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  • GoPlzGo ·

    Does the current gen WK2 2011-15 steering system have any way to truly "consume" power steering fluid? If you had 10 people swearing up and down that no leak can be found anywhere yet fluid needs refilled what would you say.....
    knight1485 ·
    finally solved my noise issue,every time I went over a bump,it was the front prop shaft which was broken and rusty inside at one end,since new one no problems,found this by accident after mechanic replacing sump,didnt put prop shaft back on correct,glad he didnt .
    duane13 ·
    I want to say thank you for the advice about the over-revving condition at start-up,little did I know when my son in law's laredo backfired it blew off an access panel on the back of the intake,massive air loss!! Just like you said to look for!! Thanks sincerely,Duane13
    Frango100 ·
    Bom dia Deinos. Qual jeep/motor você tem?
    Esse problema pode ser o sensor, a fiação ou aterramento. O motor liga, ou não faz nada?
    Tenho os manuais para o Grand Cherokee 99-04, então quando sei qual modelo/motor você tem, posso ver se posso te dar alguma dica.

    Abraço x Frank.
    Deinos ·
    Tudo bem amigo , estava lendo o forum e vi uma postagem sua sobre alguns problemas das cherokees , relacionados a erros de sensor cam e fiação em aberto/curto .
    Estou tendo problemas com a minha e gostaria de te pedir ajuda , acabei de fazer o motor da minha mais to tendo problemas com o sensores.
    P0340 intermitente , gostaria de pedir ajuda pra saber quais fios devo testar .
    Li tambem que pode ser por causa de um aterramento ruim , e tem alguns fios que eu não tenho certeza se estão nos lugares certos , um exemplo é um fio preto com terminal redondo que aparenta sair da pcm , e eu aterrei ele no motor. Seria possivel que seja este o problema ?

    Desde ja muitissimo obrigado.

    Amanha vou remover a pcm , vou abrir e olhar os contatos e soldas internas , mais se vc tiver alguma ideia sobre o problema sera de grande valia
    sandkwagers ·
    Frank, I think I have a loose connection to ground somewhere. Replaced cam and crank sensors, motor started. Reved up motor, wouldn't stay at idle died. Got new code 0725 TCM. Seems as though I eliminate one code another pops up, which leads me to believe there might be a loose connection to ground. What do you think. Also you had downloaded a pdf file for 1999-2004 jeeps, could you possibly download that again for me, I seemed to have lost it. Thanks Sean
    Frango100 ·
    You didn't put in an other PCM? Did you check the PCM connector pins for not being pushed back?
    Are the instruments working now?
    sandkwagers ·
    frank, checked all bundles, seem to be ok. went ahead cleaned with air to make sure no water. cranked motor over but got a code at least and no sentry light. P0340 Camshaft sensor. I'm going to check connections at both crank and cam to see if problem there. Will keep you up to date. Would the PCM blank itself after being disconnected for a long period. Sean
    sandkwagers ·
    frank, sorry haven't gotten back with you about problem. saw someone with similar problem. Gauges going to zero and sentry light on. code popping now showing cam sensor p0340. Going to check all connections in engine bay, thought perhaps loose or water. what you think? motor ran before I put new one in, so assuming cam sensor ok.
    sandkwagers ·
    Haven't been on in awhile but stumped with problem that I think you can help me with. Purchased another Jeep with thrown rod. Replaced engine with rebuilt 4.7. Installed like all the others. Engine cranks over but will not start. Have fuel, sentry light stays on and gas gauge not working, though I know there is fuel. Any suggestions. Sean
    sandkwagers ·
    Frank, Just thought I'd get back with you. The engine is definetly a 16t, working on putting back together. Saw a thread on another jeep sight with a guy with similar problems as mine, his turned out to be a bad ground. Wondering if location of grounding cables could affect, whats been happening with mine. Thats the only thing I can think of. Grounding cables show one on block and one on shield, cant find the third grounding cable on diagram. Also would grounding them seperately or toghether have an affect. Thanks sean
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