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Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat news, spy shots and more!

Discuss any Jeep, Chrysler or Fiat news, articles, sales figures, spy shots, concepts and more!
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Jeep Platform Discussion

Grand Cherokee-WL

Discuss anything about your WL Jeep Grand Cherokee(2020+)
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Grand Cherokee - ZJ

Discuss anything about your ZJ (1993-1998) here!
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Wrangler-YJ, TJ & JK

Discuss anything about your YJ (1987-1996), TJ (1997-2006) and JK (2007+) here!
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Discuss anything about your JL Wrangler(2018+)
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Gladiator Pickup-JT

Discuss anything about your JT Gladiator Pickup(2018/2019) here!
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2011+ Dodge Durango-WD

Discuss everything about your 2011+ Dodge Durango
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2019+ Wagoneer & Grand Wagoneer-WS

Discuss your 2019+ Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer here!
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2014+ Cherokee-KL

Discuss your 2014+ Jeep Cherokee KL here!
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2018 Jeep Compass-MP

2018 NEW Jeep Compass MP
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Cherokee-SJ and XJ

Discuss anything about your SJ & XJ Cherokee here!
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2015+ Jeep Renegade-BU

Discuss your 2015+ Jeep Renegade HERE!
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Liberty-KJ and KK

Discuss anything about your Jeep Liberty KJ(2002-2007) and KK (2008+)
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Compass and Patriot

Discuss anything about your Compass and Patriot here!
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Export & Diesel Powered Jeep Models

Discuss anything about your Export or Diesel here!
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Jeep Technical Discussion

Tech Tips DIY/How To

3.3K 1.7M
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Troubleshooting/Problems Discussion

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Modifications & Enhancements

Performance Modifications

Make your Jeep perform and ride better!
16.4K 3.5M
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Visual Modifications

Discuss changes to your Jeep's appearance!
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Wheels and Tires

Discuss all topics related to wheels and tires here
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Audio, Video, Navigation & Electronic Modification

Discuss changes to your Jeep's audio system and electronics!
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Off Road Modifications

Make your Jeep Off Road ready!
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Discuss the best way to keep that ride clean and show ready!
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Member Product Reviews

Review Products Here!
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Members Rides

Show off photos and videos of your Jeep here!
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Paint Wars

Rep Your Paint!
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Member Garage Discussions

Forum where each member's Garage entry will show up and you can post comments.
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Engineer Roundtable Discussion Forum

SRT Engineers Roundtable

Live discussions with SRT Engineers!
149 87.8K
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  • 87.8K

Chat Session Wednesday 9/8/2010 at 6PM EDT

Come Chat With The Jeep Engineers!
349 114K
  • 349
  • 114K

SRT Group webchat with Ralph Gillies 9/1/2011 at 6

Come chat with Ralph Gillies and the SRT engineers
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  • 84.8K

Jeep Stuff For Sale

Post Your Jeep Related Stuff For Sale Here!
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Non-Jeep Stuff For Sale

Post Your Non-Jeep Related Stuff For Sale Here!
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  • 70.5K


Post Items Wanted Here!
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Member Group Buys

This section is where members can post up Group Buys! JeepGarage and its owners have absolutely no association with the person presenting the Group Buy or the associated vendor for that Group Buy! Please participate at your own risk!
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Member Jeeps For Sale or Wanted!

Member Jeeps ONLY! Buy at own risk! Please post pictures and pricing or thread will be removed!
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

78 19.8K
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  • 19.8K

Adam's Premium Car Care

424 140K
  • 424
  • 140K

Discount Tire

20 40.3K
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  • 40.3K

Green Diesel Engineering

5 5.9K
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Hemifever Tuning

22 25.2K
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Solis Motor Group

48 19.2K
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Vibe Motorsports

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Community Help Section

Community Help

Site news, posting and account help, FORUM suggestion box Please be sure to read our Community Rules
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Off Topic

The Garage

Talk about nearly anything else...
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Other Rides

Discuss your non-Jeep vehicles here!
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At The Track

Discuss All Things Track
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Regional Forums

Select Your Region

Find Events, Meets And Other Activities Around You
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