you?
  135. Engine failure
  136. DEF usage in very cold weather
  137. Diesel insurance value
  138. EPA accusing FCA of diesel emissions cheating
  139. Service manual for VMmotori GC 2014
  140. engine oil level check
  141. Mileage drop
  142. DEF level gauge won't reset
  143. New oil spec video
  144. anyone get exhaust smell in the cab when its cold outside?
  145. Water in Fuel light
  146. GDE- Need Opinions on the available Options
  147. Jeep stolen!
  148. How long should this take?
  149. Glow Plugs
  150. New ck-4 spec
  151. Late availability on website
  152. Power Steering Reservoir Going Down
  153. High Altitude 4wd
  154. anyone do brakes yet?
  155. Impact of BioDiesel Blend on MPG and Longevity
  156. Wrong Oil from Dealer? (68171006PB)
  157. anyone having glow plug light/CEL issues?
  158. Siren Sound
  159. VW not going to offer a fix on certain TDI 3.0L's diesels...
  160. Looking at an EcoDiesel
  161. Check Your Engine Compartment: Chewed Wires
  162. Ecodiesels, EPA, and my Congressperson
  163. WIX Fuel Filters
  164. No block heater cable on my Summit
  165. Fuel Filter Life in Vehicle Info screen
  166. Fuel Hunting...
  167. Oil leak now nightmare
  168. Front Mount Intercoolers
  169. Intake Manifold Removal
  170. Eco Diesel new oil spec/Fuel economy
  171. Class Action Lawsuit
  172. Wk2 Front Push Bumper, Brush guards and Bash Plate
  173. Traded my high altitude ecodiesel for SRT
  174. Hello: Anyone near St. Louis with GDE Tune?
  175. Help with my exhaust issue?
  176. DEF gauge not working
  177. Toronto Dealership - Diesel Mechanics
  178. 2017 Owners Manual
  179. 2016 Eco Diesel Oil
  180. NAV inaccurate
  181. Future of Diesel
  182. Electronic Slip diff aftermarket?
  183. Are ecodiesels an endangered species?
  184. Shield Produstions WK2 JGC on or off roading needs
  185. Fuel filter skid plates?
  186. Skid plate help
  187. No Name After Market Oil Filter Review 9600 miles
  188. Mopar fuel filters made in China?
  189. DPF Regen....smoke?
  190. Can I drive a hemi with the dealer to show my diesel tranny is weird?
  191. Particulate Filter Efficiency - Code P2002 - 2015 Diesel
  192. P24af & u3017
  193. Diesels being held up for testing?
  194. Trailhawk diesel or Limited diesel
  195. Current model Summit trail rated?
  196. Is the 2017 Gen2 Trans important
  197. Weird vibration is in the muffler
  198. Jeep GC CRD production might be on hold
  199. Where have all the diesels gone?
  200. All Wheel Drive?
  201. Are the diesels reliable?
  202. Cooling fan mystery
  203. 12,000 KM Change Oil + Recall Service
  204. Lease Ends in 90 Days
  205. Spare ECM and warranty work
  206. Jeep Jam - Gateway to the Cumberlands - live updates
  207. Paddle shifting after shfiter recall
  208. Do the 2017s have paddle shifters?
  209. DPF % Remaining in EVIC
  210. Excellent towing
  211. Pure Speculation
  212. Newb here looking at a 2014 Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel
  213. s27 Recall shifting
  214. Air Filters
  215. Anyone use Kendall GT-1 5w30?
  216. Jeep truck?
  217. Can you remove speed limits on ride height?
  218. Eco diesel towing
  219. Cold weather operation
  220. GDE ECU R&R Instructions
  221. AFE Power Ecodiesel 3.0 parts in stock @SolisMotorGroup
  222. Anyone need fuel filters.
  223. SB 09-006-15 Need help/advice
  224. Skid plates and rock rails
  225. Warranties/Mopar MaxCare
  226. Engine staring issues
  227. Service DEF system : See Dealer
  228. Great gas mileage
  229. New EcoDiesel oil standard and Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40
  230. P20E8 & P1220 CEL today
  231. New TCM Calibration TSB (9/10)
  232. Time between ordering an ED and dealer delivery
  233. Possible new TSB for shifting?
  234. Noob inquiries
  235. Ordered a 75th edition diesel
  236. Navigation issue 15 JGC LTD
  237. Changed out front rear axle and transfer case
  238. Any diesel changes for 2017?
  239. The Bleeding Edge
  240. MPG for 2017
  241. Owners Manual for 2015 Ecodiesel
  242. SFU into dealership for "issues"
  243. WIX Oil Filter
  244. Oil life calculation has changed after recall
  245. Towing Capacity - Payload and GVWR
  246. My GDE HOT TUNE results
  247. Price of 10K Mile Service ?
  248. Exhaust system regen 4 times in a month and DEF level not changing
  249. 2014 diesel with upgraded sound system
  250. Parking the JEEP for 6 months.