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  1. Software Update Over-the-Air

    In all fairness I've had several over the air updates since I bought my 2015 Grand Cherokee, and this was the first one I ever had any issues with. The problem is it's contradicting and confusing right from the get go, on the way they set the thing up. First, it tells you the car has to be...
  2. Software Update Over-the-Air

    OK Alex, I'm going to try this, step by step. I let you know how it goes. I printed out your post so I can follow it to the letter in the car. Thanks again and keep your fingers crossed. Talk to you shortly.
  3. Software Update Over-the-Air

    OK, but a couple of questions. Do I perform steps 1.) through 9.) with the car running? Then shut it off? Also, I'm not sure about step #6. Are you talking about the mute button, and the "Browse / Enter" button on the radio? Thanks in advance.
  4. Software Update Over-the-Air

    I've already attempted to do that 3 times. It won't update. Then this morning while I was driving, it started the update on it's own. I drove until it completed and showed "100%" on the graph. The screen then went dark, and when it rebooted the first thing it displayed was "Schedule Update". Now...
  5. Software Update Over-the-Air

    I have had nothing but trouble with this. I scheduled the update 3 different times, and IT WILL NOT UPDATE. So this morning after the 3rd failed attempt, I just hit "UPDATE" and it finally started to download. So I drove around for 15 minutes wasting gas and time while the stupid little bar...
  6. Start/stop

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Sounds like you stumbled on a good way to permanently disable it. Simply install a switch in the battery cable to disconnect the auxiliary battery from the system. Then, every once and a while, you can reconnect it, (via the switch on a long highway trip), to maintain the charge. When the switch...
  7. How is Everybody's EcoDiesel Running Today?

    2014+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel 3.0
    Why was the Eco Diesel not available in 2017?
  8. Sore Back... But It Was Worth It !!

    Other Rides
    2 weeks ago my old 1991 F-150 XLT Lariat 5.0 was showing a low voltmeter reading. The original alternator was finally shot. So I installed a new one, along with a new Gates Serpentine Belt. It wasn't too bad of a job, and for $168.00 total for both, I was back on the road. It encouraged me to do...
  9. Overland Summit leather seats

    And what is the best leather conditioner to use on Jeep leather seats? I've been using Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Conditioner. But I'm wondering if there is something better. It is very hot and dry out here. Not the best environment for leather seats.
  10. How can you afford a Trackhawk?? Let's talk money.

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    I agree. Assuming you can both justify and afford it. Just don't double down on stupid by trying to justify it's purchase as some type of absurd, "investment". Like some here are attempting to do.
  11. How can you afford a Trackhawk?? Let's talk money.

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    No. What's, "just plain stupid" is comparing custom expensive, high quality firearms that hold their value, and in many cases appreciate, to cars that depreciate quickly, until they're worth little to nothing. And cost you money to buy, own, maintain, license, insure, and drive all the while you...
  12. How can you afford a Trackhawk?? Let's talk money.

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    And how many of those 63% who don't have $500 in the bank, own their own "corporations"? A "pre taxed dollar" is a "glorious thing" only when you actually have one. And forget the "universe", and just look at this country. That's where all of those dismal numbers correlate.
  13. What did you do to your WK2 today?

    Grand Cherokee - WK2 -
    Those would be the one's.
  14. How can you afford a Trackhawk?? Let's talk money.

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    The problem with that argument, is all of these people who constantly talk the whole game about, "I can leave my money invested at a much higher rate than it costs me to finance", B.S. In reality don't have any money to invest in the first place. On the Internet, everyone's a big wheeler dealer...
  15. How can you afford a Trackhawk?? Let's talk money.

    2018+ Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
    Keep telling yourself that. At some point maybe even you'll start to believe it.